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The Future Of Mobility Is Data, Not Cars

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Having worked in and with the automotive industry for around 25 years, the challenges that OEMs face given their size and structures often inhibit the business agility needed to provide lasting customer value in an age of digital disruption.

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What BFCM 2018 Taught Us About Ecommerce Customer Behavior


Still trying to recover from the adrenaline rush that was BFCM (Black Friday/Cyber Monday)? Luckily, we have just the thing to fill that void—a brand new ecommerce report detailing everything that went down on the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

The TV Industry is Stumbling Toward Customer Centricity

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I’ve just returned from a few days in the sun, having once again participated in Beet.TV’s s annual BeetRetreat. Wonderfully, we returned to Puerto Rico this year*.) The theme was “It’s Consumer First in TV Land,” which I really hoped the conference would pay off. Well, we know that consumer attitudes about advertising are not […]. advertising advertising agencies marketing & strategy media media buying omnichannel advertising television tv video

Year-End Review: Retail’s Missteps And Missed Opportunities In 2018

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Before we put 2018 in the rear-view mirror, the RTP editors wanted to identify both the retail industry’s best and worst of the year. And because we like to leave things on a positive note, we’re starting with the gaffes, goof-ups and unforced errors that caught our eye.

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Quantifying Vendor Efficacy Using The MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation

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I’ve been extremely excited about the MITRE ATT&CK evaluation since it decided to open it up to vendors earlier this year. The endpoint detection and response (EDR) market represents the direction of endpoint security, yet the state of endpoint efficacy testing has been underwhelming. Antimalware testing has become a standard part of the endpoint […]. endpoint security security & risk

REPORT: 2018 Is the Year BFCM Changed for Ecommerce Brands


The post REPORT: 2018 Is the Year BFCM Changed for Ecommerce Brands appeared first on Zaius. Optimization Report

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Fickle Fashion: Over 80% of consumers are buying clothes they never wear

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Fickle fashion is killing off sustainable clothing as eight in 10 (83%) consumers admit to buying items they never wear, according to data from the Fashion Retail Academy. Critical Issues Retail Supply Chain Internet Retailing

Targeting the Last Minute Shopper


Targeting the Last Minute Shopper. Shopping for last minute gifts can be an arduous process. Shoppers can often feel a sense of hopelessness as they hurriedly search for suitable gifts.

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What’s Yield Optimization?


Total digital ad spend is projected to hit $57.42 billion in 2018 which is $1 billion more than previously expected. All this ad spend funneling into digital represents a lot of potential revenue for Media Publishers. However, it is also revealing one of their greatest challenges: Yield Optimization. This week, we explain what Yield Optimization is and what it has in common with hotels. Now… Let’s get all up in it! The post What’s Yield Optimization? appeared first on LiveIntent Blog.

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Episode 64 – Leveraging Affiliate Marketing for Massive Growth with Nate Lind

eCommerce Evolution

If you’re like me then you’re not overly familiar with affiliate marketing. It is a bit of a mystery for a lot of us marketers and ecomm entrepreneurs. However it does have some huge positives: .

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Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps


It’s typical for dropshippers to have lower operational expenses, but higher product costs than the typical ecommerce business model. One of the ways to offset the cost of products is by using apps that make your operations efficient.

BigCommerce Stencil vs Blueprint: Why Upgrade?


If your eCommerce store is hosted on BigCommerce, you’ve likely heard of Blueprint and Stencil – the two available BigCommerce theme frameworks. Since being introduced in 2015, Stencil cleared the way for a new era of theming that supports a number of benefits for eCommerce businesses.

3 system options for managing inventory in your eCommerce business


Within the rapidly evolving world of eCommerce, managing inventory is a key pain point that prevents many businesses from achieving the growth they’re capable of. It’s an investment of both time and often cash, to research, choose and implement an inventory system that will work for your business.

Popular Digital Products You Need To Sell Online


With the rise of ecommerce, there are now more products sold online than ever before, with two of the most popular categories sold being physical and digital products. Physical goods appear to be an easy win for retail chains or consumer electronics companies, however, complexities like shipping & returns, inventory management, packaging, manufacturing costs, and so on need to be accounted for in order to facilitate the sale of these physical products.

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Which online retailers had the best Black Friday prices?


By all accounts, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend lived up to its hype, especially in terms of the online shopping boom. During the extended Black Friday weekend (which we defined as Nov 21 – 26, 2018), eCommerce sales topped the charts and online sales records were broken. According to data from Adobe Analytics : U.S. online retail sales on Thanksgiving Day reached $3.7 billion, which represents +16.5% YoY growth. Black Friday sales came in at $6.2 billion, +23.6% YoY growth.

Flipkart Pay Later – New way to shop online

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Financing is a key unsolved need in India. Less than 2% Indians have access to credit cards. If customers don’t have credit cards then customers don’t get access to short term credit?—?a a very important use case being the ability to keep making purchases, without the requisite balance in their savings account. In plus, e-commerce businesses see the challenge of inspiring trust and convenience for the entire online shopping experience from order to delivery. Cash on.

The Power of Silent Selling

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All stores silently sell to their customers. From image to merchandise value, how a store looks and feels greatly affects customer perception. A store that sells prestige exudes an aura of exclusivity through several elements such as rich carpeting, luxurious furnishings and spacious display areas.

How to Address Negative Feedback from Customers


If you sell online, you have an online reputation. The way the marketplace perceives your site and brand contributes to your traffic, sales, repeat business, loyalty and referrals. Thus, managing your online reputation by effectively addressing negative feedback is imperative. Negative feedback can occur through social media comments, product reviews, company reviews and in other digital spaces. The following is an overview of key strategies to help you handle it well. Adopt a Learning Stance.

Employee Spotlight: Matthew Kelly

Dynamic Yield

Employee Spotlight is a series meant to surface stories of the amazing individuals behind our omnichannel personalization platform. This month meet Matt, a Team Lead from Market Development. The post Employee Spotlight: Matthew Kelly appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

How to Champion Digital Transformation Across Your Organization


Digital will influence 40% of all B2B transactions in the coming year. In addition, the ecommerce market for business-to-business manufacturers is forecasted to grow by 22% over the next three years.

[Report]: Holiday Toy-Buying in a Post-Toys ‘R’ Us World


Toys ‘R’ Us was a traditional toy powerhouse in retail. However, after declaring bankruptcy, the national retailer closed all of its stores in June 2018. The meant the upcoming holiday shopping season had a void to fill.

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