The Value of Owning Your Channels


With consumers spending nearly two and a half hours each day browsing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, brands are compelled to have a social media presence and use these channels for generating leads, promoting content, and even delivering customer service. Blog advertising channels

8 Reasons Multi-Channel Sellers Should Use Listing Tools


But launching on multiple sales channels and managing inventory while still maintaining his core business on eBay presented a variety of challenges. Any updates will automatically sync across all sales channels, as illustrated below. .


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Nordstrom Launches Livestream Shopping Channel

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Nordstrom will debut its own Livestream Shopping channel as part of broader ambitions to dive into ecommerce livestreaming, according to CNBC. retailer showing interest in this growing channel.

Do Channel Vendors Need Public Relations Anymore?

Forrester's Customer Insights

At Forrester, we research around 10,000 global technology vendors that utilize indirect sales and often get asked about the value of PR in the channel. A trend that is affecting many channel leaders […].

Marketplaces Make Their Mark In The Channel

Forrester's Customer Insights

Accelerating the trend is a myriad of factors including changing buying behaviors and demographics, companies shifting to subscription and consumption models, and the rising importance of ecosystems. Online marketplaces have been around in one form or another for decades.

Point Line Trend on… Proactive Outreach


Customer Service is the true 1:1 channel – a place where every interaction is with an individual. Watch Point Line Trend: The post Point Line Trend on… Proactive Outreach appeared first on Zaius.

2020 Holiday GMV Trends


We’ve seen particular strength on Walmart’s marketplace and what we call the “long tail” of marketplaces we support — sites like Zalando, Newegg, and over a hundred other channels. If you’re only selling on a couple of channels, you’re missing out!

Point Line Trend on… Best Customers


A full 70% of those best shoppers are at-risk, meaning you have not seen them across any channel in the past month. The post Point Line Trend on… Best Customers appeared first on Zaius. Forget the pareto principle of 80/20, here’s some real shopper math for you: 1.2% = 80%.

Top convenience shopper trends for 2021 revealed


Research organisation IDG has highlighted five convenience shopper trends that they believe will evolve over the coming year and will shape the convenience channel. This story continues at Top convenience shopper trends for 2021 revealed.

Mobile eCommerce Trends & Strategies for 2021


To help, we've outlined four mobile eCommerce trends to watch and included considerations for a successful mobile strategy. Mobile eCommerce Trends To Look Out For. Anticipate Omni-Channel Shoppers. There are two specific mobile sales channels: mobile-optimized websites and apps.

The Top 7 Fashion Ecommerce Trends (and How to Enable Them)


Experiment with some of today’s fashion ecommerce trends. Others aren’t merely trends, but new approaches that will endure. 7 Fashion Ecommerce Trends to Consider in 2021. Dixxon Flannel is among the best fashion ecommerce sites nailing this trend. Trends come and go.

Multi-Channel Retailing and the Buyer’s Journey: Opportunities and Challenges


Most online sellers begin their journey from one sales channel, setting up shop through a website or marketplace. Multi-channel retailing is the practice of selling merchandise on more than one sales channel. It’s all about moving beyond your website and exploring channels such as marketplaces, social media, and comparison shopping engines. A report by BigCommerce confirms that buyers across several age groups are shopping from multiple sales channels.

How to Use Voice as a B2C Acquisition Channel


You already know that voice is a growing trend in technology, but do you know exactly how big it really is? With 75% of households expected to have a voice-enabled device by 2020 , voice is far more than a trend: it’s the fastest growing technology since the iPhone. When investing in voice as an acquisition channel, it’s important to understand the context in which your customers experience your brand. This is a guest blog post from Voysis , the complete voice AI platform.

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2020 Paid Search Trends & Insights

ROI Revolution

While Amazon remains an enigma to many business executives, spending too much time trying to figure it out and overlooking your other advertising channels could quash your brand’s efforts to boost profitability and remain competitive. Published February 28, 2020.

6 Mobile Ecommerce Trends to Drive Sales


trillion by 2021 , with so many more users to reach, we put together a list of six of the biggest mobile trends in ecommerce that are driving sales at the moment, to show you how to bridge those gaps and drive your sales into the future. Leveraging this particular trend is as easy as directly addressing those concerns about which customers have been vocal. The ability of PWAs to offer push notifications at any time also opens up new channels of revenue.

The Top Ecommerce Trends You Need to Know About for 2020


If you’re looking for ideas to improve and expand your own online retail business, check out what to expect in ecommerce trends in 2020. One of the top ecommerce trends of 2020 is unique to sellers, especially smaller merchants looking to grow their businesses. Retail Trends & Dat

The E-Commerce Trends to Watch in 2020


And an entire industry can expand from a couple of key channels to an explosion of 100+ marketplaces generating trillions of dollars in global revenue. . What other trends will impact the e-commerce evolution? A lot can happen in 20 years. .

What I See Coming For The Channel In 2020

Forrester's Customer Insights

Preparing for this years list of future channel trends has been an immersive experience to say the least. In 2019, I was able to talk to 497 companies one-on-one about their channel strategy and programs, including 130 of those face-to-face.

What Will Be The Top E-Commerce Trends In 2019?

Retail TouchPoints

It’s no secret to anyone following retail that e-Commerce is evolving rapidly (along with the store experience), particularly as the channels continue to converge. The RTP editors share their thoughts on the trends and insights revealed by the 16 experts cited in the E-Commerce Innovations Special Report. E-Commerce Innovation personalization e-Commerce trends AI editor Q&A last mile

How to optimize multi channel product listings?


Here are 7 expert tips to get the basic of your multi channel listing right—to get your products fully optimized: Keywords research-. Keep changing the price to match the current trends and your competitors’ strategies. Make product listings much easier and efficient with multi channel e-commerce software solutions. These are 7 expert tips to master the art of multi channel listing. multi channel listing Walmart shipping tracking

Top 10 Technology Trends in Retail

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While technology has continued to have a dramatic impact on the retail industry, the spread of COVID-19 has created new technology trends and accelerated current tech best practices significantly. AI spending in retail has continued to trend upward.

Ecommerce Trends: 147 Stats Revealing How Modern Customers Shop in 2017


Are you an omni-channel seller? It’s easier than ever for businesses to have a digital presence across a variety of channels. Ecommerce sales are growing, but many retailers are struggling to capitalize on their digital sales channels. It’s called omni-channel selling , and it’s something BigCommerce and Square have been exploring over the past year, in an attempt to help connect the dots between your business and the those who want to buy from your business.

2021 Paid Search Trends + Stats for Ecommerce Brands

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Download our 2021 Ecommerce Tech + Trends Report to uncover strategies & insights that will propel your brand forward in 2021. The switch happened in April 2020, and since then, the trend toward automation has shown no signs of stopping. Published March 11, 2021.

Retail Insights 2021: 10 Predictions and Trends to Watch

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While physical stores have spent much of the year closed, the pandemic period has driven innovation and fueled a huge acceleration in what were just emerging trends at the start of last year. Across the board, 2020 was a momentous year for us all.

2020 Marketing Trends for Brands

ROI Revolution

As 2020 draws nearer and nearer, it’s a good idea to take a look at the trends that will shape how ecommerce brands will navigate the digital future. Facebook Attribution, Google Smart Shopping, and Amazon DSP are three of these major 2020 marketing trends. Published November 22, 2019.

Four Customer Experience and Commerce Trends That Will Define 2021

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Commerce trends that were on the horizon were suddenly adopted at a brisk pace, including online food ordering, curbside pickup and BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store). So what are the customer experience and commerce trends that will continue, or become more fully realized, in 2021?

Weird Retail and Omnichannel Trends


Weird Retail and Omnichannel Trends. This quirky retail trend prioritizes the customer instantaneous need when timing or instant gratification is the key. Could this be yet an interesting new channel in the expanding omnichannel retail universe? The post Weird Retail and Omnichannel Trends appeared first on OrderDynamics. Omni-Channel Commerce Thought Leadership omnichannel retail trends weird

2020 Vision: Retail Trends for the New Decade


This, in turn enables data to be centralized and analyzed in order to provide deeper more accurate insights related to understanding customer needs, preferences and trends. The 2020 retail trends are moving toward putting the consumer more in control of their retail choices and behavior.

The ABC’s of eTail East 2019 Takeaways: AI, Bankruptcy, Channels, and Data


How AI Continues To Change Omnipresent Omni-Channel Strategies. We loved watching @jasonjabaut of @FleetFeetSports join @Dropbox and @GSK in this evening's panel on How AI Continues To Change Omnipresent Omni-Channel Strategies @eTailNews — Zaius (@getzaius) August 20, 2019. “I Perhaps when they find the digitally focused partner they’re looking for , they’ll be able to put more of the trends they’ve noticed into action.

Cross-Channel Home Décor Retailing: 5 Take Away Lessons from The Game Changers


What is cross-channel retailing? Cross-channel retailing is the practice of reaching customers through multiple sales channels that usually include both online and brick-and-mortar retail channels.

Omni-channel OMS – A Requirement for Consumer Satisfaction


Omni-channel fulfillment has become a consumer expectation. A powerful Order Management System (OMS) with advanced omni-channel capabilities is at the top of the requirements list for these companies. 1 The demand for omni-channel fulfillment is here to stay. Our last post, Fulfillment Technologies Changing the Game , addresses technology trends within distribution centers resulting from this new reality.

Nordstrom to debut Livestream Shopping channel


Nordstrom announced that it will launch its own Livestream Shopping channel to drive online sales. The retailer plans to host a variety of shows on beauty trends including question and answer sessions with celebrity makeup artists and fashion advice shows on how to wear such brands as Burberry.

E-Commerce Trends to Watch in 2019


Here are some quick recommendations to ensure you’re watching some of the key e-commerce trends as you enter a new year of selling. One of the latest trends for online purchasing is voice commerce. If you look back on your 2018 performance, which channels thrived this past year — and which declined? The more places you are, the less reliant you are on any one single channel to drive your success.

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Beauty Ecommerce Marketing: The Must-Know Trends to Grow Your Beauty Brand


Other omnichannel marketing channels, like push notifications, saw conversion rates leap from 4.86% to 28.1%: The opportunities are there, even in a pandemic. A successful beauty-related ecommerce business hinges on recognizing worthwhile beauty ecommerce trends most likely to drive profit.

It’s The Business Model Itself That’s Changing: Top Retail Trends

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With these new formulas for success come new considerations and pitfalls for retailers to consider as they innovate and strive to understand how different channels and customer touch points interact. Based on experience working with leading retailers globally, here are four retail trends to watch. While only 40% of retailers have merged online and offline channels so far, an additional 34% plan to do so in the coming years. Jonathan Marek APT top retail trends

2020 Marketing Trends for Brands (Part 1)

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As 2020 draws nearer and nearer, it’s a good idea to take a look at the trends that will shape how ecommerce brands will navigate the digital future. Facebook Attribution, Google Smart Shopping, and Amazon DSP are three of these major 2020 marketing trends. Published November 22, 2019.

Mobile eCommerce Trends & Strategies for 2019


To help, we've outlined three mobile eCommerce trends to watch, as well as included considerations for a successful mobile strategy. Mobile eCommerce Trends. Anticipate Omni-Channel Shoppers. Staying on trend will keep your mobile site run smoothly and create an enjoyable experience for customers. When we talk about mobile eCommerce, we refer to two specific mobile sales channels: mobile-optimized websites and apps.