Customer-Centric vs Campaign-Centric Marketing: How Are You Connecting the Dots?


“I always think of the customer first.” — every marketer ever. However, the reality for most marketers is customer second, campaign first. Every individual customer interaction is important, yet we rely on different systems to analyze and execute campaigns across each one.

What are the benefits of Customer Segmentation for your business in 2019


Segmenting your customers for your brand is crucial but understanding its advantages is much more vital You must have heard a proverb- ‘Every shoe fits None.’ Customer Segmentation is a better choice to know your customer better.

Get sale ready with Holiday Sale Calendar


When talking about e-commerce marketing ideas. It becomes mandatory to pitch sales according to the holiday calendar. So here I present the most needed holiday sale calendar of 2019. But firstly, I would like to share some sales stats which might help and excel your business this e-commerce holidays.

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Power Ecommerce Growth with Lifecycle Marketing


The customer lifecycle is as varied and multifaceted as your customers themselves. Customers take a multi-step journey as they move from a brand new buyer to — hopefully — a loyal customer. It really all comes down to: Are they a long-term loyal customer?

How Retailers can Increase Retention and Loyalty After the Holidays Have Ended

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Consumers are demanding exceptional experiences, throughout the customer journey at all times of the year. You’ll want to focus on increasing the value of current customers, and keeping all your new customers. revenue per customer up 25-100%!

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Top Online Retailers Winning a Competitive Market


But it’s even harder to build an online retail site that competes with existing retailers like Amazon or Target that have an established a customer base and dominate the market. The answer lies in building a strong brand that stands out in the market and helps customers remember you.

Keep Your Eye on the Customer Engagement


Are your customers truly engaged, or are they just coasting? Unless you’re keeping a close eye on customer interactions with your B2C brand, it’s impossible to know for sure. If you’re not keeping track of customer engagement, you could completely miss this slow process of pulling away from your brand — wrongly assuming that your customers are just as highly engaged as the day they first bought from your company. Constantly update your customer data.

The Top 10 Sessions to See at IRCE 2018


In this session, you can learn about the latest developments in social commerce, the technologies that underpin these advancements, and how you best take advantage of this to help improve your customer retention strategies, and expand your business. This data seems to suggest that ecommerce retailers are prospering, but the future for brick and mortar stores is bleak. Your customers are on Amazon.

7 Post-Purchase Actions You Need to Take to Build Customer Loyalty


Savvy business owners know that customer retention is worth its weight in gold. That’s why you need to develop post-purchase strategies: in order to enhance customer loyalty and drive revenue. Have you enrolled customers who just made a purchase in your brand’s loyalty program?

How to Maximize your VIP Email Subscribers


Customer retention is a golden metric of ecommerce stores. One way to maximize the lifetime value of your most valuable customers is to identify and reward your VIP customers. There are many different ways to identify VIP customers for your ecommerce store.

The 5 Step Approach to Cross-Channel Customer Engagement


Your customers are everywhere. That’s why it’s important to map out how your business engages with customers across several channels. You want every interaction to embody brand consistency and offer customer satisfaction. Analyze Your Customer Data.

The Difference Between Collecting Data and Acting On It


Big data is one of the most frequently discussed concepts in marketing today. While most marketers collect data, not all marketers consistently take action to improve their businesses based on data insights. In a study on UK businesses in the digital economy, it was discovered that only 18% of businesses relied on data and analysis when making revenue-generating decisions – despite the widely publicized benefits of a data-driven approach to sales.

How E-Commerce Companies Can Compete in an Amazon-Dominated World


Some may tell you that even if you can’t compete with their scale, you can compete in other ways, like offering competitive discounts and free shipping for your own customers. But there is one realm where you can live in the same relative sphere as Amazon: customer experience.

The Math Behind Abandoned Cart Email Success – and How to Set It Up to Earn 25% More Sales


And, when you have their email, you can trigger an abandoned cart series to bring that customer back and earn their sale. By and large however, the #1 reason for shopping cart abandonment beyond a customer just not being ready to buy is price. Customization question #1: Who’s shopping?

How Ecommerce Sellers Can Build Buyer Personas to Connect with Customers


When marketing is directed towards specific customer types, it resonates with buyers in a way that makes them feel more connected to your products and your brand. A tried and true method of sorting out your customer base is creating buyer personas.

Still on Magento 1? Time to Consider a Full-Service eCommerce Solution


Replatforming can be a huge headache, especially if your eCommerce business requires custom core features, utilizes myriad extensions, and needs to accommodate expansive inventory and fulfillment networks. It’s critical to protect your customersdata, no matter what platform you choose. Easy, at-a-glance dashboards and improved filtering so finding exactly the data you need isn’t such a chore. We can also connect to any 3PL or custom logistics system of your choice.

The Challenges of Operating eCommerce Subscription Businesses


Subscription programs can strengthen customer loyalty, reduce inventory risk, increase the lifetime value of each customer and boost ROI. These hurdles include changes in payment processing and cyber security, managing customized orders and varying membership levels, packaging and shipping complexities, timing deliveries, customer churn, rapid growth, and integrating rewards and loyalty programs. Custom orders and varying membership levels.

Unified Commerce: Glitter, Gold, Or Empty Promise


Based on that definition, there are only two constants in retail – the customer and the product. Therefore, the retailer’s task must be to at least appear as the most attractive destination for a customer seeking to make a product purchase (=revenue). Build a map of customer data.

The Top 5 Reasons You Don’t Have Repeat Customers


Loyal customers are the most valuable customers. Our most iconic brands are known for cultivating long-standing relationships and creating the ever-valued “tribe” of repeat customers, who become enthusiasts and advocates.

What a Baby Clothes Blog Can Teach You About 991% YoY Growth Using Paid Acquisition


You guessed it– when they started to give customers more ways to buy. “We We’ve given our customers nearly every conceivable way to buy from us. Do you have the manpower for customer service? More channels means more sales means more questions from more customers.

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The Goldilocks Method of Discounting


Drew also answers some of my questions about the nuance of discounts, and how to time them best to keep your customers engaged. Not giving away the farm, not keeping…the customer is given no reason to buy but the perfect amount. They’re not good customers.