The Value of Owning Your Channels


With consumers spending nearly two and a half hours each day browsing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, brands are compelled to have a social media presence and use these channels for generating leads, promoting content, and even delivering customer service. At face value, it’s an investment well-worth the effort: 43% of consumers say they research products online via social networks and 27% discover brands and products via ads on social for discovery.

The Customer Is The Channel

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Despite the accelerating growth of digitally-enabled shopping, the concentration of power in the hands of consumers and the blurring of the lines between retail channels , it’s still common for retailers to report their sales for e-commerce and physical retail as two separate figures.

Marketplaces Make Their Mark In The Channel

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Put simply, the future business buyer will look more and more like a consumer. B2B marketing channel partners omnichannel customer experience alliances channel channel marketing channel programs channel sales ecommerce ecosystems marketplace Partner Partnerships

Defining ‘Direct To Consumer’

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This abbreviation refers to brands that don’t operate on the traditional value chain model of design-produce-market/distribute through channel. DTC refers to the process of selling directly to the consumer. Digitally Native These brands are those that started selling primarily through their own e-Commerce web site but may have branched out to other sales channels such as brick-and-mortar, retail and/or marketplaces. direct-to-consumer DtC Ashwin Ramasamy PipeCandy DNVBs

The Complete Omni-Channel Retail Report: What Brands Need to Know About Modern Consumer Shopping Habits


It’s a complex process, and it’s why omni-channel selling is so important. What is omni-channel retail? Square defines it as: “Meeting people on the channels where they are shopping and buying, whether it’s in a physical store or an online store or on social media, and connecting the dots between those channels. Google defines it as: “ensuring [retailer] marketing strategies are geared toward enabling customers to convert on any channel.”.

8 Reasons Multi-Channel Sellers Should Use Listing Tools


But launching on multiple sales channels and managing inventory while still maintaining his core business on eBay presented a variety of challenges. In fact, according to Sellbrite research, merchants who sell on three or more channels sell 156% more, and Sellbrite merchants experience over 300% growth after just one year. This is significant because consumers don’t want to be limited to how they can buy your product.

Using BigCommerce and eBay Integration for Cross-Channel Management


The eBay marketplace has been changing; no longer is it an auction-only site for consumer-to-consumer trading. Here’s the new normal… Sellling on eBay Ebay multichannel

Channel Advice Episode 6: Chinese Consumers and ‘The New Retail’


Welcome back to another episode of Channel Advice, our video series aimed at answering some of your most pressing e-commerce questions by some of the industry’s foremost experts. Michael is Vice President, Global eCommerce and China/APAC Consumer Practices at the consulting firm Tompkins International and is the author of the Wiley international best-seller “ China’s Super Consumers.”. ” Are you just now hearing about Channel Advice ?

Omni-channel OMS – A Requirement for Consumer Satisfaction


Omni-channel fulfillment has become a consumer expectation. This new norm is requiring retailers across the globe to consider new technologies and processes as they seek to better serve modern consumers. A powerful Order Management System (OMS) with advanced omni-channel capabilities is at the top of the requirements list for these companies. 1 The demand for omni-channel fulfillment is here to stay.

What Defines A ‘Connected Consumer’ In 2019?

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Last week, Retail TouchPoints broadcast its 2019 Connected Consumer Webcast Series , with retailers and solution providers alike sharing success stories and tips for providing a smooth experience across all channels. As retailers undertake these initiatives, they must keep in mind that the end goal is to build better relationships with consumers and keep the conversation flowing through (and between) various channels. CCS19 connected consumer Editor Q&A

A Thankful Consumer Equals a Full Cart: Why Consumers And Retailers Are Thankful For Omni-Channel


A Thankful Consumer Equals a Full Cart: Why Consumers And Retailers Are Thankful For Omni-Channel. Whether you call it omni-channel, unified commerce or multi-channel, one thing is clear: the ability to provide a seamless, consistent retail experience across channels is something to be thankful for. When you have a seat at the omni-channel table, everyone is thankful for several reasons. versus companies with poor omni-channel engagement.

Why Marketing Channel Diversification is Critical to D2C Sales Success


Why is it important for D2C brands to diversify their marketing channels? That’s why marketing channel diversification is critical to the success of every D2C company. LiveIntent gathered a handful of our fastest-growing direct-to-consumer customers to ask them to share their best marketing diversification practices. “That means taking advantage of it while it’s here, but also looking at new channels and investing where we think attention will go to.”

How to Take Your Brand Direct to Consumer


Thinking of dipping your toes into the direct to consumer waters? In fact, according to IAB’s popular new study, The Rise of the 21st Century Brand Economy, the future of retail growth comes from direct consumer relationships. If your brand wants to win the direct to consumer game, you can’t just efficiently fill orders, you need to expertly fulfill the modern expectations of customers who place those orders. Why brands are going direct to consumer. Direct to Consume

Multi-Channel Retailing and the Buyer’s Journey: Opportunities and Challenges


Most online sellers begin their journey from one sales channel, setting up shop through a website or marketplace. Multi-channel retailing is the practice of selling merchandise on more than one sales channel. It’s all about moving beyond your website and exploring channels such as marketplaces, social media, and comparison shopping engines. Consumers Are Shopping in More Locations Than Ever. Channel loyalty has become a thing of the past.

The eCommerce Growth Show Ep. 13: How to get started on your direct-to-consumer journey


13: How to get started on your direct-to-consumer journey appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog. Broadcasting commerce knowledge through LinkedIn, creating a lot of engagement and pure interest for this industry, Rick Watson has indeed. The post The eCommerce Growth Show Ep.

Don’t Exhaust Your Email List! Find New Channels Instead


That’s exactly why you need to stop relying on email alone and branch out into new channels instead. Email is just one of many ways to engage buyers, and you have to spread out your communications to your audience across multiple channels and platforms. We’re not saying you should stop sending your customers marketing emails entirely — merely that you shouldn’t rely on email as your only channel of communication. How do I find the right channels to engage?

The holidays are here. Where's the consumer?


Uncertainty about the pandemic and the economy is defining the season as retailers try to coax customers to spend early on all channels

Amazon launches luxury channel with Oscar de la Renta


The e-commerce giant may capture young fashion consumers who value its convenience, if it can recruit the brands they crave, experts say

Channel Advice Episode 7: Fulfillment and Evolving Consumer Expectations


Welcome back to Channel Advice, our video series designed to answer some of your most pressing e-commerce questions in bite-sized clips. Lila is an expert in complex topic of fulfillment, so we talk to her about how consumer expectations have changed around fulfillment, what matters most to modern consumers, how to optimize the post-purchase experience and what sellers need to think about when expanding their global footprint.

The Metrics That Matter Most When Evaluating New Direct-To-Consumer Sales Channels


Below, a handful of our successful D2C retail clients share what metrics they pay the most attention to when they’re evaluating new direct-to-consumer sales channels. “There are some difficulties in measuring, defining, and quantifying that,” she admits, although her team pays attention to it when allocating budgets between channels. The post The Metrics That Matter Most When Evaluating New Direct-To-Consumer Sales Channels appeared first on LiveIntent Blog.

How to Use Voice as a B2C Acquisition Channel


From smart speakers to native integrations with voice assistants, we’re at the beginning stages of a truly transformational experience for consumers — all powered by conversations. The best brands do two things really well: they understand where the consumer’s attention is and they double down on creating the best possible experience where their buyers are today. With the right data, you can make sure to optimize this channel and continually improve your customer experience.

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Target steals more market share as same-day channels grow 217% in Q3


The retailer posted banner numbers across the board as consumers leaned on its digital-first services, and flocked to its stores, too

Should Your B2C Brand Switch to Direct-to-Consumer?


Many B2C brands are making the leap and shifting away from retail and toward direct-to-consumer (DTC). But should your GPG brand start selling direct-to-consumer? What does it mean to shift to direct-to-consumer? Direct-to-consumer means exactly what it sounds like: using ecommerce platforms to sell products directly to buyers. The massively popular brand was struggling just a few years ago and shifted to selling direct-to-consumer.

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Cross-Channel Home Décor Retailing: 5 Take Away Lessons from The Game Changers


What is cross-channel retailing? Cross-channel retailing is the practice of reaching customers through multiple sales channels that usually include both online and brick-and-mortar retail channels.

Omni-channel is dead. Long live omni-channel ?

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“Omni-channel” has been one of retail’s favorite buzzwords for years now. At last week’s excellent ShopTalk conference, several speakers challenged the relevance of omni-channel. The shift from a “multichannel” strategy–being active in multiple channels such as physical stores, catalogs and e-commerce–to omni-channel, suggested some form of profound change. The future of omni-channel will not be evenly distributed.

Direct-To-Consumer Brands: How To Successfully Break Into Brick-And-Mortar

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By Jamie Crespi, Blis Direct-to-consumer brands have been wildly successful the last few years — look at makeup and skincare company Glossier, which was just valued at $1.2 They have thrived because they were able to offer unique customer products, exploit the inefficiency and high prices of legacy players and create brands and experiences that appeal to digital native consumers. Physical location provides another layer of context for consumers during the discovery process.

The Digital Consumer Age Of Retail: Moving Beyond Omnichannel

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By Peter Zaballos, SPS Commerce The Digital Consumer Age Of Retail The retail industry has entered a new era – the Digital Consumer Age of Retail. Consumers’ proficient use of digital channels has revolutionized the retail industry and technology has changed the way people shop today. The Consumer Is Always Right The old adage that “the consumer is always right” has a new meaning in today’s retail industry.

The Empowered Marketer: Harnessing the Power of Direct-to-Consumer


Is your B2C brand shifting to direct to consumer? As the so-called retail apocalypse continues, many brands in consumer product goods have realized that traditional retail is not necessarily the most reliable business model. In this exclusive interview, John shares: The biggest challenges of moving from wholesale to direct-to-consumer. How to think about the customer journey across channels. Article Optimization direct-to-consumer the empowered marketer

Why is it important to test new acquisition channels?


One thing that stood out to us was the importance they placed on diversifying and testing new partners and media channels. The post Why is it important to test new acquisition channels? Perspective Acquisition Customer Acquisition D2C direct-to-consumer dtc LiveIntentional marketing Partners

The 5 Step Approach to Cross-Channel Customer Engagement


That’s why it’s important to map out how your business engages with customers across several channels. Cross-channel engagement involves integrating multiple marketing channels to seamlessly interact with your target audience. Try this five-step approach to increase your cross-channel engagement. You have multiple teams engaging with consumers on various channels. Conveying a message similar to your competitor can confuse consumers.

Our CCPA Commitment | California Consumer Privacy Act


What is California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)? Established in June 2018, the California Consumer Privacy act was created to establish a comprehensive privacy regulation in the state of California. The post Our CCPA Commitment | California Consumer Privacy Act appeared first on Webbula.

The ABC’s of eTail East 2019 Takeaways: AI, Bankruptcy, Channels, and Data


How AI Continues To Change Omnipresent Omni-Channel Strategies. We loved watching @jasonjabaut of @FleetFeetSports join @Dropbox and @GSK in this evening's panel on How AI Continues To Change Omnipresent Omni-Channel Strategies @eTailNews — Zaius (@getzaius) August 20, 2019. “I How do we get a great sales associate and put that in the pocket of the consumer? It totally changes how we market to the consumer.

Advanced Omni-Channel: Pickup Lockers


Advanced Omni-Channel: Pickup Lockers. Another advanced omni-channel capability are retailers’ use of in-store pickup lockers. Where a customer would only purchase what they immediately want online, they are likely to purchase more when they complete an omni-channel transaction and pickup the goods themselves. In both cases, using a pickup locker as an advance omni-channel offering, is a winning scenario.

Lego's holiday campaign focuses on digital, e-commerce channels


With shoppable ad formats and Spotify playlists, the effort is well-suited to consumer behavior during the pandemic

How to Customize Content Across Your Sales Channels


Your brand is reaching more consumers through search and comparison engines. Omnichannel Consumer Behavior Consumer MarketingYour brand’s product content syndication strategy is implemented and thorough, accurate, and well-timed content is being delivered without disruption. Now the data insights are rolling in. Congrats!

Cathedral City launches Minis 5s into the convenience channel


The new, netted five-pack snacking cheese will enable smaller stores to meet growing consumer demand for take-home cheese snacks. This story continues at Cathedral City launches Minis 5s into the convenience channel. Cathedral City has expanded its range of ‘Cheddar Minis’ with a five-pack format, available exclusively to convenience and discount stores. Anca Lazar, senior brand manager for Cathedral City Snacking, said: “Snacking on cheese is becoming increasingly.

The After-Facebook Era: How Quip Diversifies Channels and Scales Growth


To survive and scale growth, brands will have to diversify their marketing strategies and start testing new channels. Like many companies, Quip was reliant on Facebook early on, but has since branched out to new offline and digital channels. Measuring the success of a new channel. But when jumping into new channels, they take a specific approach to testing. First, they repurpose existing assets from another channel to get a test campaign running.