Etsy’s Shipping Initiative Puts Other E-Commerce Platforms to Shame – Want to Go Green? Take a Leaf Out of Etsy’s Book

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It's official; Etsy has just become the first ever international e-commerce marketplace to offset ALL its shipping emissions – how awesome is that?! How on earth has Etsy managed to offset all their toxic shipping secretions? So, with all these remarkable eco-friendly practices in place, the Etsy team soon realized that the bulk of their carbon emissions came from shipping. How Has Etsy Managed to Offset Their Shipping Emissions?

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Five Ways Retailers Can Avoid Ending Up Like Toys ‘R’ Us

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Recent studies suggest 60% of the world’s population will likely live in large cities by 2030, and that transition is already well underway. As eShopWorld previously pointed out, the retailer had a lack of free shipping options, and some of Toys “R” Us’ items were selling on Amazon for $3 cheaper or less as recently as 2017.)

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Industry Deep Dive: 2021 Apparel Stats to Know

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trillion by 2030. Shopping this way allows consumers to get their products quickly without having to spend time searching the store or waiting for shipping.

Want To Reduce Your Environmental Footprint? Switch To Digital Signage

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Worse, The World Counts expects paper demand to double by 2030, indicating that companies are not taking advantage of more environmentally and cost-friendly solutions. Think about how much money goes into paper products, paper shipping, paper storage and paper management.

Trends Analysis: Brands, Carbon Offsetting and eCommerce Delivery


With rapidly decreasing shipping times, the environmental impact of eCommerce deliveries is coming under scrutiny. The problem is when consumers opt for faster shipping or order surplus items with the intention to return them, writes CBC News science and tech writer Emily Chung, Ph.D.

Uncovering the factors changing the face of retail: Part one


The 2020 shopper will likely not look anything like the shopper of 2030. Same-day shipping used to be an eCommerce novelty, where today, it is the difference in conversion. The retail industry is changing, fast.

The Impact of Sustainability in Shaping Retail

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Understanding this, Amazon announced its Delivery Zero project in 2019, the objective of which is to make all of their shipments net-zero carbon in the future, with 50 percent of them zero net carbon by the year 2030.

7 Brands Discuss the Benefits of the New Cashless Economy and Apple Pay’s Growing Ubiquity


And by 2030, those surveyed expect digital wallets to be the primary source of payments. Apple Pay already has their billing, shipping and contact information saved to avoiding having to re-enter. Technology is restructuring how money moves. From crypto-currencies to peer-topper payments and one-click checkouts, modern innovations are shifting the basic payment infrastructure of our economy. The gadget we carry in our pockets is becoming more than ever thought possible.

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