Wed.Sep 21, 2022

Best Free Appointment Scheduling Apps to Save on Client Bookings

Ecommerce Platforms

Doctors, yoga instructors, and massage therapists; what do they all have in common? They all need appointment scheduling software to run their businesses. But scheduling tools can get expensive.

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Building a Personalized Customer Journey: Stage 2 – Engagement


Many digital and marketing leaders are trying to develop their personalization strategy in a way that caters to the individual site visitor across the customer journey.


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Leveling Up CBD Product Packaging and Branding With AI to Ensure Consumer Attention, Retention and Conversion

Retail TouchPoints

Within the heavily regulated CBD industry, it’s difficult for brands to advertise their products across the same depth and variety of channels afforded to companies in other categories.

Gap to eliminate 500 corporate jobs

Retail Dive

The retailer recently ended its partnership with the Yeezy brand and reported widening declines in sales

Management Techniques for Offshore Employees

This whitepaper looks at the changes and challenges that stem from remote hiring and current HR trends that address them. Download this comprehensive guide to learn more!

eCommerce Cannabis Strategies: How To Manage Dispensary Online Menus


It’s no great secret that consumers regularly use their smartphones and computers to explore retail businesses and shop for new products. The recreational marijuana industry is no exception.

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The Future of Digital Consumer Engagement: How Branded Web3 Communities using NFTs and Metaverses Can Rewrite the Rules of Marketing

Retail TouchPoints

One of the hottest topics in marketing over the last 18 months has been non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. Indeed, investment banking firm Jeffries predicts that the rapidly growing market will reach $80 billion by 2025.

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Where AI fits in the Sam’s Club tech portfolio

Retail Dive

AI helps drive purchases and improve the shopping experience. The bottom line is member retention, said CTO Vinod Bidarkoppa

As Partnership with Sephora Winds Down, JCPenney Plans Mass Rollout of Inclusive Beauty Experience

Retail TouchPoints

JCPenney plans to roll out its new beauty experience nationwide a year after introducing the retailer-owned concept. JCPenney Beauty debuted in fall 2021 after the retailer’s 15-year relationship with Sephora came to a contentious end in 2020, when the Sephora at Kohl’s collaboration was unveiled.

Joining Forrester to Partner with CIOs in their Future Fit Journey.

Forrester Digital Transformation

Forrester has been a trusted go-to partner for many CIOs across the globe. CIOs have been working with Forrester on various initiatives to build a customer-obsessed organization of the future. Am excited and thrilled to be joining Forrester as a CIO analyst to carry forward this great legacy.

Why Offshoring is Better than Outsourcing

Offshoring and outsourcing are not interchangeable, as they differ in purpose depending on what drives the need behind the hiring decision. In this whitepaper, we clarify what offshoring and outsourcing are, along with the unique use cases they address.

Pricing Tactics: For the Upcoming Holiday Season in 2022


Pricing tactics for the holiday season in 2020 is crucial in today's conjuncture. Consumers are increasingly price-sensitive. Learn more->. E-Commerce Strategy Pricing Strategies pricing strategies

The B2B Content Guide: The Building Blocks Of Content Strategy

Forrester Digital Transformation

To meet buyer expectations, b2b content must provide the information buyers need at every stage of their purchase journey. B2B Marketing Campaign Planning And Implementation Content Strategy and Operations

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Set up LLC: The Right Move for Your Ecommerce Business?

eCommerce CEO

The rise in the number of internet users has made way for many small, medium, and large-sized ecommerce stores across the country. As the industry. Read more. Ecommerce Business

The streak of daily gas price declines ends at 99

Retail Wire

Gas prices rose seven-tenths of one percent yesterday, ending a 99-day streak of pump prices declining, according to AA. The average price for a gallon of gas stands at $3.68, down from $3.90 in August and more than $5 in June. in-article

7 Secrets of Effective Management for Remote Employees and Teams

In this white paper, we will review in more detail the challenges that virtual team managers face as remote work accelerates, and how companies are successfully overcoming these challenges with creative problem-solving.

How to Decrease Lead Cycles with Marketing Automation

Digital Doughnut

Artificial intelligence can be used for marketing automation and search optimization, among other things. Using AI for marketing automation can simplify sales follow-up and conversion funnel and can shorten your lead cycle. Strategy & Operations, Technology

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Retailers push for lower swipe fees

Retail Wire

Retailers are lobbying Congress to enact legislation that would give them the flexibility to determine who to use to process interchange (AKA swipe) fees they are charged when customers buy goods with credit cards.

Apply Now For A Scholarship To Forrester’s Security And Risk Forum

Forrester Digital Transformation

A few weeks ago, I spoke with Derek Johnson from SC Media about my experiences early on in the security industry – good and bad. While some of these moments were difficult, all of them were formative and helped me better understand the current state of the security community and industry.

FTC is investigating Amazon’s bid for iRobot

Retail Wire

The Federal Trade Commission is investigating’s bid to acquire iRobot Corp. The agency is seeking to determine if the deal would result in reduced competition in the marketplace. in-article

A Quick Guide to Shopping for Fulfillment

5 Factors to Consider When Comparing 3PLs

Cyber Grant Program Is Welcome News For Small Governments

Forrester Digital Transformation

Last Friday, the Biden-Harris administration announced a first-of-its-kind cybersecurity grant program for state and local governments.

Beyond Meat COO suspended following arrest

Retail Wire

Beyond Meat has suspended Doug Ramsay, its chief operating officer, after he was arrested this weekend for allegedly biting another man’s nose in an altercation that took place in a parking lot following a University of Arkansas football game. The company said that Mr. Ramsay’s duties will be assumed on an interim basis by Jonathan Nelson, senior vice president of manufacturing operations. in-article

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Taco Bell is testing carne asada with a steak alternative

Retail Wire

Taco Bell will test a plant-based alternative to steak in a new pilot program for its Beyond Carne Asada. Yum Brands, Taco Bell’s parent company, signed a deal last year with Beyond Meat to develop exclusive menu items for its fast-food chains. Taco Bell is looking to develop more affordable alternatives to meat in its recipes. in-article

JBS paying $20 million to settle bacon price fixing suit

Retail Wire

JBS will pay $20 million to settle a lawsuit that accused the meat producer of conspiring with other companies to inflate the price of pork. The price-fixing suit is one of several making their way through the U.S. legal system as consumer watchdogs and others question whether businesses have engaged in profiteering. in-article

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A Master's Guide to B2B: How Listening to Your Customers Can Grow Your Business

Speaker: Adam Dorfman, Head of Product Growth at Reputation & Michele Bettinazzi, Customer Experience Manager at PeakMade Real Estate

Improved marketing conversion, happy customers, and faster growth - that’s only three things that can be accomplished by just listening to your customers. Customer feedback is an extremely invaluable tool to keeping retention high, attracting new business, and improving the general operations of your business. The question is - how do you capture all this? Join Adam Dorfman, Head of Product Growth at Reputation & Michele Bettinazzi, Customer Experience Manager at PeakMade Real Estate, for this essential discussion on the ins and outs of brokering the optimal customer interaction.

PillPack co-founders are leaving Amazon

Retail Wire

TJ Parker and Elliot Cohen, co-founders of PillPack, are leaving The two sold PillPack, which delivers pre-sorted prescription medicines to consumers, in 2018 for about $753 million. in-article

Amazon is moving closer to its 100 percent renewable energy goal

Retail Wire said it is adding 71 renewable energy projects that will enable it to add 2.7 gigawatts of clean energy capacity as it seeks to make good on its pledge to reach 100 percent renewable energy by 2025. in-article