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Personalization: The Key To A Powerful Customer Loyalty Program

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By Brian Cleary, RedPoint Global The number of customers that actively use their loyalty program memberships has decreased dramatically. The lack of activity indicates that brands struggle to remain relevant with the customers that have opted into their loyalty program.

Integrating Customer Loyalty with Yotpo and Zaius


Marketers who use loyalty programs to create happy and loyal customers need to be able to integrate these programs into their customer data and marketing campaigns on a regular basis. COOLA customers share our passion for healthy suncare.

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The Technology Driving The Growth Of IoT Retail Applications

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The study also finds downtime severely impacts customer loyalty, employee productivity and overall business operations. Key to the technology backbone and backend ecosystem are routers and other networking equipment, not the most glamorous part of retail but indispensable nonetheless.

Making The Retail Moments That Matter Most Positively Contagious

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It is no surprise that shoppers are in search of effortless experiences that provide much-needed transparency and can save them time. And we all know that when experiences cut the friction out of the shopping equation, customers are more likely to come back for more.

What Does the Consumer Internet of Things Mean for Marketers?


In addition to the general trend toward digital commerce in customer behavior, the cIoT will redefine the future of commerce. New technologies are changing the way customers are buying, as well as what they’re expecting from brands.

What Does the Consumer Internet of Things Mean for Marketers?


In addition to the general trend toward digital commerce in customer behavior, the cIoT will redefine the future of commerce. New technologies are changing the way customers are buying, as well as what they’re expecting from brands.

The Role of the B2C Marketer Is Changing Fast. Here’s How to Keep Up


With new technologies, new social media platforms, and new competitors emerging every day, it can be tough to keep up and make your brand stand out. Now, marketers have to own the entire customer experience, from the first interaction to true customer loyalty across platforms and devices. Data Scientist. As more advanced technology emerges, it’s become a larger part of the role to evaluate and choose the best possible marketing technology for your brand.

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The Top 10 Mistakes Ecommerce Marketers Make


You should be working to implement omnichannel campaigns , lower your cost-per-click, and get a better handle on your first party data. . Even if you’ve created a robust ecommerce marketing strategy, doing the wrong thing at the wrong moment could chase away even your very best customers.

Account Takeovers: The Next Big Retailer Threat

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Account takeovers occur when fraudsters gain access to consumers’ login and password information for a retailer, which allows them to see that customer’s personal information, credit card number, store rewards and more.

6 Valuable Lessons from Etail East 2018


Some traditional retailers and CPG brands have begun to adopt new technologies and realize the full potential of ecommerce and direct-to-consumer. The Customer Is the Center of Everything. “We For many B2C brands, the customer is the center of the world. But despite this, many brands make a lot of assumptions about what their customers want and need. Seamless Customer Experience Wins. It’s unique to your customer.”

How 2 Brands Navigate the Chaotic Chat Channels of Modern Ecommerce Customer Service


Earlier this year, Michael Mandel from Progressive Policy published a piece about the growth of ecommerce sector jobs based on the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Or risk losing customers to competitors forever. Actively use text for customer service and support.

7 Major Takeaways from Shoptalk 2018


With their guidance, we hope you can stay on the cutting edge of new technologies, the latest trends, and the rapid evolution of consumer behaviors in ecommerce, retail, and B2C business. AI is here, but the experience is not amazing just yet. The best experiences are actually a hybrid: an automated flow at the start, but then a handover to a human when the questions become more complicated. Customer data creates seamless customer experiences.

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6 Mobile Ecommerce Trends to Drive Sales


The main challenge for any ecommerce business is standing-out and reaching customers, which can be incredibly difficult among the competition. All the more difficult, too, considering all the ways in which the ecommerce customer base is changing. Retail Trends & Data

The Key to Wielding Big Data in Ecommerce to Build Personalized Experiences and Improve Retention


The surfacing of the Facebook debacle involving Cambridge Analytica and the massive amounts of data collected from 87 million users, which was used to influence the 2016 presidential election, revealed big data as the powerful beast it can be. What is Big Data and Why Should You Use it?

How E-Commerce Companies Can Compete in an Amazon-Dominated World


Some may tell you that even if you can’t compete with their scale, you can compete in other ways, like offering competitive discounts and free shipping for your own customers. But there is one realm where you can live in the same relative sphere as Amazon: customer experience.

7 BigCommerce Marketing Apps We Love


However as an Elite BigCommerce Partner Agency , we're constantly evaluating marketing technologies to help our clients push beyond baseline functionality to drive more sales. Yotpo – Customer Reviews. – Loyalty Programs.

The Ultimate 2018 Ecommerce Checklist: 31 Experts Prioritize 19 Growth Tactics to Implement Now


And every new product, tool, technology and strategy that enters the market hits a crux during Cyber Five. Community Building, Customer Engagement & CRM. CRO & Data-Driven Optimizations. Technology. Customer Lifetime Value & Referral Programs.

How to Apply the 8 Lessons of Amazon Operations to Your Retail Strategy

Dynamic Action

DynamicAction’s Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist recently penned How Amazon Does Data—And What you Can Learn From It — a retail strategy white paper containing 8 tactical lessons from Amazon’s playbook. Lesson #1: Form a complete view of the customer experience.

3 Takeaways from Harvard Business Review’s Age of Personalization Survey


According to HBR’s survey, 90% of business executives agreed that customers expect organizations to know their interests and anticipate their needs. Two-time winner Sephora has built such customer loyalty that 80% of Beauty Insiders refuse to consider a competitor, according to 1010data.

How to Improve Ecommerce Conversion Right Now


Unlike a brick and mortar store, web-based ecommerce stores cannot rely on the visitor’s physical experience with their products to make a sale. Qualitative customer research can indicate what parts of the website are creating friction with shoppers and why.

B2B Ecommerce (October 2019): The Step by Step Guide to Setup, Build & Grow a B2B Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce Platforms

B2C ecommerce websites and businesses evolved quickly, leaving B2B portals far behind, and today, they provide a richer customer experience than most B2B ecommerce portals. It's an ecommerce platform built or customized for the B2B users and use cases. Experiences and skills.

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The Top 5 Reasons You Don’t Have Repeat Customers


Loyal customers are the most valuable customers. Our most iconic brands are known for cultivating long-standing relationships and creating the ever-valued “tribe” of repeat customers, who become enthusiasts and advocates. Yes, that can be a technology problem.