Four Types of Ecommerce Merchandising That Business Owners Should Know

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By Sam Cortez, managing editor and outreach specialist for Merchandising is the process and practice of displaying and arranging products for the best customer experience. The concept of merchandising is based on guiding prospective customers through the buyer’s journey and presenting them with the right products, at the right time and place, in the right quantity, and with the best prices.

Customer lifecycle management


Today’s article is all about customer lifecycle management – we’re looking into the definition, its importance and everything we need. The post Customer lifecycle management appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog.


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How To Group WooCommerce Customers To Manage Your Store?


Customer groups are far-reaching resources for managing your online store and running impactful marketing strategies. Therefore, you can segment your WooCommerce customers into groups with minimal effort by analyzing their conversion paths.

Using Order Management to Deliver Better Customer Experiences


Order management, once a back-end logistics discipline, has been pushed into the spotlight thanks to the pandemic. The competition to excel at order management is now fierce, and not just because of giants like Amazon and Walmart. This growth is coming from customer demand.

5 Best Management Practices For A Customer First Focus

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Retail Sales Training Millennial management practices retail apocalypseWhen I was selling cowboy clothes in the Santa Monica Place mall back in 1982, I received a call.

Order Management Systems Help Retailers Deliver on Customer Experience


Over the years, small and mid-sized retailers have made great strides competing against ecommerce behemoths by implementing strategies that have allowed them to offer the same customer experience and fast delivery as the Amazons and Walmarts of the world.

5 effective content management tips to get higher customer response


The post 5 effective content management tips to get higher customer response appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog. Guest Posts content marketing customer experience customer research customer response ecommerce strategy lead generation sales funnel

Best Managed WooCommerce Hosting for 2021

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Easily among the best tools for security, SiteGround’s WooCommerce hosting solution comes with isolated accounts, and SSL encryption to protect your brand and your customers. Managed hosting specifically for WordPress. Tons of great customer support.

Managing your customer relationships during demand surges and stock-outs


Retailers across the globe are witnessing a massive spike in online traffic and consumer purchases as they struggle to manage. The post Managing your customer relationships during demand surges and stock-outs appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog.

An Honest WP Event Manager Review

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Here it is: You can’t use any of those event promotion tactics without an event management solution. That’s where WP Event Manager enters. This tool provides a dashboard that helps you design, manage, and edit events on your WordPress website without writing code.

Events 174

Accelerate Order Management Success in 2021


A great customer experience strategy is key in order to stay competitive, but it’s not worth the effort if retailers don’t also have their backend logistics and order management up to speed. Order management is the foundation that can drive a truly agile multichannel experience.

Best Contact Management Software

Neil Patel

You want to talk to your customer at the exact time they want what you’re selling. That’s where contact management software can be one of your most valuable sales sidekicks. But how do you find the right contact manager to integrate into your sales system?

The Heart of Commerce: Product Data Management + Catalog Functionality


The product data management and catalog functionality are the heart of any commerce solution, as they define what can be sold to customers and how quickly new products can be brought to market across different channels.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting

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Before companies get managed WordPress hosting, they are on the hook for making sure their sites are up and running. This is why I and so many other businesses use managed WordPress hosting. 1 – WP Engine — The Best Overall Managed WordPress Hosting. Customer Support.

Best Online Reputation Management

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How do you successfully manage your online reputation, too? But if you’re already managing a lot, your best bet is outsourcing it to an ORM, or an online reputation manager. The Top 4 Options For Online Reputation Management. Long-Term Crisis Management.

Co-op appoints head of customer relationship management


The Co-op has appointed Phil Barker as head of customer relationship management (CRM) and customer experience as part of plans to grow its data and loyalty team.

Best Task Management Software

Neil Patel

Most project managers confess to having problems with defining clear objectives. Task management software helps solve the challenges mentioned above and much more. Task management can be chaotic, especially when working in a team environment with complex tasks and interdependencies.

Best Document Management Software

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Companies exchange private information with clients and customers all the time. Everyone I work with uses document management software, and you should too. I’ve put together a list of my top five document management solutions—let’s talk about why they are valuable and how they can help.

What Is an Order Management System?


Built for retailers, an order management system is a technology that helps track orders across commerce channels. Some order management systems track orders for brick-and-mortar retailers across their stores. Benefits of an Order Management System.

Grow Your Ecommerce Store With 3rd Party Shopify Inventory Management Software


However, the right Shopify inventory management software can handle the more tedious aspects—no matter how large you grow. Shopify’s Inventory Management is Good; Third-Party Software is Better. What to Look for in Your Inventory Management Software. Custom Inventory Rules.

Best Workflow Management Software

Neil Patel

It’s called workflow management software, and it makes your work life at least ten times easier. Workflow management software takes chaos and organizes it into a clear roadmap that helps you achieve your work goals in less time and with better results.

6 time management tips for fulfillment managers


Oversee order processing, monitor inventories, and most importantly, manage a team of logistics professionals in an effective and efficient way – that’s just the top of the list of what fulfillment managers have to think about and solve daily. . Customer orders must be properly received, processed and delivered for maximizing customer satisfaction and for ensuring business’ growth. A good part of those skills comes down to mastering time management.

Reputation Management Consulting

Neil Patel

If you’re familiar with reputation management, you understand the impact it can have on your business. Reputation management solves that problem. Reputation management consulting gives you an actionable plan showing you how to build, protect, and amplify your reputation.

Best Content Management Systems

Neil Patel

A content management system—CMS for short—gives you the ability to publish content on the Internet. There are tons of different content management systems available on the market today. This guide will help you choose the best content management system for your website.

Best Learning Management Systems

Neil Patel

Having the right learning management system (LMS) software in place makes this task much more manageable for everyone involved. These products are designed with adult learners in mind, particularly for businesses who need to train employees, customers, or partners.

Anticipating retailers' needs: How FedEx Office helps customers manage through change

Retail Dive

When the pandemic hit, retailers had only a few days to react in order to get critical signs for their stores. Read about the lessons learned and plans for the future

Why B2C Branding is Really a Management Tool


” Trader Joe’s won the second year in a row as the American’s favorite grocery retailer on the Dunnhumby customer data survey. When you are on-brand, it means you manage your company based on the brand’s DNA. You use the brand as a management tool to make sure every aspect of your business — internally and externally — is derived from the brand personality which is aligned with your customer’s personality.

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Best Inventory Management Software (December 2019)

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A customer stops by your store and tries to buy a product. Inventory management software could be the difference between losing customers for life and keeping people around for years to come. Best Inventory Management Software. What is Inventory Management Software?

eCommerce PPC Management: Working With An Agency


eCommerce PPC Management: 4 Tips To Work With An Agency. Browse client testimonials, too, to see whether previous customers were satisfied with their experience working with the agency. Rather, they have a team of experts dedicated to managing PPC for clients in various industries.

PPC 100

What is customer attrition


What is the customer attrition? Holding on to your customers and managing their customer experiences are the smartest, safest, and. The post What is customer attrition appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog.

Automatic Email Manager: The Ultimate Automated Order Printer for Ecommerce

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However, many businesses require the printing of invoices, orders, and receipts, whether it's a restaurant that needs hard copies of orders sent to the kitchen, or it's a wholesale business with custom invoices. An Introduction to the Automatic Email Manager. The Customer Support.

Best Inventory Management Software

Neil Patel

Getting the best inventory management software for your business will make all of it a reality. And if that isn’t enough, the software tool can also help you reduce operating costs, increase revenue, and most importantly, ensure greater customer satisfaction. Customer Support.

My Wireless Simplifies Task Management Chainwide with New Solution Deployment

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My Wireless , an authorized AT&T retailer, will utilize Intelocate to enhance its day-to-day issue resolution and task management processes. The retailer aims to create visibility and improve turnaround times by using the operations platform to deliver top-notch customer service.

Best Free Project Management Software

Neil Patel

With the right project management software, it’s easier to operate at a high level. If you’ve never tried project management software, these free options are a great place to start. These are the best free project management software options available right now.

The Best Shopify Inventory Management Apps for 2020

Ecommerce Platforms

As a tool for ecommerce websites , Shopify recognizes the need for good inventory management. That’s where Inventory Management apps come in. Managing Inventory with Shopify. Inventory management is a critical part of running a successful ecommerce store.

Why Ecommerce Brands Need Customer Lifecycle Automation


His content expertise helps clients scale both organic and paid traffic acquisition through online advertisement strategies and on-page content management. Identifying change: Where 99% of customer lifecycle tracking falls short. Our clients’ customers will change.

How To Correct The 5 Biggest Salesperson Turnoffs For Retail Customers

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Sales Training Customer Service Retail Sales Training Employee ManagementUntrained retail employees often think merchandise sells itself.