Are Blockchain and Bitcoin the same?

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Blockchain is not Bitcoin – The difference between Blockchain and Bitcoin is that Blockchain is the technology that underpins the digital currency that is Bitcoin and makes the existence of Bitcoin even possible. Blockchain and Bitcoin – Are They Different?

Bitcoin Explained Simply For Beginners

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Bitcoin was the original digital coin or cryptocurrency; a decentralised digital currency that relies on a peer-to-peer network technology – which has shaken the world. But because the currency is digital, you’ll never get to see or hold an actual Bitcoin.

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The History of Ecommerce: What The Past Says About Tomorrow’s Retail Challenges


billion digital buyers worldwide by 2021 ( eMarketer ). 2011 – Google Wallet introduced as digital payment method. By linking the digital wallet to a debit card or bank account, users can pay for products or services via these devices. Supply chain management has evolved.

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A Beginners Guide to What is Blockchain & What Is Cryptocurrency

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Generally, people associate this store of information with Bitcoin and the recording of digital transaction data on the Blockchain. Gone are the days when we have bankers or governments who can manipulate the money supply or rob us blind without our knowledge.

Future of Ecommerce: How Technology Will Change in 20 Years

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What are the biggest contributing factors to shipping, something that affects both supply and demand? Biometrics is one such possible way that people can secure their digital currency, and we’re not talking finger prints.

Crypto And The Real World – What People Aren’t Telling You In All The Hype

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This clearly is problematic if you are wanting to create a new currency. All these people can bid up the price of the an asset that has a fixed supply like Bitcoin. Is it a commodity is it a currency. Some scammers have even gone as far as to create fake currencies.

Talking Cryptocurrency with Clay Collins


And my hypothesis here was that this had the potential to disrupt fiat currencies or central government issued currencies. You had Netflix come along and distribute digitally and Blockbuster went out of business. The Strongest Case for Digital Money.