Ecommerce Marketing Ideas That Don’t Offer a Discount


The thinking behind discounting in ecommerce goes something like this: Once you lure in a new customer, they’ll fall in love with your product, get hooked, and come back for multiple repeat purchases. Offer personalized recommendations. Personalized recommendations?”

11 eCommerce Marketing Automation Systems Compared

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Adding a marketing automation system to your eCommerce marketing arsenal is typically a worthwhile high ROI effort and is a mandatory part of Inbound Marketing for eCommerce. 2014 Marketing Technology Landscape Image by Scott Brinker at ].

7 Strategies to Drive Urgency in Your Ecommerce Marketing


Why should you care about urgency in ecommerce? It’s your job as a B2C marketer to convince them to buy sooner rather than later. Every marketing communication — from emails to ads to web push — should aim to drive urgency in your buyers.

9 eCommerce Marketing Tools You Can't Live Without


Modern eCommerce businesses need tools to help them grow. To help, we've outlined our favorite tried-and-true eCommerce marketing tools to help businesses achieve their goals. Whether you're looking for SEO tools or a marketing automation platform, we've got you covered.

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4 Ecommerce Marketing Takeaways from Netflix’s Black Mirror – Bandersnatch


This could spill over to the way brands choose to deliver marketing communication to their audiences. The 4 takeaways for ecommerce marketers. Consumers like to be in charge and are delighted when provided with relevant options and recommendations.

How to Avoid Getting Screwed by Your eCommerce Marketing Agency

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Approximately 75% of the companies that contact Inflow to hire our eCommerce marketing experts are leaving another agency relationship that was unsatisfactory for one reason or another. I’ve been selling and delivering digital marketing services for over 14 years.

REES46 Review: Strong Personalization and Automation in an Ecommerce Marketing Suite

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Whether you're attempting to accumulate more customers or simply trying to get feedback from your customers, you generally have to piece together marketing and ecommerce apps and tools to make it all happen. Intuitive Product Recommendations.

18 eCommerce Marketing Resources to Help You Have the Best Holiday Sales Ever

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Already, hopes are high for this season with experts from Deloitte predicting that eCommerce sales could reach $114 billion. So, if you haven’t already, now is the time to really start kicking off your holiday marketing efforts. eCommerce Marketing

The Anti-Spam Movement: How to Immediately Improve eCommerce Marketing Results

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We still recommend that retailers achieve compliance. If you run a commercial business that uses an electronic channel to promote or sell your products and services, we recommend that you achieve CASL compliance immediately. Email marketing.

15 Ecommerce Trust Drivers You Can Setup Right Now to Make People Buy


Running an ecommerce business is just as hard as running any other business (minus the soul-killing overheads perhaps). None of the advantages of ecommerce businesses take away the stark reality that entrepreneurship is hard. Too many ecommerce stores tend to go “timid.”

The Complete Guide to Advertising on Facebook: Strategies That Convert [in 2018]


In addition, Facebook’s recent Marketplace update bring in Instagram-like recommendation features to expand your store’s reach. Determine the campaign type you want to run, either cold traffic campaigns or re-marketing campaigns. Why Advertise on Facebook?

Word of Mouth Marketing: How to Create a Strategy for Social Media Buzz & Skyrocket Referral Sales


Finding new ways to generate ecommerce sales is getting tougher. But there’s one powerful area that tends to get neglected by ecommerce businesses: Word of mouth marketing (or WOMM). What is Word of Mouth Marketing? In the International Journal of Market Research , M.

More Traffic, Less Money: 13 Tactics to Build Inbound Links for Your Online Store


To get more sales, you need more people recommending you over your competitors. These folks will link back to you more readily, recommend your products over others and ultimately contribute to your bottom line revenue through word of mouth. Get inbound links through content marketing.

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Subscription Ecommerce Websites Saw 4,461% Revenue Boom in 5 Years: 20 Brands Reaping the Benefits


Heralded as the newest, greatest ecommerce strategy beginning around 2010, subscription box services like BirchBox, Trunk Club and Dollar Shave Club have not only made headlines – they’ve made billions. The right subscription ecommerce model for your products and what to expect (i.e.

Ecommerce Landing Page: Secrets and Optimization Tips for 14,575% Growth


Here is exactly how we thought through it, and how ecommerce brands can work to see similar success. Unfortunately, ecommerce landing pages represent a very neglected but increasingly crucial brand wrapper — a key initial impression and touchpoint for many new shoppers.

Google’s Doubling Down on Ads. Here’s How to Optimize Your Google Shopping Ads Now.


This is important for retailers and advertisers to follow so they can understand how they should divide up their marketing dollars. We’re on a mission to provide businesses like yours marketing and sales tips, tricks and industry leading knowledge to build the next house-hold name brand.

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The 8 Tools and Strategies Proven to Acquire New Customers & Increase Customer Engagement


How is a sinking ship different from a failing ecommerce site? The whole ecommerce game boils down to getting people to buy your product. You’ll also find recommendations on BigCommerce apps and integrations that fellow entrepreneurs use to succeed. Stuck on influencer marketing?

How to Set Up an Ecommerce Loyalty Program to Improve Retention, Build Community and Drive 5X in Sales


We’ll cover: What an ecommerce customer loyalty program is. Examples of ecommerce customer loyalty programs (with case studies). Many businesses use loyalty programs to reward repeat purchases which has shown to be very effective, especially for ecommerce. Market the program.

How to Pitch Journalists and Get a Response: Practical Media Pitch Examples for Ecommerce Brands


Add in all the non-PR agents sending pitches — like entrepreneurs, marketers, and ecommerce owners — and you can see why journalists are drowning in emails. Having your content go viral will quickly increase brand awareness and drive a large quantity of visitors to your ecommerce store.

The Ultimate 2018 Ecommerce Checklist: 31 Experts Prioritize 19 Growth Tactics to Implement Now


Immediately following Cyber Five of 2017, I sent an email out to a bunch of ecommerce experts and multi-million dollar ecommerce store owners. That latter reason had me asking these crazy smart, crazy successful folks what was on the horizon for ecommerce in 2018.

9 Influencer Marketing Examples & 14 GSD Tactics to Boost Conversion


The answer lies in influencer marketing. Consumers tend to place the most trust in recommendations from people they know. In 2016, 86% of marketers used influencer marketing , and 94% of them found it to be effective. That is, having an influencer marketing strategy.

How to Build an Influencer Program for Your Brand in 6 Months (No Massive Payout Required)


But those brands started doing influencer marketing before it was known as “influencer marketing.”. Today, influencer marketing is still about connecting good people with good product, but it costs a whole lot more than it would have if you had started 3 years ago.

Promotional Effectiveness Metrics & Email Capture Benchmarks Across 10 Ecommerce Industries [2018 Report]


There’s a problem in ecommerce that needs to be addressed, and fast. What is Promotional Marketing? Promotional marketing is the use of incentivization to drive a consumer to take a certain action to increase a brand’s awareness, generate sales or create brand loyalty.

Holiday Email Marketing Unpacked: 15 Examples, 9 Tools and a Checklist to Make 2017 Your Biggest Success Yet


As an ecommerce business owner, you know that your holiday email marketing strategy is important. Most brands start planning their holiday email marketing campaigns in September, meaning you may already be behind. They market to them instead.

1,018 Brands Disclose Their Holiday Ecommerce Plans: How Do You Stack Up?


There are plenty of online articles out there –– heck, we even ran one –– where industry experts and influencers advise of which seasonal marketing strategies online brands and ecommerce marketers should use to ensure their store gets a fair share of the holiday ecommerce revenue.

The Power of YouTube Influencer Marketing: 2X Brand Awareness Plus Customer Trust & Sales — What’s Not To Love?


There’s a variety of influencer marketing tactics out there –– and many of them are highly effective. After all, influencer marketing is word-of-mouth marketing at scale. People trust what influencers say and which products and brands they recommend. Ecommerce Marketing

Wine Ecommerce: How To Sell & Ship Wine in 2018


The second reason is the growing ecommerce market. Taking a look at ecommerce in general, Forrester reports that 17% of all retail sales will be conducted online in less than five years. Wine Ecommerce is Growing Rapidly. Examples of Wine Ecommerce Websites.

PPC Strategies & Optimizations for 542% ROAS on Google and Facebook


For ecommerce businesses, there are few better advertising tools and channels out there than Google and Facebook. Here is how Lewis and Jason recommend online retailer’s think through their Google AdWords strategy for lead generation and selling your products. I recommend using both.

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How Ecommerce Sellers Can Build Buyer Personas to Connect with Customers


Ecommerce sellers have more potential buyers at their fingertips online than any mom-and-pop store can hope to gather. But this doesn’t mean sellers should market to as many people as possible. Targeted marketing begins with identifying the distinctions between your buyers.

The Math Behind Abandoned Cart Email Success – and How to Set It Up to Earn 25% More Sales


Ecommerce software providers like BigCommerce offer their own out-of-the-box abandoned cart series. Notice you can set up as many as you would like, though 3 are recommended. We’ll cover the importance of this and what we recommend in a bit.

How 5 Brands Grew Their Customer Lifetime Value 2X in Less Than 1 Year with Loyalty Programs


The above is a screenshot of BigCommerce’s out-of-the-box ecommerce analytics Customer report. The higher your brand’s LTV (lifetime value) is, the more valuable it is considered in the market. Ecommerce Integrations Ecommerce Marketing customer loyalty lifetime value

Ecommerce Shipping: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Shipping Profitability


Putting an effective ecommerce shipping strategy in place is one of the most impactful steps you can take to grow your business online. Ecommerce Shipping Best Practices. Ecommerce Shipping Strategy Goals: Increase conversions. Expand market or target audience.

What Sending 100 Million Emails Taught Me About Email Marketing Engagement Tactics That Don’t Work


Email marketing is the number one most effective channel for ecommerce businesses. The only reason anyone says email marketing is dead is because they aren’t very good at it. A good ecommerce conversion rate will hover at about 3-5%. Four must-do email marketing tips.

30 Proven Ways To Drive Ecommerce Traffic and Conversions To Your Online Store


How to Drive Ecommerce Traffic and Convert Customers. This is us leading you to the ecommerce waters – it’s now up to you to drink. But, how exactly do you increase ecommerce traffic? BigCommerce does this for the ecommerce industry. Ecommerce is, of course, no different.

How to Turn Product Pages into High Converting Landing Pages [14 Examples of The Good & The Bad]


When referring to a marketing campaign, the usual questions are: “Are your landing pages optimized?”. “Do If only ecommerce customers arrived on your website in so linear a fashion. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the special case of ecommerce product pages and category pages.