10 Consumer Trends Shaping the Future of Retail

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Seismic shifts in consumer trends accelerated by the pandemic will have long-lasting implications for the retail industry at large. Future Commerce partnered with Method + Mode to conduct broad consumer research over a period of three months ending in January 2021.

Direct to Consumer Trends: Up & Coming Brands Succeeding with DTC


Chances are you trudged along in a warehouse or department store, making… General Ecommerce Tips ecommerce trendsThink about the first time you purchased furniture.


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Post-COVID Consumer Priorities: Personal Budgets, Brands’ Social Responsibility

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As the world emerges from the COVID-19 crisis, consumers plan to fundamentally change how they spend money and live their lives. Consumers Are More Concerned, Not Less. Consumers will continue to make deep and permanent changes to their lives.

Point Line Trend on… Window Shoppers


This small, but mighty group are massive content consumers. While accounting for under 2% of your visits, they consume 11% of your total PDP views; more PDP views than all of your buyers COMBINED. Blog Video point line trend

Highland Spring taps into consumer trends with sparkling flavoured drinks


This story continues at Highland Spring taps into consumer trends with sparkling flavoured drinks. Highland Spring is expanding its portfolio with a flavoured sparkling water range.

Trends Analysis: Understanding the Online Luxury Consumer


When consumers think of a luxury shopping experience, they’ll likely picture a private dressing room, a glass of champagne and their own personal stylist. These consumers are HENRYs, or “High Earners, Not Rich Yet.”

How the Rise of the Conscious Consumer is Fueling Resale’s Rapid Growth

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Recently, however, something new has begun to drive massive growth in the used goods sector — consumers who are shopping based on their values , in addition to searching for value. It is this facet of the modern economy that consumers have begun to reject.

Mars Wrigley taps into consumer trends with new flavour and format

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The company is rolling out a bottle format to “ensure that consumers have access to their favourite gum whatever the occasion, at home or on the go”, available in Peppermint, Spearmint and a new Tropical flavour (£2.19).

9 retail trends to watch in 2021


The pandemic will continue to reshape the industry and accelerate trends from consumer preferences to industry norms and structures in the year ahead

Pandemic food trends are set to stay, research finds

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A survey by supermarket cashback app Shopmium shows 22% of consumers said they do not plan to eat at a pub or restaurant when they open, 46% said they only plan to eat at a. This story continues at Pandemic food trends are set to stay, research finds.

Consumer confidence continues downward trend in lockdown Britain


Consumer confidence has continued to decline in the past two weeks, new research reveals. GfK’s long-running Consumer Confidence Index decreased by two points over the past two weeks, with four measures of confidence decreasing and one measure increasing.

How We’ll Shop in 2021: Key Trends and Consumer Habits


Trends that were in their infancy and forecast to, in some cases, materialise over the course of the decade have been accelerated beyond all recognition. The question for all merchants now is: will these trends have long-term staying power?

Alpen Light taps into consumer trends with new flavour


Weetabix Food Company has added a new flavour to its Alpen Light cereal bars range, in a move designed to appeal to shoppers “who are looking for healthier snacks”. The White Chocolate, Raspberry, and Shortcake bars are available now in a pack of five, retailing at £1.99

How Amazon’s ‘Trench Warfare’ Against Unions Could Damage its Consumer Confidence

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and world economies, so it would take a massive sea change to shake consumers’ loyalty to the company. Amazon knows how to do this, but they’re taking on these tactics that are a really bad look for them, and that could ultimately erode consumer support for the Amazon brand.”.

50 Statistics to Understand the Online Consumer in 2020 and Beyond


So far this has meant that long-established, strong, and seemingly evergreen knowledge of consumer behavior trends has been turned on its head to […]. The post 50 Statistics to Understand the Online Consumer in 2020 and Beyond appeared first on Blog.

How marketers are adapting to consumer and ad market trends


In our sixteenth episode of Real Time Banter, Valeria Chisca , VP of Digital Marketing at Rue Gilt Groupe, joins LiveIntent’s SVP of Global Marketing, Kerel Cooper, and VP of Marketing, Nick Dujnic, to discuss how marketers are adapting to consumer and ad market trends.

Trends Analysis: Which Consumers Are Moving on From Credit Cards?


Credit cards offer consumers a world of purchasing power, and they can be useful budgeting tools for tracking purchases and earning people cash back. They can also be dangerous for consumers who lack self-control. As alternative payment options grow in popularity and trust, perhaps American consumers will begin to break old habits. Though consumers expect to be able to shop online with a credit card, they are increasingly expecting other payment options, as well.

Preparing for 2021: Retail Trends & Shopper Expectations to Watch Out For


The post Preparing for 2021: Retail Trends & Shopper Expectations to Watch Out For appeared first on Blog. Consumer Behavior retail industry trends 2021 retail trends 2021 retail trends post Covid

Ecommerce Trends: 147 Stats Revealing How Modern Customers Shop in 2017


Conducting high-level research into who buys what, when and why, with regards to Americans shopping online, can be costly and time-consuming — which is why we’ve done it for you. Below, you’ll find ecommerce trends, data and statistics reporting on exactly how Americans shop online, why customers convert, why they don’t and who your business should be targeting on the various online channels in order to optimize for ROI. Ecommerce trends by generation.

Retail Insights 2021: 10 Predictions and Trends to Watch

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While physical stores have spent much of the year closed, the pandemic period has driven innovation and fueled a huge acceleration in what were just emerging trends at the start of last year. Across the board, 2020 was a momentous year for us all.

Customer Online Shopping Behaviour in 2020 [Trends]


Marketers can learn a lot by looking at online shopping trends in 2020. From what consumers expect of brands, to. The post Customer Online Shopping Behaviour in 2020 [Trends] appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog.

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Mobile eCommerce Trends & Strategies for 2021


To help, we've outlined four mobile eCommerce trends to watch and included considerations for a successful mobile strategy. Mobile eCommerce Trends To Look Out For. In fact, BigCommerce found that 40% of consumers will leave a site completely if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Fisher-Price opens virtual toy museum on Instagram to seize consumer nostalgia trend


Timed around the holidays, the activation celebrates the brand's nine decades in operation and features an e-gift shop selling goods from parent Mattel

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How to Take Your Brand Direct to Consumer


Thinking of dipping your toes into the direct to consumer waters? In fact, according to IAB’s popular new study, The Rise of the 21st Century Brand Economy, the future of retail growth comes from direct consumer relationships. If your brand wants to win the direct to consumer game, you can’t just efficiently fill orders, you need to expertly fulfill the modern expectations of customers who place those orders. Why brands are going direct to consumer. Direct to Consume

The Top 7 Fashion Ecommerce Trends (and How to Enable Them)


Consumers are just as (and perhaps arguably more so, thanks to COVID-19) comfortable buying new apparel online as they are in-store. Experiment with some of today’s fashion ecommerce trends. Others aren’t merely trends, but new approaches that will endure. Trends come and go.

5 Future Ecommerce Trends of 2019

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Prepare for the exciting future of ecommerce by implementing the emerging trends of 2019. Much like personalized emails generate 6x higher transaction rates and convert better than cold emails , consumers spend 48% more when their experience is personalized. B2B companies are leveraging upcoming ecommerce trends, too. Online reviews and influencer trends aren’t enough. The post 5 Future Ecommerce Trends of 2019 appeared first on Ecommerce Platforms.

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2018 Trends and Predictions for Digital Marketing


At Jumpshot, we consider billions of online searches, transactions and other behaviors, and we’ve thought about it enough to get a sense of some big overall trends. How can digital marketers for e-commerce companies take advantage of this trend? How can retailers take advantage of this trend? The post 2018 Trends and Predictions for Digital Marketing appeared first on Jumpshot. It’s the time of year to look to the future.

US and UK online shopping trends: Amazon purchases analyzed


We know everyone loves Amazon, as we’ve been analyzing consumer shopping behavior on the site for nearly a year. T o c e l e b r a t e a y e a r ’ s w o r t h o f d a t a , w e ’ r e l a u n c h i n g a monthly series to identify shopping trends and MoM changes in Amazon purchases. Top 10 products purchased on Amazon by US and UK consumers. Bottom Line: Our analysis of US and UK residents’ online shopping habits found distinct preferences and trends.

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Surfacing Trends and Predictive Insights with Advanced Analytics

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Trend/trend/noun. Trends are strong indicators of long-term market influence, customer adoption and retention rates and overall sentiment. Trends have long lifespans and are sustainable as a guiding force to future revenue potential on a product.

Leveraging 2020 Ecommerce Trends to Improve Strategies


Leveraging ecommerce trends to optimize your site is more vital than ever. However, the dynamic nature of ecommerce means that brands have to continuously strive to meet the changing demands of consumers. On the other hand, consumer expectations are increasing every day.

Consumers ditching cars as local leads the way


Industry News consumer research coronavirus food trends local food Local shops waitroseNearly 30% of car-owners have reduced – or plan to reduce – cars in their household during 2020, as ‘localism leads’ the way, new research reveals.

5 Modern Dynamic Pricing Trends


The trends that have emerged around this pricing strategy are worth exploring for established data-driven practitioners and newcomers alike that want to boost profit and revenue over time. Modern Dynamic Pricing Trends Retail Needs to Know.

Disrupting the Online, Direct-to-Consumer Retail with Dynamic Pricing


Winning Consumers with Dynamic Pricing for DTC Brands In the last decade, with the growth of eCommerce, DTC or direct-to-consumer retail has gained momentum. The post Disrupting the Online, Direct-to-Consumer Retail with Dynamic Pricing appeared first on Blog.

How the pandemic changed consumers, according to the Conference Board


The past year has been one of contradictions and digitization, and some trends will stick, according to a report from the business research group

2020 Paid Search Trends & Insights

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By casting a multichannel net in 2020, your brand will catch the most fish consumers. As consumers’ path to purchase has become more complex than ever, so has managing campaigns. The post 2020 Paid Search Trends & Insights appeared first on ROI Revolution.

The Top Ecommerce Trends You Need to Know About for 2020


But as businesses experiment and try to give consumers what they want, the online retail space is changing rapidly. If you’re looking for ideas to improve and expand your own online retail business, check out what to expect in ecommerce trends in 2020. In fact, consumers spent $128.5

6 Mobile Ecommerce Trends to Drive Sales


trillion by 2021 , with so many more users to reach, we put together a list of six of the biggest mobile trends in ecommerce that are driving sales at the moment, to show you how to bridge those gaps and drive your sales into the future. As customers are becoming wiser to the potential ethical and environmental elements of ecommerce, sellers need to remain aware of the link between consumers’ value systems and what they buy. Retail Trends & Data