The State of Ecommerce Platforms in 2018: Cloud Commerce, Open SaaS and The API Economy


Your unique combination of these aspects is unlike that of any other ecommerce business out there – and is why no FUD headline like “Why Your Business Will Fail” or “8 Innovative Ways to Skyrocket Growth” will ever fully apply to your brand. We’ll cover: What an ecommerce platform is.

How Ecommerce Made in North America is Set to Shake Up Lifestyle Fashion in Asia Pacific


Emerging online markets such as China and India have had double-digit growth rates in ecommerce apparel sales ( Asia Pacific B2C Ecommerce Report, 2016 ). Enterprise Innovation ) It’s a mobile-first economy for ecommerce.

Experience-Driven Commerce from Elastic Path and Adobe: making every moment shoppable


When they arrive at fashion central, they enjoy personal shoppers, private dressing rooms, and a 24-hour personalized online concierge to book tickets, restaurants and more. Today, at the NRF show in New York, Adobe announced a new set of services to enable experience-driven commerce.

Beyond Black Friday: 2017 Holiday Shopping In Review – Infographic

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Fashion and Apparel ruled the Cyber Monday runway, with revenue jumping 30% on desktop and 40% on mobile. The Workarea Commerce Intelligence Unit tracks over 300 websites on the Workarea Commerce Platform.

How to Improve ROI with Product Experience – Product Information Management for eCommerce

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Product Information Management – A Better Way with PIM for eCommerce. Specialized industry content for sectors like fashion, electronics, jewelry, etc.,

Marketing Unboxed: Exploring Ecommerce with Rebecca Minkoff


If you know women’s fashion at all, chances are you know Rebecca Minkoff. As much as we loved the design and copy of their ads, we’d love to see them better integrated with their ecommerce platform to ensure customers don’t get targeted with redundant ads.

How to Start an Online Boutique: The Progressive Guide

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Fashion constantly changes over time, and clothing allows you to choose from a large collection of different items, for both women and men. Let's not forget- you'll want to know the best tools and techniques to build online fashion boutiques from scratch.

6 Awesome Omni Channel Strategies That You Can Use For Your Store

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Some folks would rather pick up or return an item to a store, while others can't imagine stepping foot into a physical location after the rise of ecommerce. It depends on the ecommerce platform being used, but a wide variety of store pickup features can be found on some platforms.

The Ultimate Shopify Lite vs Snipcart Comparison

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The first thing you do is turn to a full-fledged ecommerce platform such as the Basic Shopify plan, WooCommerce, Magento or BigCommerce. Then you soon realize that these platforms are limiting when it comes to previously built websites.

Launch a Store with BigCommerce: The Ultimate BigCommerce Tutorial

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Choosing an ecommerce platform is far from an easy decision. Therefore, you can navigate to the BigCommerce website and begin seeing if it's the right platform for your business. And don't forget to check out our BigCommerce review for more info about the platform.

2019 Bigcommerce VS Shopify Comparison – Let’s Break Them Down

Creating a Website Today

I mean, all you want to do is get your eCommerce website started today right? That’s how he’s transformed the company into one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the world quickly. The cloud-based platform allows its user to focus on selling not keeping the website online.

Top 15 Niche Online Businesses For Inspiration

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Now, let’s get it on: Here are 15 niche ecommerce businesses that have made their mark in their respective industries: 360 Shoes. Koovs is a hub of fashion content targeting individuals with an exquisite taste for personality transforming collections.

The Ultimate AmeriCommerce Ecommerce Review 2018

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What’s the best ecommerce platform for your store? With such a wide array of choices, picking the right ecommerce solution for your business is not an easy task. Different platforms have different pros and cons, and the right one for you could be lurking in the shadows.

Cyber Week 2017: Black Friday Stats, Cyber Monday Trends + 25 Brands Reveal The Secrets to Their Success


It’s also time to check out what happened at large in the ecommerce industry during Cyber Week 2017. Your Platform Matters. Each year, BigCommerce looks at same-store sales to determine the real increase in revenue and orders data year over year for ecommerce brands on the platform.

Top 60 Best Online Shops and Key Marketing Tactics to Learn from Each One

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What makes an ecommerce store successful? We've teamed up with Ecommerce Design and selected the next 50 sites for their flawless design, great customer service, unique ideas or just because they deliver an unforgettable experience to their visitors.

BigCommerce vs Shopify: The Ultimate Comparison

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If you're planning to launch an ecommerce store, you'll soon have to face a serious dilemma: Bigcommerce vs Shopify – which one should you choose? First off, why do we focus only on Bigcommerce vs Shopify when there are, in fact, many other quality ecommerce platforms in the market?

The 30 Best Shopify Themes for 2018

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Elise is a multi-concept Shopify theme more suitable for stores in the fashion, retail, furniture, jewelry, accessory or beauty industry. These four pre-built designs help you quickly create a beautiful site selling wine, fashion accessories, tea, and clothing.

Retailers Need Ecommerce and Dynamic Inventory Visibility


Retailers Need Ecommerce and Dynamic Inventory Visibility. A great example of ecommerce and dynamic inventory visibility working well together came from a discussion with a partner: Episerver. Part of the Episerver solution is the geolocation capabilities the ecommerce platform (ECP).

The 30 Best Bigcommerce Themes For 2018

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If you have a product or service to sell online, you need a powerful online platform. If you want to learn more about this platform check out BigCommerce review. Are you searching for a perfect matching Fashion theme for your website? Articles Ecommerce Resources

The Best Ecommerce Brands on Instagram

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Best Ecommerce Brands in Instagram – An Introduction. These people often create their own following through their own fashion niche. Being able to dictate, to a degree, the fashion trends of an audience that is your customer base is a huge advantage for any company.

Modalyst Review: With Fast Delivery to your Customers

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Luckily, Modalyst offers a catalogue that has thousands of fashion forward products at great prices (think Zara but cheaper!). The Shein Marketplace is available for finding trendy and affordable fashion.

21 Sessions, Presentations and Workshops You Can’t Miss at IRCE 2018


IRCE is arguably the ecommerce industry’s biggest and most influential annual event. The chatter was a mix of ecommerce technicalities, marketing strategies and a bunch of “I haven’t seen you in forever!”. IRCE is the who’s who of ecommerce – and it doesn’t discriminate.

Global Ecommerce News from June 12 to June 21

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Last Friday Amazon shocked the entire retail and ecommerce market in the US by announcing their pending acquisition of Whole Foods Market for $13.7 A look around the ecommerce globe, with selected highlights: Walmart has agreed to acquire the men’s clothing company Bonobos for $310 million.

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10 Ethical Online Shops and What to Learn from Each One

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However, the slogan says it all with the phrase; ‘A new era of style' this immediately tells consumers they're in the right place for high-quality fashion. For Della, it's selling fashionable clothes crafted by a community located in Ghana, West Africa.

Gifts 117

The 15 Best Shopify Plugins for 2018

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Once you have your Shopify store up and running there are even more ways to make it stand out and help you get even more value from the platform. Over the past few years, Instagram has become a major heavy hitter in the fashion industry with 96% of U.S.

How Established Brands Can Reap the Rewards of Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce


There’s no question that eCommerce is opening up a literal world of opportunities for consumer brands. A recent report from eMarketer says that eCommerce accounted for more than 10 percent of all retail sales around the globe in 2017. eCommerce

Interview With Usama, CEO of Botsify on Chatbots and Messenger Marketing

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I had a short conversation with Usama, CEO of Botsify as he explained how he build a platform which lets users of any skill level create and customize their own chatbots. Also, I felt that chatbots would be used by many companies in the future and decided to build this platform to make it easier for them to create their own chatbots. Say, let’s consider you have two prominent niche websites- a fashion store and another that sells food products.

Ecommerce Content Marketing: 25 Epic Ways to Boost Sales

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If you have an ecommerce site, I think you will agree with me when I say: It’s REALLY hard to convert ice-cold traffic into warm leads and sales. This includes the goals you have for your content, your target audience, the message you want to send and the platform to use.

6 Strategies for Reducing Your Ecommerce Store’s Shipping Costs


The one thing that every ecommerce business has in common — regardless of size, niche and experience — is shipping. Whether you sell food, fashion accessories or tech gadgets, you’re always going to have to ship something to your customers.

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Clothing Line

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Chances are if you're finally living your dream and launching a fashion line; you'll have a rough idea of what you'll want to create. However, if you're not settled on a particular product yet, never fear because the fashion industry opens up a whole world of opportunity.

EKM Tutorial for Beginners: Step-by-Step Guide to Building the Ultimate Store

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That said, in terms of the features, quality of support, and the affordable pricing, EKM comes out as a leading contender for one of the top e-commerce platforms on the market. So, for example, if you wanted to start a clothing and fashion store, click on that particular category.

Yaguara Review: All You Need to Know

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This even truer if you've set up shop in the fashion and apparel industry. The post Yaguara Review: All You Need to Know appeared first on Ecommerce Platforms. Ecommerce Reviews

Are Chinese Marketplaces Showing us the Future?

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Last week both Alibaba and announced significant projects that will impact the future of ecommerce in China. Chinese ecommerce is one of the most interesting markets are their are large public companies that generate Billions of Dollars in revenue based on their place in the market.

An In-Depth InstaRise Review + Exclusive Discount

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While there is a lot of advice on how to market to users using Facebook's brilliant ad platform, many marketers are still to tap into Instagram's highly active community. And I decided to do it for our in-house ecommerce project:

Can You Turn Social Media into a Big-Bucks Sales Channel for Your Business?


It’s important that your ecommerce hosting site can easily integrate these various channels for a streamlined checkout experience for your customer. With an easily-customizable ecommerce platform like Lemonstand, the options for integration with different online channels are many.