Thu.May 09, 2019

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A Better Mousetrap Is Always Around The Corner The world saw cracks in the armor of Google this week when Alphabet’s earnings reported below analyst estimates. It looks like Amazon and others have found weaknesses in the search-based advertising model — golden geese are mortal after all.

Everything You Need to Test and Optimize Ecommerce Web Forms


Web forms — pop-ups, in-line forms, and more — are a great way to generate new leads on your ecommerce website. You can encourage your shoppers to give you their information so you can send them content that convinces them to make another purchase later.

Future Of Retail: How Brands Will Address Employee Experience In 2019

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To help retailers and brands, I’m delighted to continue our series, “Applying 2019 Predictions To Retail.” Last week, my colleague Claudia Tajima spoke with Harley Manning about how customer experience (CX) is affecting retailers in 2019.

5 benefits progressive web apps have over native mobile apps


Mobile devices are the main generators of internet traffic, inspiring developers to pay more attention to the development of mobile software solutions.

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Define Your Payment Strategy For B2B eCommerce In China

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As the world’s largest eCommerce market, China appeals to global B2C and B2B brands alike. But China’s B2B eCommerce market is not as mature as the consumer space, and neither is its B2B payment.

The gas or the brake (redux)?

Steve Dennis

Growing up one of my friend’s Dad had an interesting driving strategy. At more or less one minute intervals he would accelerate fairly rapidly, only to step on the brake seconds later to return us to roughly the speed limit. Speed up, slow down. Over and over, until he dropped us off at practice, the mall or wherever it was we’d be hanging out that particular day. Not only was this very annoying, but it didn’t seem to serve any useful purpose.


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SendinBlue Review: Is This Email Marketing Service Worth It?

Ecommerce Platforms

As an ecommerce store owner – current or future – you probably don't need to be told about the value of email marketing which happens to be one of the most beneficial online marketing methods.

Learn how to Scale Repeat Purchases Using Personalised Transactional Emails


Guest post by Sal Noorani, Growth Lead at Spently Transactional emails are usually sent during financial transactions. They include notifications like shipping confirmation emails, order confirmation emails, or POS receipt emails among many others.

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TACoS and Amazon: The Metric That Considers Your Organic Sales

ROI Revolution

Digital ad spending in the US reached over $108 billion in 2018. How do we make sure this money isn’t going to waste, especially on Amazon, where reporting still leaves a lot to be desired? Companies need metrics that can accurately represent the effects of their ad spend.

Here’s How to Get Ready for Amazon Prime Day 2019


If there’s one thing we know without a doubt about Amazon Prime Day, it’s this: There’s not a single Amazon seller that can afford to miss out. If you haven’t started to prepare for this year’s event, now’s the time. Successful Prime Day sales depend on a number of critical variables that need to be prepped well in advance of the big day in July. We covered a lot of ground in this week’s webinar.

[Podcast] A Closer Look at the Buy Online Pickup In-Store Experience


[Podcast] A Closer Look at the Buy Online Pickup In-Store Experience. In February 2019 Bell and Howell and OrderDynamics released the BOPIS: State of the Industry research. This research, which was done in conjunction with IHL, examined 300 secret shopping experiences at 10 top US retailers.