5 ways to leverage web design for a positive ecommerce experience


To build a successful ecommerce business, in addition to selling a product or service people want you also need to invest in various elements such as search engine optimization (SEO) and graphic design. In fact, not having an impactful and responsive web design can cost you sales.

How Psychology Influences Color and Layout in eCommerce Web Design


Psychology has always played a large part in design. Whether we talk about architecture, general infrastructure or packaging design, psychology was always there to nudge people into making a purchase. But can that same science be applied to color and layout in eCommerce web design?

How Your Web Design Affects the Value of Your Online Business


The post How Your Web Design Affects the Value of Your Online Business appeared first on Applozic Blog. In the modern digital marketplace, almost any business you can think of will have their own website.

Best Blogging Platforms for Your Online Store

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Did you know, as many as 86% of B2B companies blog- and for a good reason, it gets results! Websites with blogs have as many as 434% more indexed pages in comparison to brands that don't. Therefore, if you're looking for the best blogging platforms, you're in the right place.

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Outsourcing Pros And Cons – How To Decide When To Hire Or DIY As A Small Business Owner

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After blogging about ecommerce and helping others with their online businesses for the past several years, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among new entrepreneurs in the small business community. Can you recommend someone to design and implement my entire site for me? Entrepreneurship Establishing Your Website Our Story outsourcing web design

eCommerce Heatmaps for Better Customer Interaction and Conversions


Clicktale has a very robust heat map tool designed for enterprise applications. This is where you’ll start to notice a lot of key features and really see where your users are getting lost, where you’re losing out on sales, and errors in site design that might have slipped past your attention.

15 eCommerce Growth Hacking Strategies for Beginners and Startups


Social media, blogging, influencer marketing, and retargeting must play a part in your growth hacking strategy if you are to stand out. Design Your Homepage to Convert. Guest Post on Relevant Blogs. Stay on top of UX design throughout the buyer’s journey.

Meyer has arrived, and it’s our sweetest free eCommerce theme yet!


Far too many eCommerce stores are difficult to navigate, and with the competition being no more than a click away, online retailers cannot afford to have poorly-designed sites. Apply these tips for added design sweetness and your eCommerce site will be fresher than ever before.

Refresh Your Subscription Ecommerce Business with Our New Theme: FrescoBox


Part of helping subscription companies launch faster is providing themes that are designed specifically for their business–that’s something we’re working on this year. It’s designed specifically for subscription companies! Beautiful blog section for content marketing.

Hacking The CTA Button For Maximum Conversions


Unconventional shapes, can make your CTA button stand out even more against the background, so long as they fit with the overall design, branding, look and feel. What are your strategies for designing call-to-action buttons? eCommerce Web Design

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4 Stellar Checkout Page Design Examples


When was the last time you looked at your own checkout page design objectively, or tried using it yourself? You can switch out the adjectives as you like, but the point remains the same: There’s a good chance your checkout page design isn’t as optimal as you think it is.

15 Best Ecommerce Website Design Ideas of 2018


Is your eCommerce website design starting to look dull or outdated? We’ve reviewed hundreds of online stores to help you discover the quirky, user-friendly and all-around awesome eCommerce website design ideas top retailers do differently that you should start doing too.

SEO Guide to Great eCommerce Site Architecture


You can use internal links on just about any page, i.e. home page, blog posts, category pages, and product pages. Design Your eCommerce Site Architecture First. eCommerce Web DesigneCommerce site architecture is one of the most important facets of every online store.

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Bones 2, our new base eCommerce theme for developers


It isn’t designed to be beautiful out of the box, it’s a base for you to fork and build your beautiful brand upon, which provides our suggestions for how to organize your theme code, as well as patterns for better store usability using LemonStand. A full blog and blog feed.

The importance of optimizing the entire eCommerce user experience


You can have the best written and designed adverts, but if you’re putting the wrong message in front of the wrong people, you’ll struggle to make sales. The post The importance of optimizing the entire eCommerce user experience appeared first on LemonStand eCommerce Blog.

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9 Paid eCommerce Tools for Serious Online Stores


Judging by web design’s history of rapidly adopting new technologies, self-learning sites will soon be a mainstay of eCommerce. Formerly “Sumo Me,” Sumo is a grab bag of interactive tools all designed to improve conversion rates.

Confidently Manage Large, Multi-Month Projects


You know, over the last decade or so, I’ve done a bunch of these, three major redesigns, a blog redesign, four live conferences, two major software projects. So, if you wanna learn more about them, or get your Woo store on Liquid Web, you can do that at ecommercefuel.com/liquidweb.

3 Styles of eCommerce Navigation: A Comparison of Real Sites


Disillusioned by the “Big Wine” companies, they took the web to share the lesser-known fine wines with the masses. Their site design style is what I would call “new traditional.” This puts it under a lot of pressure, and as such must be designed with care.

15 Beautiful and Free UI Kits for Developers in 2017


We also run a design blog and – as a way of giving back to developers and designers – have started to commission and give away free UI kits that can help developers get up and running quicker with their software. Free UI Kits for Web.

6 ecommerce UX best practices


Usually, user experience (UX) of the design aspect gets overlooked until something goes awry. This is why the biggest asset of an online business is its ecommerce web design and development service provider. . 2.Reponsive design.

Embracing mobile commerce: 6 ways to optimize


Start with commerce trends rather than mobile design trends: It is a common misconception that responsive web design is mobile optimization. Responsive web design in fact enhances the desktop experience on the mobile, but it doesn’t adhere to the requirements of the customers.

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10 Must Read Shopify Tips & Resources. (Mainly) For Beginners.

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This blog has touched on tips and resources for ecommerce users before. Website Design. This is a guide for web designers who want to design their own Shopify store: A Web Designers Introduction to Shopify. This is another resource for web designers.

The Global Luxury Market: The New Exclusive


Businesses and marketers who want to conquer the luxury consumer market need to learn the new rules of communication, localization and design if they want to be successful. Web Design That Tells A Story. Flat Design For Mobile UX. Blog Post luxury goods

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New case study: Why Eventige Media Group sees Klaviyo as a growth partner


Some of these agencies focus on email marketing, others solely run paid acquisition campaigns, and a portion just handle web design. Eventige is an agency that can do it all – everything from SEO & SEM to web development to email marketing, even packaging design.

Webs.com Review: Even Your Mom Can Figure It Out

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Webs was eventually bought by VistaPrint, but prior to that transaction, the website building company had a mission to make a system that even their moms could understand. You could also throw in some apps like calendar, blog or- for online businesses- a web store.

Digital Agency or Design Shop: Five Ways to Work with One or Both

Blue Acorn

A while back, I wrote about some of the difficulties of designing before you find a partner for development work. First, you can hire a digital agency to design and develop, and then rebrand. Five, you can ignore me by designing first, then passing the design to a digital agency. #1

Thinkific vs Teachable: What’s the Best Way to Sell Online Courses

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In fact, you don't even need to be a web designer. In this article, we'll outline everything from pricing to features, and design to customer support. I do believe that the overall Thinkific design is better, but let's save that for the next section.

Ecwid vs Shopify: Everything You Need to Know (May 2019)

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A program permitting the design of a store you can ‘plug' into a site that's already up and running. So, not only can you sell your products but you can also create regular web pages. For instance: Blog posts.

Understanding Bounce Rates and How to Improve Yours


The same is true of many blogs. Improving Outdated Design Elements. As we’ve discussed before in previous blogs, your homepage is your company’s storefront. Keeping up with web design trends can be difficult. How does your site design compare with theirs? .

With 1 in 4 Online Dollars Spent on Mobile, Ecommerce Mobile SEO is More Important [& Intricate] Than Ever


This is because the existing paradigm is based on a desktop-first world, and Google is about to catapult us into a mobile-first world with a major update on how they crawl, render and rank the web. You may even be reading this blog post on your phone.

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20 Killer Tips to Create a Successful Online Store


Engaging Web Design. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product possible in your niche and the best customer service on top of that—if your store’s web design is lousy, your online business presence is doomed. Keep visitors engaged with a minimal design.

10 Ethical Online Shops and What to Learn from Each One

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They've published an active blog: Ethical Giftbox takes content marketing seriously, and that's something all e-commerce store owners need to take on board. Their web design gives the impression they only deal in high-quality produce.

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Teachable Review: Make Unlimited Courses for Unlimited Students

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The online course creation module provides hosting and security, along with all the learning tools you need, from quizzes to discussion forums and blogs to video courses. Not every Teachable user has tons of knowledge in web development, and that's kind of the point.

WebStarts Website Builder Review: Here’s What You Need to Know

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This should populate a vast selection of website templates for you to choose from – there are literally hundreds of beautiful designs! However, you should note: These designs are just the starting point of your web page creation. WebStarts Review: Blogging.

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WooCommerce Review: The King of Ecommerce Plugins on WordPress

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The payment processing is done for you, you can set up products, and design a website without much coding knowledge. This means that you'll have more control over your website, but it also requires a little more knowledge about hosting, domain names, and website design.

Freewebstore Website Builder Review (June 2019)

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If you're launching online for the first time, Freewebstore gives you everything you need to get started, including hosting, a domain name, and a web-building tool with premade template. Freewebstore: Web Design Features. Easy design switching at the click of a button.

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16 Tasks to Outsource to Scale Your Shopify Store

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Never fear, we're going to break this down for you here in this blog post. When we talk about outsourcing the tasks associated with your website, we mean is its; Design. Top Tip: Agencies are usually good places to outsource web design too. Graphic Design.

Looking for a Chatbot? Check Out This Octane AI Review

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You don't need any programming, coding, or web design know-how. Unless you've been living under a boulder with no wi-fi and human contact for the last few years, you can't fail to notice the rise in chatbot popularity.

Our Strategy for Building One of the Best eCommerce Agencies

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This means juggling search engine marketing with web design, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, conversion rate optimization, advertising, app development, and more.

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OpenCart Review: Close to Free Open Source Platform for Experienced Developers

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You're also able to find many easy-to-use extensions, blog posts, documentation, and webinars guiding you through the OpenCart world. While going through the admin area, storefront, and design module, it's easy to pick out some of the best features from OpenCart.