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Ecommerce Technology: Augmenting Reality Augments the Bottomline


Augmented reality is an ecommerce technology changing the way people buy online. Different from virtual reality in which the real world is replaced by the view inside virtual reality headsets, augmented reality blends online, mobile and real-world experiences.

How Technology Is Improving Ecommerce


Technology is the driving force behind ecommerce and as new tech is discovered, ecommerce has the ability to change and ultimately improve. As exciting new technology is created, businesses can take advantage of it to further personalize their company and online presence.

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With 1 in 4 Online Dollars Spent on Mobile, Ecommerce Mobile SEO is More Important [& Intricate] Than Ever


mobile consumer survey results , Americans check their phone 47x per day. of total ecommerce sales. Your potential customers need to easily find your website. Then, once they find it, they expect a seamless user experience. Test Drive a Powerful Mobile Commerce Experience.

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The State of Ecommerce Platforms in 2018: Cloud Commerce, Open SaaS and The API Economy


The truth of the matter is this: What makes your business successful is your dedication to customer experience, your market strategies, your operational efficiencies and the team of people you build. We’ll cover: What an ecommerce platform is. What is an Ecommerce Platform?

8 Ecommerce ERP Integration Patterns & Data Orchestration Frameworks


Historically, however, in order to properly organize and orchestrate ERP data flow, customer-facing tool options have been limited. ERPs are essential in allowing retailers to offer multichannel experiences to their customers. Jordan Brannon, President, Coalition Technologies.

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The Role of WordPress Ecommerce in the Coming Content and Commerce Era


And the success of many of the brands using WordPress has spawned an ecommerce business model and strategy: WordPress Ecommerce. In this article, we’ll break down: Exactly what a WordPress ecommerce strategy is, and why you should use it. A quick WordPress ecommerce FAQ.



Consumers buy online and pickup in store – or ‘click and collect.’ Two key ingredients: Technology and data. The problem is that many retailers are saddled with highly fragmented, antiquated technology that is more Frankenstein than Harry Potter. Immediacy.

Why Skullcandy Unplugged Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Relaunched on BigCommerce


The journey Skullcandy took to launch an award-winning ecommerce site took many twists and turns but wasn’t atypical for BigCommerce customers. Skullcandy reviewed twelve ecommerce platforms before choosing BigCommerce for its global websites. “We



Walmart has been on something of an acquisition spree, recently acquiring trendy online fashion brands ModCloth and Bonobos – the retailer’s third and fourth ecommerce acquisitions in less than a year. On the home front, more than half of the consumers surveyed by Opinion Research Corp.

5 Ways IoT Improves Ecommerce Businesses


But beyond just asking questions like “What is IoT,” or “How does IoT work,” it’s time to start diving deeper with “how can IoT improve your ecommerce store?”. From enhancing the customer experience to automating logistics, the IoT has a broad range of applications.



It could be their outdated technology or possibly the lack of a digital strategy. More than ever, B2B buyers expect the same shopping experiences as those of consumer sites, such as Amazon. Are more likely to become repeat customers.

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IRCE 2019 in Review: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Marketing

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IRCE 2019 featured lots of sessions that talked about artificial intelligence (AI), and how AI and digital marketing can work together to create happy, satisfied customers who will come back time and time again. Good personalization leads to better user experience, which leads to more revenue.

B2B ecommerce: the four challenges to face for long-term growth


Commerce innovation is not just for retailers and consumer brands, business-to-business organizations must capitalize on the disruptive trends that are emerging. When B2B buyers leave the office, they become those same B2C buyers; and they all still demand remarkable customer experiences.

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eCommerce Solutions: 3 Weighty Reasons Why Top Brands are Abandoning the Monoliths in Droves


As companies across all industries pivot to digital, the landscape of full stack / monolithic ecommerce solutions has expanded. Gartner predicts that by 2018, more than half of all commerce sites will integrate technologies from more than 15 vendors to deliver a digital customer experience. [1]

21 Sessions, Presentations and Workshops You Can’t Miss at IRCE 2018


IRCE is arguably the ecommerce industry’s biggest and most influential annual event. The chatter was a mix of ecommerce technicalities, marketing strategies and a bunch of “I haven’t seen you in forever!”. IRCE is the who’s who of ecommerce – and it doesn’t discriminate.

IRCE 2019 Day 1 Recap

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His second insight was also connected to an experience he had while developing the business model for Bonobos. This created the experience of trying on the pants without having to carry expensive amounts of inventory. The New Retail Imperative: Be A Leader in Ecommerce Technology.

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The Cross Border Ecommerce Checklist


Technology: Do I have the technology to support my initiatives? Consumer Electronics. Ensure Your Technology is Scalable. Make sure that you have an ecommerce technology solution that can scale –– and isn’t cost-prohibitive. Customer groups.

Commerce Trends for 2018: #1 Personalization in B2B


For a few years, personalization has been B2C commerce’s favorite catch phrase: know your customer, personalize the offers and prices, sell at the right time and keep communicating until you build a relationship and not just a sale. Their investments in these technologies will pay off.

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The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Replatforming and Data Migration


Agile marketing that gets these brands to the forefront of customer conversion in a more compelling way than traditional companies. Here is what I’ll cover: What’s in Our Ecommerce Replatforming Guide. Your 3 options when it comes to ecommerce technology.

7 B2B Ecommerce Trends + 13 B2B Brands Changing How Businesses Buy


B2B ecommerce will reach $1.2 Just by the end of 2017, Forrester expects B2B ecommerce to reach $889 billion and represent 11% of total B2B sales in the U.S. customers get the same level of quality and service. personalized customer pricing. The New B2B Ecommerce Strategy.

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