Top Online Retailers Winning a Competitive Market


But it’s even harder to build an online retail site that competes with existing retailers like Amazon or Target that have an established a customer base and dominate the market. As a retailer, you need to stand for something and have a strong mission statement.

Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Brand Growth Will Boost Social Ad Spending

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In recent years, a wave of so-called digitally native direct-to-consumer (DTC) startups have burst onto the scene and have grown in popularity. Forrester forecasts that online spend by DTC enthusiasts will grow […].

Introducing The Consumer Tech Stack For Europe

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In the past few months, my colleague James McQuivey has written several blogs about the exciting times we live in. In these posts he focuses on how technology is fundamentally changing the way we interact with the world around us and how that change is grounded in evolution.

Retail Mobile App Experiences: New Best Practice Series

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Mobile is the dominant digital touchpoint in retail and mobile apps play critical role – consumers who down load a retailer’s app are likely to be more loyal, but that does not mean they wont uninstall the app if it does not meet their expectations!

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Exploring Retail Revolution: The Correlation Between Technological Advancements In Financial Services And Online Retail Success

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that a consumer’s average attention span as it relates to online activity is six seconds. The brick-and-mortar retail industry is continuing to gain momentum, with research firm JLL estimating that e-Commerce retailers will build 850 physical stores in the U.S.

Goliath’s Challenge: DTC Startups Get Personal

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In this battle between direct-to-consumer (DTC) startups — cast as the proverbial David — and their large, established brand opponents, victory is not about size or stature; it’s about skillful weaponry.

6 Customer Review Tools for Online Retailers


In today’s online world, we are competing in a very competitive environment. Online shoppers have thousands of choices and your competitors are ready to steal them from you. Yotpo’s beautifully designed in-mail form enable online shoppers to leave the reviews effectively.

Restoring Consumer Trust In Retailers’ Data Management: Can DMS Help?

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This is becoming especially true given the proliferation of online retail transactions. Looking at the course of information management’s evolution over the past 20 years, retailers now predominantly store information digitally, yet un-securely, while using paper documents, too.

Mother’s Day Marketing Tips for Online Retailers


It’s estimated that consumers spent $23.1 Online shoppers love giveaways! Online shoppers also love a good deal, and you can offer an exclusive Mother’s Day coupon. Customers want to engage with a brand when shopping online. billion for Mother’s Day in 2018.

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Forrester Retail Wave: European Retailers Are Raising The Bar For Mobile App Experiences

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My colleague Alex Causey and I have now finished the second European Retail Wave. This year we evaluated the functionality and usability of six European retailer’s mobile apps. For retailers with a pan-European presence we selected one European market in which to evaluate the retailer’s app [by selecting that market as the location within the app […].

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Why A Tax Law Change In Australia Could Impact Online Revenues For US Online Retailers

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In August 2015, the Australian government announced an impending change to their tax structure that will impact online retailers serving the market via international shipping. Today, Australian consumers can import up to A$1,000 duty-free when they buy from a foreign retailer. The A$1,000 duty-free exemption is known as the low value threshold (LVT) and it has driven a large cross-border shopping habit among online shoppers in Australia.

The Complete Omni-Channel Retail Report: What Brands Need to Know About Modern Consumer Shopping Habits


There are no crystal balls, but there are strategies, and we’ve teamed up to bring you the most up-to-date statistics on when and how Americans shop online. What is omni-channel retail? Typically, omni-channel retailers aren’t startups. Many retailers are just guessing.

Is Vertically Integrated Ecommerce The Future of Online Retail?


Amazon is the paradigmatic horizontal ecommerce retailer, selling just about everything that can be sold to consumers. Of course, Amazon does have competitors, many of which parlayed existing brick-and-mortar dominance and brand recognition into online sales.

6 International Holidays Online Retailers Should Capitalize On


As the ecommerce industry continues to grow globally, international shopping holidays can help boost sales overseas for US retailers. By identifying those major holidays, seasons, and events in other countries, you can open the door to a global online presence.

Q&A: Branded Manufacturers Digital Commerce Strategies

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Direct-to-consumer (D2C) commerce is not a new concept for branded manufacturers, but there is certainly renewed interest and more options to choose from. With consumers ever more digitally connected, branded manufacturers are enticed by direct digital commerce benefits, like better sales margins, increased product control, and richer customer relationships.

Retailers: Extend Omnichannel Capabilities To The Customer, Not Just Operations

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Omnichannel investments, including in-store pickup and endless aisle, continue to be top strategic investment for digital business professionals at retail organizations.

It’s A New Type Of Digital Holiday Season

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This blog post is part of Forrester’s Holiday 2018 retail series. consumer mobile activities Europe Holiday 2018 online retail retail holiday seasonBlack Friday holiday sales events are a fixture of the European holiday shopping season (even without a European equivalent of the Thanksgiving holiday!). Initially finding its way to the UK, the sales day has extended across Europe to become a significant sales event from […].

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[Infographic] Modern Consumer Behavior in the New Omni-Channel World + 31 Expert Tips to Dominate It Now


What customers want and what retailers are currently offering still isn’t matched up, even though as a business owner you do your best to meet their needs whenever and wherever you can. For retailers, being there at all of those touch-points is known as omni-channel selling.

Brands: Here Is The Size Of Your Digital Commerce Prize

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Consumer-facing brands know that there is proverbial “gold” in generating direct sales through digital commerce — but the big question is the size of the prize. brand experience digital business digital customer experience digital disruption online retail age of the customer brand digital

Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips for Online Retailers


Valentine’s Day isn’t just about paper cards and teddy bears – it is a major consumer holiday with the potential to give you a bump in sales after the post-Christmas ecommerce lull. The post Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips for Online Retailers appeared first on ecomdash. From social and email campaigns to sales promotions, there are many ways to promote your products for the holiday. Read more.

The Quick-To-Ditch Consumer Mindset And How Retailers Can Cope

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By Mitch Doust, Cover Genius It’s no secret that consumer power is on the rise. It’s become one of the largest challenges facing online retailers and e-Commerce companies today. Translation: consumer experience. Retailers should keep their eye out for a few trends.

Luxury Retail 2018: What A Difference A Year Can Make

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Digitally mature and savvy luxury consumers […]. age of the customer always addressable customer customer centricity digital business digital customer experience digital disruption digital transformation online retail retail

Is A Subscription Business Model Better for Online Retailers?


A 2016 study from Hitwise Retail 500 noted that visits to subscription box websites grew almost 3,000% from 2013 to 2016, representing tremendous opportunity for both brick-and-mortar retailers and traditional eCommerce. Traditional Retail with Subscription Options.

Attention Online Retailers: GDPR is Happening & Here’s What it Means for You


This means there’s some major changes happening in the world of online retail. Consent within the scope of GDPR is important because it directly impacts how online retailers advertise to consumers within the EU.

Top Repricing Questions Online Retailers Need to Ask Themselves


Repricing in online retail is more than a requirement because the market is constantly in flux. Before an online retailer can pick the best way to reprice their products , there are a number of questions they need to ask themselves to make the best decision.

Three Takeaways On eCommerce From My Trip To China

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I recently spent two weeks in China to attend an event hosted by eCommerce company for analysts and retail thought leaders. Nearly 60% of metropolitan Chinese consumers are Progressive Pioneers – the most […].

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AUDIO: Shoppable Video Creates Unique Customer Experiences And Differentiates Brands

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Its “Mission Impeccable” campaign used shoppable video, which took traditional linear video and added clickable interactivity that let consumers learn more about products and add them to their cart. online retail digital business retail shoppable technology video

Holiday Selling Secrets: Top Tips from Successful Online Retailers and Brands


Once upon a time, Black Friday meant a flood of foot traffic and lengthy lines of consumers willing to wait hours for a single sale. Then the growth of online shopping drew droves of purchase-ready consumers to PCs and mobile devices instead of stores. As tedious and time-consuming as it sometimes can seem, taking the time to format the best holiday promotion for each individual channel is a must. Ensuring brand-retailer relationships stay strong.

The Most Popular (Easy-to-Implement) Opt-in Offer Used by Online Retailers to Get More Email Subscribers

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If you’re like most online retailers, you spend a lot of time and effort building your email campaigns. When was the last time you bought something online without making sure you were getting the best deal?

Will your company’s digital transformation end up as a bold decision or a bust?

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Similarly, when consumer media hypes a new business model that will “disrupt” an industry, […]. digital business digital customer experience digital disruption online retail retailIn digital transformation, there’s a fine line between fearlessness and foolishness. Bad decisions can have all the trappings of a bold new strategy: A costly acquisition, suddenly pivoting to an unexpected new product offering, an ambitious new vision for the future.

Digital Store Technologies Take the Stage For Both Customer and Associate Experience

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Digital retail theater is becoming reality for consumers as retailers rush to find ways of attracting and retaining store customers. What is digital retail theater?

2018 Retail Best Practices Extended: Mobile Web

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Consumers can choose between a variety of touchpoints; but when it comes to mobile, loyal customers will download your app, but everyone else will be left with the mobile browser. Mobile is becoming a dominant digital touchpoint for retail, influencing online sales and purchase decisions in-store. Retailers will broaden their reach and increase the likelihood […].

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Why Pricing Optimization Is Required in Online Retail


No matter what channels a retailer sells on, their pricing is one facet of the selling experience that can’t be stagnant. At its core, price optimization helps retailers attain the goals that are most important to them. to learn how to turn retail data into action. ?.

A Thankful Consumer Equals a Full Cart: Why Consumers And Retailers Are Thankful For Omni-Channel


A Thankful Consumer Equals a Full Cart: Why Consumers And Retailers Are Thankful For Omni-Channel. Both retailers and customers have the opportunity to benefit from multiple features of the modern approach to retail.

6 Factors That Consistently Contribute to Landing the Buy Box Across Marketplaces


Consumers are more likely to simply hit “add to cart” or “buy now” rather than scrolling down to review options. If you don’t have the buy box, only 10% of consumers will ever consider your product, and that. Amazon E-commerce eBay Frooition online retail

CCPA: All About the California Consumer Privacy Act


Have you heard about the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) ? See what you need to do and how the CCPA may affect your online sales in the years ahead, no matter where your business is located. The CCPA is a ruling that protects the rights of the Californian consumer. The CCPA gives Californians the right to: Know what personal information is being collected about them online. Are you an online retailer?

4 Secrets of E-Commerce Sellers That Consumers Should Know About


Dear Consumer: We get it. Buying online is convenient. trillion last year — we’re starting to get the sense that you might not know just how many options you have for discovering new products and offers online. In working with more than 2,900 manufacturing brands and online retailers, we have a pretty good sense of how you can get the most bang for your digital buck. You can even shop specifically with your preferred retailers — loyalty programs and all.

Why Nike should ‘Just Do It’ on Amazon: Nike case study


Amazon is the biggest name in retail. As Nike permeates every aspect of sports and apparel, we took a closer look at consumers’ path-to-purchase activity from, other popular online retail sites and then of course, Amazon. Nike is the biggest name in sports.

4 Ways e-commerce is Working its Way onto Facebook and Instagram


Consumers simply see, click and buy in a seamless progression while simply browsing through their Instagram feeds. E-commerce Social Media Strategies online retail social media social selling

Ecommerce Trends 2019: 7 New Retail Consumer Habits for a New Year


By all accounts, 2018 was a big year for retail. We took a look at the latest data on consumer habits, spending trends, and shopping behavior to predict what will be the strongest influences on ecommerce in 2019. Consumer Spending is Up. Year-over-year retail sales are up 4.3%.