Sun.Nov 17, 2019

Yet More DevOps Trends (2020)

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So, we issued our 2020 DevOps predictions. We were limited in number and format and there were a lot of great ideas. Here are some of the additional trends Forrester is tracking in DevOps for 2020: The end of plan/build/run and stage gates.

7 Ways to Increase Sales with Transactional Emails


You have just sent your promotional newsletter to your subscriber list. There’s only an 18% chance that it will ever be opened. Actually, the open rate is often even lower. In the meantime, an automated order confirmation email is on average opened by 50% of all recipients. See what you’re missing?

The Highlight Reel Of Sydney Predictions 2020

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It’s a magical time of the year… Forrester Predictions! It’s like Christmas morning but there aren’t any warm cookies or presents under the tree – it’s a different kind of excitement and energy. The research team huddles together, full of anticipation and excitement, reflecting on the year that’s been and looking forward to the year […].