Olark Review:The Best Live Chat for Website Tool

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Live chat for website, allows you to give your customers quick answers to questions about your products or services. Olark is one of the most popular live chat apps that reduces operating costs and increases sales. Real-time Chat. Targeted chat.

How to Optimize eCommerce Conversions With Live Chat


Digital marketers and online store owners read about the benefits of live chat all the time. Still, they don’t add it to their ecommerce toolbelt. Inspiration Marketing Tips Customer Service Email List live chat

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What generates more ecommerce leads? A popup or live chat


These are only some of the questions that ecommerce practitioners frequently Google in search of the perfect lead generation strategies. While there are many tools out there to help generate more leads, popups and live chat software have stood out as two pretty effective solutions.

Why Your E-Commerce Site Needs Live Chat


However, a live chat service can solve the customer service aspect, while providing a number of other benefits as well. This makes sense, since a live chat representative can address customer questions that might otherwise go unanswered.

21 Field-Tested Strategies to Increase Live Chat eCommerce Conversions

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You know that live chat is helpful for the customer experience on your eCommerce site…but does your live chat increase conversions ? We’ve noticed that many eCommerce companies are hopeful that the resources they put into live chat are helping to increase sales.

The Beginner’s Guide to Live Chat Support for Ecommerce & How it Can Grow Your Sales

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In this article, we’re going to cover the basics of live chat and demonstrate how you can enhance the whole customer life cycle with it. The post The Beginner’s Guide to Live Chat Support for Ecommerce & How it Can Grow Your Sales appeared first on Bootstrapping Ecommerce. Conversion Optimization Operations & Customer Service

Ecommerce Live Chat: Best 24/7 Managed Service


Live Chat Converts Leads Into Sales 79% of businesses say that offering live chat has had a positive effect on their sales, revenue, and customer loyalty. The post Ecommerce Live Chat: Best 24/7 Managed Service appeared first on AcquireConvert.

4 Reasons Live Chat for eCommerce Drives Sales and Loyalty


What do you think of live chat for eCommerce? Despite the mixed-feelings that people have on it, stats show that live chat for eCommerce (done right) actually results in more sales, high order values, and more loyalty from customers. eCommerce Growth

LiveChat Review: Clean Live Chat and Lead Generation with an Excellent Price Tag

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Live chat boxes are so beneficial to both ecommerce companies and customers that you'd be leaving money on the table if you didn't have one. When you think about the types of features you require in a live chat solution, what are some of the items that come to mind?

Top 5 Benefits of Live Chat for Your eCommerce Site


Live chat is fast becoming a preferred choice for eCommerce customer service. The following is an overview of five of the most compelling advantages of live chat for your eCommerce site. The ability to operate as efficiently as possible is a key reason that eCommerce sites can compete successfully with traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. The live chat creates a much more personal, two-way connection than a customer skimming your content alone.

7 Trends That Will Characterize Customer Service In 2020


The post 7 Trends That Will Characterize Customer Service In 2020 appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog. Guest Posts artificial intelligence customer success customer support live chat omnichannel video optimization

Know How to Plan for Black Friday Deals in 2019


Before anybody could start with their black friday deals, online-shopping retailer-Amazon releases daily deals at every hour. Not only that, to celebrate the biggest day of the year for retailers, Amazon pushes exclusive offers and deep discounts through ‘Countdown to Black Friday’.

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Get sale ready with Holiday Sale Calendar


Ecommerce holiday sales mostly counts upon […]. When talking about e-commerce marketing ideas. It becomes mandatory to pitch sales according to the holiday calendar. So here I present the most needed holiday sale calendar of 2019.

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The Best Free WordPress Ecommerce Plugins (Apr 2020)

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Seeing as how the market is so large, we wanted to find out which free WordPress ecommerce plugins stand out. The conclusion is in: We believe WooCommerce serves as the best free WordPress ecommerce plugin. Table of Contents: Free WordPress Ecommerce Plugins. WP Ecommerce.

Shopify vs Squarespace (June 2020) – Ecommerce Platform Comparison

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As someone who is in the process of setting up an online store , you are probably researching and evaluating your options for an ecommerce platform that is suitable for your requirements. How your ecommerce business is founded fundamentally determines its corresponding success.

The chatbot impact on ecommerce


Ecommerce. A multi-billion-dollar industry, ecommerce took baby steps in the ’90s and has become a significant threat to brick-and-mortar retail. Live chat is one of those features that has successfully integrated itself in many ecommerce sites. Chat Agents.

Ecommerce Statistics

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Looking for some solid data on eCommerce, CRO, social media, and automation? Ecommerce sales account for just 8% of total retail sales in the U.S. B2B ecommerce sales are expected to outgrow B2C sales, reaching 6.7 Total average ecommerce spend per customer over the course of the year is estimated to be $1,800 in the US and 1,600 in the UK. Average ecommerce conversion rates vary from 3% to 4%. 75% of reviews on ecommerce sites give the full 5 stars.

Technology & Electronics Ecommerce Site Design


It’s an industry that lives in the margins of both B2B and B2C. Some of the noticeable features which worked as an indirect boost up in sales are; Live Chat – It has increased customer interaction with customer service representatives which eventually reduced the number of calls.



Chatbots Consumer Expectations Conversational Commerce Customer Care eCommerce Technology Live Chat Social Commerce Chatbot Chat Chatbot Conversions Chatbot Customer Service Chatting with Chatbots Customer Service Online Service

15 Ecommerce Trust Drivers You Can Setup Right Now to Make People Buy


Running an ecommerce business is just as hard as running any other business (minus the soul-killing overheads perhaps). None of the advantages of ecommerce businesses take away the stark reality that entrepreneurship is hard. Too many ecommerce stores tend to go “timid.”

Cloudways Ecommerce Hosting Review 2019

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And so, as part of my journey to establishing the best possible lifelines for ecommerce sites , I decided to take a slightly different route this time round. Is Cloudways a reliable ecommerce hosting solution? Or, of course, run a dynamic ecommerce website. Ecommerce Reviews

10 ecommerce marketing tactics to increase sales


Statista predicts revenue from global retail ecommerce will rise to $4.88 Majority of shoppers gain inspiration and ideas from social media sites – it comes from posts of their friends and family or a social media advertisement from an ecommerce website. Live Chat.

The Cross Border Ecommerce Checklist


Make sure that you have an ecommerce technology solution that can scale –– and isn’t cost-prohibitive. Casengo allows merchants to manage customer messages through email, live chat, WhatsApp or Messenger without losing the overview.

BlueHost Ecommerce Hosting Review 2019

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As a small business owner who is in the process of setting up an ecommerce storefront, you may have selected a software platform that is not a hosted service but requires you to provide your own web hosting for your store (such as WooCommerce). Bluehost Review: Ecommerce-Ready Security.

How 2 Brands Navigate the Chaotic Chat Channels of Modern Ecommerce Customer Service


Earlier this year, Michael Mandel from Progressive Policy published a piece about the growth of ecommerce sector jobs based on the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. From 2007 to 2017, the ecommerce sector has created roughly 397,000 new jobs in the United States.

Best Free Ecommerce Website Builders for 2019

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So, without further ado, let's find out which of these platforms is the best free ecommerce website builder! There’s a community forum, chat, phone and email support for free customers and integration with Instagram. What's the best free ecommerce website builder?

Leveraging 2020 Ecommerce Trends to Improve Strategies


Leveraging ecommerce trends to optimize your site is more vital than ever. Forecasters have predicted that annual ecommerce sales will hit $4.5 However, the dynamic nature of ecommerce means that brands have to continuously strive to meet the changing demands of consumers.

When Is the Right Time to Outsource eCommerce Customer Service?


Customer service is a crucial part of the eCommerce experience. If you want to master a successful marketing strategy for your eCommerce store that nurtures leads and obtains conversions, you’ll need to master customer service first.” eCommerce

EKM Review: A UK-based Ecommerce Platform With All Features Built In

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If you've been looking for an affordable ecommerce platform with all of the needed features packed in, EKM might just be the system you want. One of the things that EKM has going for it is the fact that the users are given tons of ecommerce features after a simple setup.

13 Baby & Kids Ecommerce Sites Growing Faster Than Their Customers


Ecommerce sales will continue to rise as more companies improve their ecommerce offerings and parents continue to make the shift to online shopping. Best Baby & Kids Ecommerce Brands. Here are the top baby & kids ecommerce brands: SpearmintLOVE. Ecommerce Design

Preventing Downtime: How to Build a Resilient eCommerce Back-End


No one wants their eCommerce store to crash on a major sales day. Make sure your eCommerce store stays online during even the busiest sales periods by building a resilient back-end infrastructure. Coupled front-end and back-end eCommerce websites are a thing of the past.

Ecwid Review 2019: Is it the Best Free Ecommerce Solution for Any Website?

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Ecwid, for starters, is not like most of the other ecommerce platforms we’ve reviewed before. So, what is Ecwid, and what’s the difference between Ecwid and other ecommerce platforms? You might not be able to shift to the new ecommerce platform or even just modify your site at all.

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28 Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Steps Guaranteed to Increase Sales


This applies whether you are just starting up and running the whole show yourself, or if you are an ecommerce manager or marketing director who has signed up to hit massive goals and KPIs for the year. Do you need more ecommerce sales? What is a good ecommerce conversion rate?

ShopBase Review: A Newfangled Cross-Border ECommerce Store Builder

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With a high success rate in helping ecommerce retailers build a high conversion portfolio of up to 80% on their online stores, cross-border commerce was still a worthwhile proposition to give a shot at. Ecommerce Selling Advice

10 best practices for a successful ecommerce homepage


According to Statista, ecommerce sales are projected to grow to almost $3.5 An average visitor of an ecommerce website probably wants to check out some of the products. Ecommerce platforms are incredibly powerful and able to analyze customer information in real-time.

Best-in-Class eCommerce Homepages: Conversion Optimization

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In this post, we will break down what a best-in-class eCommerce homepage looks like, according to our conversion optimization best practices research. Backcountry does a glocal promotional area and slide down entry offer: Live Chat.

17 B2B Ecommerce Companies Taking Advantage of a $6.7 Trillion Opportunity (+ How Your Brand Can, Too)


Gorilla Group is an award-winning ecommerce service provider – including 4 Webby Awards and 2 Interactive Media Awards – and BigCommerce Elite Partner. By all the most recent reports, analysts have forecasted that global B2B ecommerce revenue will top $6.7 B2B Ecommerce Misconceptions.

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B2B Ecommerce: Complete Guide for Retailers


trillion worldwide with online merchants so far in 2019, and B2C ecommerce — or business-to-consumer electronic commerce — sales are only expected to increase in coming years. In fact, B2B ecommerce , or business-to-businesses electronic commerce, is predicted to reach $6.7

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Does Brand Awareness Matter for Ecommerce?


In ecommerce, where it is often difficult to truly differentiate purely on product features, we often have to fight for mind share and an emotional connection. At least for the vast majority of businesses, especially those digitally-native ecommerce sites.

The 15 Best Ecommerce Platform for Small Business

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Now, we’re living in a slightly different world. Ecommerce platforms are how business owners of all shapes and sizes carve out a place for themselves in the new digital landscape. Choosing The Best Ecommerce Platform for Small Business. Top Considerations for Ecommerce Platforms.