Fri.Jun 07, 2019

Design Thinking Can Deliver an ROI of 85% or Greater

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The Benefits of Design Thinking Are Quantifiable and They’re Compelling By Ryan Hart (Principal Analyst, CX) and Benjamin Brown (Senior Consultant, Total Economic Impact) Design thinking has historically enjoyed “blind support” among executive leaders based on its perceived value.

Social Media AI Is Your Best Tool And Worst Enemy When It Comes To CX

Retail TouchPoints

By Tara Jones, Allant Group Picture this: a customer orders a product from your business and expects it be delivered within a few days. When the delivery doesn’t arrive, she panics.

Infosecurity Europe 2019: Incremental Evolution Rather Than Revolution

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I have spent the last three days attending Infosecurity Europe 2019, the largest security trade show in the UK and Europe. As ever, before coming I have tried to predict the big theme or trends that CISOs should take note of.

Andy Hoar and the Paradigm B2B Combine: Part 2 [video]


In our second installment of the video interview series with B2B industry expert, Andy Hoar, he explains his upcoming disruptive new research report, Paradigm B2B Combine. In this short clip, he discusses the report and the surprises he came across conducting this research.

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Tips For E-Commerce Best Practices

An infographic listing the best practices companies can follow to bolster their e-commerce website.

Marketers: Manage Your Automation Portfolio

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Marketers will run a portfolio of automation technologies; take an organized and intentional approach to this complex but crucial effort.

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The FTD Lesson For Long-Standing Brands: Don’t Rest On Your Laurels

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FTD Gets Caught In A Terrible Game Of Pickle Century-old floral delivery stalwart FTD filed for Chapter 11, sending shivers through C-suites of venerable brands everywhere. In a growing US flower market, this pioneer should have dominated.

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ShopKeep Review: An Intuitive POS System

Ecommerce Platforms

Has fulfilling customers' orders become your rarest commodity? Maybe your perimeters of success in your retail business are shrinking as days pass by. Fortunately, ShopKeep is in the market to resolve some of these drawbacks in a number of ways.

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Robo-Advice Claims Another Victim: FORR in 3 Video

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In this episode of our video blog series FORR in 3, Vijay Raghavan and I discuss the challenges of robo-advice, some of the latest failures in this space, and what this means for a technology market that has seen over $2 billion investment in the last decade.

Omnisend and Gorgias Integration: Bringing the Absolute Best to Your Customers


At Omnisend we’re about customer centricity. We practice it with our own merchant customers, we encourage our marketers to practice it with their shoppers, and we promote omnichannel marketing as the best way to give customers more. Because after all, where would any of us be without our customers?

PEAK Human: Help Your Employees Ascend Above Your Organizational Chaos

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Before an organization undertakes any transformation, restructuring, or automation initiative, it needs to ask: What do our employees need to become so that they can thrive in an environment with more chaos and uncertainty?

Ecomdash May 2019 Product Updates


Over the last couple of months, our development team has focused on improving our user interface, adding 2-day shipping functionality for Walmart sellers, and more. Here’s a list of our most significant updates. Improved User Interface.

Hacking the Press with the Editor of Mashable


Ben Parr is an entrepreneur, investor, journalist, and the author of Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention , and he joins the show today to discuss all things press.

Looking to Retain Your Customers? Offer Free Returns


According to a recent study by Klarna , sellers all over the world might be taking the wrong approach when crafting their return policy. Let’s face it. As a seller, the last thing you want to hear is that one of your customers isn’t happy and is returning your product. Returns eat into profits and increase your inventory, which is why so many businesses actively work to limit a customer’s ability to send back their purchases.