Apple’s Brand Playbook Unlocked

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In 2010, Apple ranked as the 17th most valuable brand in the world. Since 2010, Apple’s brand value has increased at a compound annual growth rate of 36%, while the entire “brandscape” has grown […]. Do you want to be like Apple? Just three years later, it had garnered the top spot and has remained there.

Cisco Purchases Duo Security for $2.3B

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Founded in 2010, Duo Security has been growing rapidly over the last few years with its multifactor authentication (MFA) offering and has raised over $120 million in venture financing to date. Today, Cisco announced that it has acquired Ann Arbor, Michigan/California-based Duo Security for $2.35 billion in cash.

Retail 2008 To 2018: A Decade Of Revolutionizing The ‘How’ Of Customer Engagement

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Here’s another great example: The Retail TouchPoints annual Outlook Guide special report launched in 2010, featuring insights from leading retail industry analysts and experts — many of whom continue to work in the industry today.

Instagram Ad Specs in 2018

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Founded in 2010, Instagram stands as one of the younger social media networks – particularly in its advertising endeavors – and has seen an. Read More. The post Instagram Ad Specs in 2018 appeared first on Retail Performance Marketing Blog - CPC Strategy. Instagram

Hiring An Accountant To Do Your Taxes Vs Using Turbo Tax Or Tax Cut

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Whether an accountant will do a better job than Turbo Tax 2010 was the first year that my wife and I decided to hire an accountant to file our tax return and I remember being very nervous about the decision. Do you really need an accountant to file your taxes?

How Dollar Shave Club dominates the cutthroat world of eCommerce


It was December 2010, and Michael Dubin was at a Christmas party where a family friend – Mark Levine – asked him for help selling 250,000 razors he’d bought from Asia ( you know – standard party chat ).

Money Can't Fix What's Broken At Sears Holdings

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Since 2010, Sears Holdings has lost $10.4 Shop Your Way Loyalty Has Been Over-Emphasized The Shop Your Way loyalty program, which has been Lampert’s pet project and the focus of every quarterly financial report since 2010, was supposed to be Sears Holdings’ savior.

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Trends In Location Intelligence That Drive Brick-And-Mortar Growth

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acquired by Google in 2010), a leading web and mobile app development company, bootstrapping the company and growing the business to reach tens of millions of users in four years. By Ran Ben-Yair, Ubimo To say that location intelligence is changing the face of retail is not hyperbolic.

Can Barnes & Noble Write A New Chapter For Itself?

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Frankly, I thought that number was outrageous given the company’s failed attempts at reinvention in the past, its inability to generate consistently positive traffic numbers and its rotating carousel of CEOs (now on number six since 2010).

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How the visual discovery engine of Pinterest is revolutionizing ecommerce


Since 2010, Pinterest has been the go-to visual discovery engine for people looking for inspiration for their lives, from recipes to home décor to travel destinations and more. I see it, I like it, I pin it, I get it.

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The 8 Must-Follow Business Principles That Drove 832% Growth and $5M in Revenue


I started my current business, Flexfire LEDs , in 2010. Prior to 2010, starting an online business was near impossible. Little did we know, we were following Google’s “best marketing practices for 2017” book back in 2010.

What China reveals about the future of eCommerce


Since 2010, China’s eCommerce market has developed at an accelerated pace in line with an increase in disposable income and consumption across the country. As a result, their online marketplace is now more advanced than any other nation in the world, and eCommerce businesses have to constantly adapt to rapidly changing consumer demands. Insights & Analysis eCommerce

As Fast Fashion Races To Capture Award Season Trends, Brands Struggle To Keep Up

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The duo knew they could provide a modern system to help bridge the gap between the B2C and B2B experience, and in 2010, they set out to change the way retailers and wholesalers transact with NuORDER.

It’s Time To Stop Talking Retail Innovation, And Start Doing It

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He was also named the 2010 Agency Marketer of the Year by the American Marketing Association Nashville chapter and is a past president of the American Advertising Federation Nashville.

BigCommerce Brings Google AMP to Ecommerce Sites Worldwide


This means that faster loading sites will benefit from improved visibility (Google started using site speed in desktop web search rankings in 2010). Today, BigCommerce is excited to announce the first native ecommerce integration for accelerated mobile pages –– i.e. Google AMP.

The Role of WordPress Ecommerce in the Coming Content and Commerce Era


Before 2010, ecommerce in WordPress wasn’t really viable. 2010: ACCT (After Custom Content Types). Throughout 2010 and into 2011, a wide variety of people and companies tried their hand at ecommerce in WordPress, and none were great.

The 5 Facets Of Success In The Subscription Economy

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The subscription economy has been making waves since 2010, when Birchbox debuted a subscription box that quickly gained popularity.

The Google Ads Strategy of Glossier (Case study)

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Glossier originated a lifestyle and beauty blog that founder Emily Weiss started in 2010 while she was working at Vogue. Glossier is one of the direct to consumer beauty brands that are challenging the established beauty conglomerates.

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Your Small Business Saturday Guide: Tips, Tools, and Statistics for Local Companies


For a tradition that only dates to 2010, you have to hand it to Small Business Saturday. American Express created Small Business Saturday (SBS) in 2010 with the goal of encouraging the support of both local and small eCommerce shops.

How to Think About SEO


Until 2010, you used to be able to add keywords in your meta tags and you would get rankings within a few months. That worked really well between 2010 and 2013. Don’t you hate how it takes forever to get results when it comes to SEO?

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Spring Cleaning Your Outdated Content


Poor Mobile Experiences – Since 2010, mobile web-access has exploded in popularity. Could your old content be scaring away visitors? When we think about Spring Cleaning, most people imagine dusting shelves, clearing out closets, or everyone’s favorite: washing baseboards.

Smart Marketing Ideas for Spring Holidays


In fact, between 2010 and 2017, overall spending shot up by over 50%, hitting a record $15.5 Let’s face it: keeping your marketing 100% relevant can be tough. After all, everybody is different and there’s no way to know the lives of every individual customer.

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5 ways to leverage web design for a positive ecommerce experience


Similarly, GAP’s logo redesign of 2010 failed because it didn’t resonate with the current brand image.

Automating Image Optimization: Akamai Image Manager Now Available for BigCommerce Merchants


This means that faster loading sites will benefit from improved visibility (Google started using site speed in desktop web search rankings in 2010). If you’re selling online, you already know that when it comes to page load times — speed kills. .

My Failed Attempt at SEO (And What I’ve Learned)


Back in 2010, I bought an old poker site that was never really updated. I published my first blog back in November 2010. The blog post wasn’t the standard 2,000 plus words that I write these days, but it was long enough for 2010. Did you know that I’ve failed at SEO before?

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Highlights from Web Summit

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The attendance turnout shot up to 400 in 2010, and attendees included local entrepreneurs, members of the local business community as well as investors.

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Seasonal Marketing Ideas for Spring Holidays


In fact, between 2010 and 2017, overall spending shot up by over 50%, hitting a record $15.5 Let’s face it: keeping your marketing 100% relevant can be tough. After all, everybody is different and there’s no way to know the lives of every individual customer.

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4 Retail Apocalypse Myths — Debunked


Just look at Warby Parker , an ecommerce startup that launched in 2010 and now has nearly 40 stores, with plans for hundreds more. There’s no greater sign of the retail apocalypse than those sad images of defunct Blockbusters , abandoned Toys ‘R’ Us stores , and empty Sears shelves. RIP millennials’ childhoods.). While ecommerce is also increasing at a rapid rate, the truth is that the retail apocalypse is, well, not so apocalyptic.

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Discount Nation, Promiscuous Shoppers And The Sucker Price

Steve Dennis

Free shipping was virtually ubiquitous during the 2010 holiday season. Early in 2011, I first wrote about what I called “Discount Nation.” ” Having worked at Sears earlier in my career I was quite familiar with highly promotional retail.

Alexa, How Do I Optimize My eCommerce Store for Voice Search?


Think about where mobile was in 2010. Voice search holds a great deal of promise for the future of eCommerce. In an already-rapidly evolving industry, voice search technology has added yet another development for eCommerce leaders to get excited about — or be confounded by.

The History of Blockchain

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Most people who have a slight interest in blockchain probably know that the first Bitcoin software was openly released to the public “sometime around 2010” (it was actually at the start of 2009), but the seeds of blockchain go way back further than that. The History of Blockchain. “To

5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Ecommerce Business


When Pinterest first launched back in 2010, it was the go-to place for women to browse and pin the latest fashion, decor, and meal planning trends.

Episode 56 – Lessons in Building Billion Dollar eCommerce Brands with Rick Cesari

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Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation” book (2010) by Sally Hogshead – Amazon. I’m convinced that the most successful eCommerce companies in the years to come will be those who build a brand. .

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Experience Adaptive Commerce at South by Southwest


To better understand what’s at stake with this disruption, you don’t have to look further than the Fortune 500 where 30% of those that were listed in 2010 list are no longer on the list in 2017 – just seven years later!

What Pizza Can Teach You About Scaling a Business Without Losing That Local, Small Biz Charm


I founded Slice in 2010 (formerly called MyPizza) with the goal of growing local pizza into something that could compete with the big guys. Want to grab a slice?

How to Find a Manufacturer + Save 65% on Product Development


By 2010, I was a full blown foreign exchange student in Beijing, living with a host family that didn’t speak English while attending a local Chinese high school. Me with some classmates in 2010.

Memorial Day 2017 email teardown


Founded by two Harvard business school graduates in 2010, the company is VC backed and has raised $71.9m It’s hard to believe summer is already here! Over the long holiday weekend our team was flooded with different offers and promotions around Memorial Day sales.

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Subscription Ecommerce Websites Saw 4,461% Revenue Boom in 5 Years: 20 Brands Reaping the Benefits


Heralded as the newest, greatest ecommerce strategy beginning around 2010, subscription box services like BirchBox, Trunk Club and Dollar Shave Club have not only made headlines – they’ve made billions. Don’t even say it out loud: Subscription boxes are not dead.

Global Ecommerce News from June 22 to July 10

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For Point Nine the adventure started in 2010, when Point Nine, operating as Team Europe Ventures Fund at the time, invested in Lieferheld’s first financing round, a seed round of €800k. QVC has bought the remaining shares in its rival Home Shopping Network (HSN) for $2.1

The Empowered Marketer: Making Marketing More Beautiful


In 2010 I went full time with it. Is your ecommerce website heart-stoppingly beautiful, or merely functional? If you’re like most marketers, you likely have a long list of site improvements to make, A/B tests to run, and designs to update to make your site the best it can be.