5 ways to leverage web design for a positive ecommerce experience


To build a successful ecommerce business, in addition to selling a product or service people want you also need to invest in various elements such as search engine optimization (SEO) and graphic design. Here are five ways to leverage web design: 1.

With 1 in 4 Online Dollars Spent on Mobile, Ecommerce Mobile SEO is More Important [& Intricate] Than Ever


By the time you read this, everything we’ve learned about mobile SEO could be wrong. This is because the existing paradigm is based on a desktop-first world, and Google is about to catapult us into a mobile-first world with a major update on how they crawl, render and rank the web.

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Your Ecommerce SEO Strategy: How to Optimize Your Store


Selling online without an SEO plan is like an unlit shop on a remote road. SEO is the key to driving more customers to your online store. Some say that SEO is dead as search engines have changed their algorithms to have more complex standards for relevant results.

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The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce SEO: How to Attain Page 1 Ranking + Organic Traffic Domination


This is the most complete guide to ecommerce SEO on the web – period. I created this guide for one reason… Search engine optimization is a low-hanging fruit for ecommerce websites. Grab a coffee, lock the door, and settle in… it’s time to learn ecommerce SEO.

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SEO Guide to Great eCommerce Site Architecture


eCommerce site architecture is one of the most important facets of every online store. eCommerce websites can’t garner eCommerce SEO success without correctly handling navigation, internal linking, and other organizational aspects of site architecture.

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Why a Holistic SEM Approach Makes for Guaranteed Growth!

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Try it for yourself – here are a few of my top tips to help you and your eCommerce team create a digital strategy that will create crazy growth. Related: 5 Dynamic Pricing Strategies for eCommerce Growth. Related: The 10 Most Important Metrics for Your eCommerce Dashboard.

9 Paid eCommerce Tools for Serious Online Stores


Earlier, we listed out the free eCommerce tools that online stores of any size can use. Not to diminish the importance of these free tools, but if you have the budget and resources for paid eCommerce tools, the returns are greater. SEO Aids. Did we miss any paid eCommerce tools?

Bones 2, our new base eCommerce theme for developers


We believe in standards and choice, so we upgraded our base eCommerce theme for developers to showcase the tools we see our customers finding the most success with, along with adding a few patterns that we think result in the best retail experiences.

Home & Garden Ecommerce Site Design


Here is how 21 online brands in the home and garden space designed to educate at every step along the path to conversion –– and then some. As a small business owner with limited web design knowledge, I was able to create a professionally polished ecommerce site that fulfills all of my needs.

Confidently Manage Large, Multi-Month Projects


From custom built-directories in our private community to eCommerce cart migrations, Andrew has tackled some hairy projects with lots of moving parts. I’m your host and fellow ecommerce entrepreneur, Andrew Youderian. Spend More Time on UX, Less on Design.

WooCommerce Review: The King of Ecommerce Plugins on WordPress

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The payment processing is done for you, you can set up products, and design a website without much coding knowledge. This means that you'll have more control over your website, but it also requires a little more knowledge about hosting, domain names, and website design.

The Ultimate 2018 Ecommerce Checklist: 31 Experts Prioritize 19 Growth Tactics to Implement Now


Immediately following Cyber Five of 2017, I sent an email out to a bunch of ecommerce experts and multi-million dollar ecommerce store owners. That latter reason had me asking these crazy smart, crazy successful folks what was on the horizon for ecommerce in 2018. What is SEO?

The ABCs of SEO: How to Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk


Search engine optimization is an important part of any website design, although it is often one of the most confusing and least fun elements of creating an online presence. Search guidelines frequently change and can be somewhat hard to master if you aren't versed in the language of SEO.

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W3bstore Review: Ecommerce Platform For Omnichannel Stores

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This W3bstore review assesses not only its omnichannel capabilities but also other it’s ecommerce features that would be critical to online stores. Then you end up in an ecommerce site that happens to operate a parallel local store or stores. Designing Your Ecommerce Store.

How a Digital eCommerce Agency Works


If you haven't worked at or with an eCommerce marketing agency before, understanding what we do and how we do it often leads to a number of questions: How does an agency operate? Our agency is committed to helping eCommerce businesses grow. What is a Digital eCommerce Agency?

15 eCommerce Podcasts That’ll Make You An ecommerce Whiz


Today, you can find plenty of podcasts surrounding the topic of ecommerce on iTunes and other podcast apps. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ecommerce podcasts to help you become an ecommerce maestro. Their podcast focuses on sharing valuable tips and strategies for ecommerce merchants. Founder and podcast host, Andrew Youderian, is an experienced entrepreneur who has started and sold a number of ecommerce stores. eCommerce Momentum.

A Detailed (Step-By-Step) Look at Effective Ecommerce A/B Testing


You’re running a fairly successful ecommerce site. Your store’s ecommerce conversion rate – and thus your conversion funnel – isn’t that great. But most ecommerce businesses don’t know how to do it effectively. Optimizing products for SEO. CTA copy and design.

Ecommerce Sales Funnel: Content Strategy for Brand Awareness


This article is part of our series about tailoring your content strategy for the ecommerce sales funnel. To be clear, let’s go over an ecommerce company’s goals for the initial stage of the funnel: Introduce (or reintroduce) your brand to your target customers. SEO-laden internal blogs.

Wix Ecommerce Review: Can You Succeed With A Wix Store?

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I know because I’ve spent $30k on a complex design when a template from one of the best ecommerce website builders would have worked. Read my Wix ecommerce review to know to expect. Wix Ecommerce Overview. Design & Themes 4.7 Design & Themes : 4.7

10 Guidelines to Prepare Your Online Ecommerce Store for the Mobile-First Indexing Update

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Have you noticed that some online ecommerce stores have highly responsive pages while browsing on our laptops while their mobile version isn’t so appealing and responsive? Mobile-first indexing is nothing but Google’s persistent efforts to make the web more user-friendly and mobile-friendly.

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10 Guidelines to Prepare Your Online Ecommerce Store for the Mobile-First Indexing Update

Ecommerce Platforms

Have you noticed that some online ecommerce stores have highly responsive pages while browsing on our laptops while their mobile version isn’t so appealing and responsive? Mobile-first indexing is nothing but Google’s persistent efforts to make the web more user-friendly and mobile-friendly.

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10 Must Read Shopify Tips & Resources. (Mainly) For Beginners.

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There are tons of resources and tips out there to help you make the most of one of the most popular ecommerce platforms on the market in Shopify. This blog has touched on tips and resources for ecommerce users before. Website Design. SEO for Shopify.

How to Avoid Getting Screwed by Your eCommerce Marketing Agency

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Approximately 75% of the companies that contact Inflow to hire our eCommerce marketing experts are leaving another agency relationship that was unsatisfactory for one reason or another. eCommerce Marketing vs. Lead Generation. eCommerce Marketing

Ecwid vs Shopify: Everything You Need to Know (May 2019)

Ecommerce Platforms

A program permitting the design of a store you can ‘plug' into a site that's already up and running. So, not only can you sell your products but you can also create regular web pages. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, web designers don't have access to their HTML code. »

Website Tweaks to Help Attract Millennials to Your Site


Here are a few ways you can tweak your website design to do just that. Use a few key, high-quality images throughout your web design that emphasize this connection. Ecommerce SEO

Big Cartel vs Shopify – The Ultimate Comparison

Ecommerce Platforms

As an ecommerce merchant, you’ve probably noticed that Big Cartel vs Shopify is one of those debates that are seemingly here to stay. Shopify is, admittedly, one of the most renowned platforms on the market because of its reportedly powerful ecommerce features. It’s also a well-respected ecommerce platform, particularly when it comes to simple selling for creatives. Going by the level of buzz in the ecommerce world, I believe Shopify is a legend of sorts. Web Design.

20 Killer Tips to Create a Successful Online Store


Engaging Web Design. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product possible in your niche and the best customer service on top of that—if your store’s web design is lousy, your online business presence is doomed. Keep visitors engaged with a minimal design.

9 Squarespace Alternatives

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Most of its appeal lies in the fact that it boasts a wide variety of beautiful design templates. It allows its users to customize the design and increase its functionality by providing access to over 1200 apps. Shopify features built-in SEO features to update tags and Meta descriptions.

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Webs.com Review: Even Your Mom Can Figure It Out

Ecommerce Platforms

Webs was eventually bought by VistaPrint, but prior to that transaction, the website building company had a mission to make a system that even their moms could understand. You could also throw in some apps like calendar, blog or- for online businesses- a web store. Ecommerce.

Ecommerce Terms You Need To Know To Manage Your Digital Business


But don’t worry, we’ve created an ecommerce glossary that includes all the terms and concepts you need to know to have a successful digital business. The largest 3rd party ecommerce platform. An API may be used for a web-based system, operating system, computer hardware, or software library. A brand-approved or -designated reseller who can sell digital products directly to consumers on behalf of the brand. The term blog is a combination of “web” and “log.”

The Ultimate Snipcart Review: A Shopping Cart Tool for Developers Who Crave Flexibility

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Just a fraction of the ecommerce platforms we’re all crazy about. The bulk of the rest of the market is still taken up by ecommerce platforms with almost similar provisions. Come to think of it, ecommerce could never be simpler. Website Design.

The Ultimate Shopify Lite vs Snipcart Comparison

Ecommerce Platforms

The first thing you do is turn to a full-fledged ecommerce platform such as the Basic Shopify plan, WooCommerce, Magento or BigCommerce. The main difference between these two platforms and full-fledged ecommerce platforms is that you won’t have to build a totally new website.

E commerce Software: Find the Best One for Your Online Store (January 2019)

Ecommerce Platforms

Most users struggle when trying to pick the best ecommerce software. There are different requirements to compare, different price points, features, abilities, designs, and so on. WordPress is a stand-alone web software. “What is ecommerce software, anyway?”

Best Blogging Platforms for Your Online Store

Ecommerce Platforms

In short, it's a service or app that enables the user to publish content on a web page. It powers as many as 24% of all sites on the web! However, you’ll need some coding skills (or the funds to hire a web designer) to take advantage of all this flexibility.

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How 3 Brands Conquered Global Markets with Localized Websites


Here’s how it works on BigCommerce for instance: In fact, many brands are pushed into international ecommerce rather than actually seeking it out. sites, O Boticario is setting the mark in ecommerce website localization. Absolutely any brand of any size can go global.

Freewebstore Website Builder Review (June 2019)

Ecommerce Platforms

If you're launching online for the first time, Freewebstore gives you everything you need to get started, including hosting, a domain name, and a web-building tool with premade template. Freewebstore: Web Design Features. Easy design switching at the click of a button.

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GoDaddy Website Builder Review: Rudimentary, but Good for Some

Ecommerce Platforms

Is this possible for ecommerce sites? The whole point is to help you swiftly sample multiple designs with one-swipe shifting. Admittedly, it now sounds like something you’d be curious to try out for your ecommerce site. Web Design and Editing. Ecommerce.

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Udemy Review: The Most Popular Online Course Marketplace

Ecommerce Platforms

The platform is already built for you, you don't have to worry about hosting or webs design , and students can discover your courses through Udemy, removing any marketing on your own end. Udemy already has the course format set for you, so there's no messing around with the design.

16 Tasks to Outsource to Scale Your Shopify Store

Ecommerce Platforms

When we talk about outsourcing the tasks associated with your website, we mean is its; Design. Top Tip: Agencies are usually good places to outsource web design too. Some are amazing with WordPress and web design; others excel in web app development, others coding, etc.

Kajabi Review: High Powered Online Courses With the Price to Go With It

Ecommerce Platforms

Getting your courses online shouldn't require you to go find hosting and worry about web design. And that's one of the reasons Kajabi's rates are on the higher end because you don't have to complete much design work at all. Ecommerce Reviews