Thu.Nov 25, 2021

Calendly Review (Nov 2021): Everything You Need to Know

Ecommerce Platforms

Thriving businesses often have loads of customers requesting appointments, consultations, or just a quick chat. Of course, that’s excellent news for profits and engagement.

PayPal 166

Shopping Cart Checklist – What to Look For in a Checkout Experience


Author's Note: This is an update to a post originally published in May 2011 and has been edited for relevancy.


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The Backroom: Another disruptive holiday season

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Vaccines have changed the shopping landscape this year, as have supply chain bottlenecks. Retail Dive reporters look at how the season is playing out

10 Mailchimp Tips To Improve Email Marketing Performance

Ecommerce Guru

Making email marketing campaigns that are effective is simple with Mailchimp’s customisable email marketing templates and intuitive designer. So, let’s have a look at some of the tips for Mailchimps to improve your email performance.

This Coming Holiday Season is Shaping Up to Have the Most Spending in History

As for what shoppers want to buy most, you'll have to read the “2021 Holidays Unwrapped” report by Klarna to find out. Download it here!

How to Sell on Instagram: 7 Ways to Boost Your Sales Online

eCommerce CEO

Source: Instagram Thinking about expanding your product-based business to Instagram, but don’t know where to start… or how to actually make it profitable and worth. Read more. Ecommerce Business

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Retail Redefined: What is Digital Commerce?


With the rapid rise of digital platforms, specifically in the retail sphere, businesses have had to quickly evaluate and adopt new technologies to remain competitive. But this conglomeration of solutions is more than online shopping.