13 Automotive Ecommerce Sites Revving Up Online Sales


With automotive ecommerce revenue growing rapidly year-over-year, more and more brands are trying to get in on the action by launching their own websites. They’re selling automotive parts, accessories, and service online for everything from sportbikes to trucks for both B2C and B2B buyers.

Increasing Automotive Sales Revenue From Digital Channels 


Now that a growing part of the customer journey occurs online ( 81% of buyers now conduct online research before making a purchase decision), Automotive organizations face increasing pressure to become digitally innovative if they are to remain competitive and relevant. Automotive

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How Automotive Brands & Retailers Compete and Win: Results from Recent Survey


From launching a new marketplace to same-day doorstep delivery, automotive brands and retailers have a need for speed and, in turn, the support of a reliable and robust e-commerce platform. . The online automotive market is thriving with no sign of slowing down. It’s all about speed.

The Future of Automotive Retail is Conversational Marketing


Two forces are shaping the future of automotive retail. 73% of new car buyers use digital channels to research their next purchase, with this figure expected to soar in the coming years. An engaging digital experience is a new imperative in automotive retail.

[Infographic] Success Stories from Automotive and Powersports Sellers


Online automotive and parts sales are growing at a breakneck pace. There are more listings, from more vendors, across more channels than ever before. Check out the infographic below for a snapshot of four automotive sellers who are on the right track.

How to Get Approval to Sell in Amazon’s Gated Categories


Automotive & Powersports. A poor-quality or imitation automotive part could result in someone’s car not operating properly, while homemade wine could make someone sick. Automotive & Powersports. Multi-channel Operations Amazon gated categories ecommerce strategy

Innovative Game Plan: How To Implement Your OMS


Let us begin our journey together on the road to omni-channel success. Your partner in omni-channel retail success, OrderDynamics. Innovative Game Plan: How To Implement Your OMS. Dear Retailer, thank you for choosing OrderDynamics’ OMS!

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Cyber Week 2017: Black Friday Stats, Cyber Monday Trends + 25 Brands Reveal The Secrets to Their Success


Automotive retailers saw the highest average order value ($235.10) , followed by retailers within the Sports & Outdoors ($143.50) and Home & Garden ($103.60) categories. Which channels did they invest most in? For the automotive industry, average order value came in at $230.79

Top Online Retailers Winning a Competitive Market


The company doesn’t just focus on selling cars, it also provides expert coverage of automotive news through its ClassicCars.com Journal site and organizes regular events to bring classic car lovers together offline. They use both online and offline channels to improve its marketing message.

Luxury and spectacular car launches. The more expensive the better?


The Frankfurt Motor Show every year defines current global automotive trends. This year the most prominent concepts presented by automotive manufacturers were alternative energy and the global digitalization of vehicles.

How Whisbi is helping to sell more cars online


So the question for automotive companies is “How to start to sell more cars online?”. Whisbi can help automotive companies to be sure the customer will eventually come to the dealership as well as engaging customers while they wait.

ICYMI: Catalyst Day 1 — Welcome to Nashville, Y’all


Retailers from the automotive and powersports world gathered together for our annual pre-Catalyst event focused on key e-commerce strategies in the evolving automotive space. The post ICYMI: Catalyst Day 1 — Welcome to Nashville, Y’all appeared first on Channel Advisor.

Time to Hit the Road! AutoCommerce 2017 Is Only 2 Weeks Away


The only show focused exclusively on e-commerce for automotive and powersports retailers is back for the sixth year in a row, serving as the starting line for this year’s Catalyst conference. Which solutions providers do automotive retailers need to connect with to build the best possible e-commerce network? Which channels are generating the highest GMV? AutoCommerce 2017 Is Only 2 Weeks Away appeared first on Channel Advisor.

The Power of PPC + SEO

ROI Revolution

Which channel should you focus your efforts on: paid or organic? And when you have strong alignment between paid and organic, you’re sending a consistent message to your customers across all channels , which can build trust and improve conversions. Published June 3, 2020.

PPC 78

10 years of industry-specific insights & expertise with conversational sales & marketing


Over the past decade, marketers have been mostly focusing on driving traffic and generating leads via their digital marketing channels and have failed to address this fundamental shift in how people research and buy products online. This year marks Whisbi’s 10 year anniversary.

Customer Showcase: Clear Solutions – Premier Glass Repair Products


Clear Solutions has been supplying individual technicians, aftermarket shops and automotive dealerships across Canada for more than a decade now. Our primary channel for growth has been the facilitation of training, both online and in-person at our workshops.

Whisbi secures €5M investment round led by Columbia Lake Partners to accelerate high-growth plan and continue to drive innovation in conversational sales


Whisbi already partnered with many major Automotive and Telecommunication brands, globally. We were impressed with Whisbi’s cost-efficient growth to date, and their ability to win and maintain top names in the telco and automotive verticals.

The Catalyst 2017 Roundup


Retailers from the automotive and powersports world gathered together on Monday for our annual pre-Catalyst event focused on key e-commerce strategies in the evolving automotive space. Connections to new partners, new channels, new ideas and new strategies.

Save the date! Catalyst is headed to Nashville!


Join us for an afternoon of intensive learning and networking especially for online retailers and brands that sell automotive and powersports products. appeared first on Channel Advisor. What’s moving 1700 miles, involves 1000+ e-commerce pioneers and is only 145 days away?

Cipio Partners invests 5M in Whisbi’s Conversational Sales Platform


The company has unparalleled experience working with global enterprises in telecommunications, automotive, travel, insurance, and banking. Munich/Barcelona – September 25, 2019 – Cipio Partners leads in a € 5 million growth investment round along existing investors Active & BDMI.

The Catalyst 2017 Roundup


Retailers from the automotive and powersports world gathered together on Monday for our annual pre-Catalyst event focused on key e-commerce strategies in the evolving automotive space. Connections to new partners, new channels, new ideas and new strategies.

17 B2B Ecommerce Companies Taking Advantage of a $6.7 Trillion Opportunity (+ How Your Brand Can, Too)


With 24/7 chat technology that can turn an online chat on your store into a text on your phone, the new generation can communicate efficiently and effectively in their preferred communication channel: text, Facebook messenger or a variety of other options. Editor's Note.

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The Catalyst 2017 Roundup


Retailers from the automotive and powersports world gathered together on Monday for our annual pre-Catalyst event focused on key e-commerce strategies in the evolving automotive space. Connections to new partners, new channels, new ideas and new strategies.

The 19 Most Innovative Ecommerce Brands of 2017


In fact, it’s likely all of this year’s 19 most innovative ecommerce brands have your online channel activities beat in terms of impact on: Conversions. Automotive. Think a net promoter score of 100 is impossible? Andie Swim has it. What about a 2,000% increase in conversions?

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Here’s How Sellers Survived and Thrived in 2019 with ChannelAdvisor


We regularly survey brands and retailers — from small businesses to sellers at the enterprise level — selling across a range of categories, from automotive to electronics (and many more in between). For many brands and retailers, ChannelAdvisor provided the edge needed to increase sales on some of the world’s most competitive e-commerce channels. A lot happened in 2019 for e-commerce.

How to stop wasting resources to improve the customer experience


This necessitates silo solutions for mobile, web and other channels, resulting in communication challenges among them. This is precisely what happened to a leading automotive industry disrupter. Are you wasting valuable resources trying to improve customer experience?

How to Sell to Spendsetters: 1/3 of All Consumers


At a high level, you’ll need to take a truly omni-channel approach in order to reach Spendsetters, because they want consistent visibility and accessibility across all channels to so many different parts of your business.

The 2019 Guide to Conversational Sales


The result is that consumers expect to seamlessly have their need met, without having to switch communicational channel (i.e. Conversational sales for automotive brands. Conversational Sales in the Automotive industry can be implemented through many different features.

Klarna Reviews: A Checkout Payment Tool

Ecommerce Platforms

Key among the retail categories listed on Klarna include; Automotive. Klarna has partnered with big multi-channel e-commerce solutions. If we are to hunt for the most elite ecommerce payment solution in the market, we ought to scrutinize a couple of attributes.

Countdown to Catalyst: The First-Timer’s Guide to Catalyst 2017


And if you work in the automotive and powersports market, AutoCommerce is the place to be for industry-specific insights. During this day-long pre-conference event, attendees will gain a wealth of information on topics such as Building a Championship-Level E-Commerce Network and Leveraging Digital Marketing to Lap the Competition from executives at the Custom Automotive Network and Google.

ChannelAdvisor Pulse E-Commerce Newsletter | May 2019


Brands, manufacturers and retailers face special challenges in today’s dynamic retail environment, including distributing products to retail partners, navigating direct-to-consumer demands, mitigating channel conflict and understanding and reaching customers.

30+ Ecommerce Metrics Benchmarks (May 2019)

Store Growers

This might show there are opportunities to invest in other channels. The table shows a breakdown of the different conversion rates you can expect for each of your marketing channels. For most channels, they convert more than DOUBLE the rate of the other stores. Automotive.

Mobile 114

3 More Online Shopping Seasons from August Through December [Part 2]


With colder weather around the corner, October’s a time when many DIYers will be looking for deals on home repair kits and automotive parts as they finish projects and prepare to winterize vehicles.

Avoiding the Price Degradation Domino Effect All Brands Fear


Proactive price monitoring and channel management is a reassuring gesture to loyal retail partners. . From the retailer perspective, let’s look at an example of a major automotive parts manufacturer. Retail can often seem like a game of reverse one-upmanship.

Countdown to Catalyst: An Immersive E-Commerce Learning Experience Designed By You, For You


Sharpen your skills in workshops that go a level deeper on critical topics, including best practices for brands, digital marketing trends, fulfillment tips, e-commerce for the automotive aftermarket, commerce changes in China and steps to future-proof your business. There are so many e-commerce industry trade shows, many boasting thousands of attendees, sponsors and keynote speakers. The result?

Catalyst Americas 2018 Recap: Top 6 Highlights from San Diego


Over the next two days, attendees were able to learn from industry leaders across the e-commerce spectrum, including: Doug Stephens, aka the “Retail Prophet”; Scott Harkins, senior VP of customer channel marketing at FedEx; Maureen Mulligan, L2’s chief strategy officer; Scott Stratten, president of UnMarketing; Kara Swisher, executive editor at Record; and Lila Snyder, executive vice president, commerce services at Pitney Bowes. Another year, another Catalyst in the books.

The complete guide to Conversational Marketing 2019


The concept is to segment assisted and unassisted sales as quickly as possible, providing value for the user as they are able to either complete transactions quickly or they can reach a sales expert without changing their device or channel.

3 Reasons Your AdWords Traffic Is Not Qualified


AdWords is one of the most predictable paid media channels. billion in the search channel. So, how do we translate our high-powered automotive example into advertising terms? By using it, you’re focusing on people who show their intent in advertising platforms.

[Guest Blog] eBay Reflects on Catalyst 2018 and the Future of E-Commerce


Whether sending automotive parts, a children’s backpack, or assorted kitchenware, this feature helps with accurate sizing and real-time shipping cost calculations. Creating the right channel strategy, reflective of your product lifecycle, is critical to marketplace success and to expanding your brand to new customers. Another fantastic Catalyst event has come and gone. We were so inspired by the thoughtful workshops, keynotes, and networking opportunities.

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How To Start a WordPress Blog in 2020

Ecommerce Platforms

WordPress is immensely becoming a blogging channel for most startups. If for example, you run an automotive content blog, you can persuade readers by recommending some of the most durable spark plugs and sink in a link of where they can purchase them from.

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