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Mapping: The Power Hidden in Plain Sight

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I’ll bet you know that Google is reinventing mapping from the ground up, swinging for the the stars with layers of data, intelligence, and real-time insight. But I bet you didn’t know there’s a US three-letter agency dedicated to maps?


The Very Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Emails of 2018


There’s a new acronym in town: BFCM. While before we talked about Black Friday and Cyber Monday separately, in 2018 the two officially merged into one giant shopping weekend. And this year’s stats are in. BFCM yet again smashed sales records, according to Adobe. Black Friday 2018 saw sales grow 23.6%

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Competition Heats Up In Banking Transformation Services

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After a few quiet years, Thought Machine, the fintech behind a new core banking platform called Vault, is stealing the limelight, first with its announcement of a strategic partnership with Lloyds Banking Group, then with a similar partnership with the digital bank Atom.

Why Being the Loudest Makes You the Weakest


What’s one thing that you are constantly seeing on the web? Especially if you are on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube? Come on, take a guess… No, I am not talking about people taking half-naked selfies of themselves or posting their lunches. I’m talking about people showing off.

DAM or Web CMS Part 2: Find Out Which DX Technology You Need For Workflow, Delivery

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In the second part of our series we take a look at workflow and delivery and where digital asset management and web content management systems excel. If you haven’t seen the first part of our analysis, make sure you check it out. Do you need more help?

Pop-up book shop conquers online competition using AI

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RichRelevance been appointed by Qwerkity, part of The Book People Group, to provide personalised product recommendations through its Xen AI platform. Internet Retailing

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Seasonal sales at risk as UK’s biggest retailers neglect website load speeds for second year running

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The UK’s top retailers are risking seasonal sales through failure to improve their website load speeds over the past 12 months, according to a new index report. Internet Retailing

Why Large File Sharing Is Essential for Ecommerce Efficiency

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For an ecommerce website, image files, videos, and product specs are commonplace. However, most of the time, you start the file creation process with extremely large files. We're talking bulky images from Photoshop, graphics that get degraded when sent through email, and product videos that can't even be sent or stored in many programs. Since sending and transferring large files is big part of running an ecommerce store, it makes sense to find tools to make this process more efficient.

The Best Christmas Email Subject Lines to Supercharge Your Holiday Campaigns


Black Friday has come and gone, and you’ve probably not even had a chance to catch your breath. But it’s time to take what you’ve learned about your Black Friday email subject lines, and apply it to the rest of the holiday season.

The Critical Element Missing from Many eCommerce PPC and SEO Campaigns

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In 2004, looking for a change of pace, I sold my retail wine and liquor store and got a job at an internet marketing agency. This was back when all businesses cared about was building a basic website and getting ranked number one on Google.

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Multichannel Retailing for Ecommerce: Does Your Business Depend on Amazon?

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What if Amazon banned you? If you're selling on one platform, you could lose your business in an instance. If this is you, you need multichannel retailing. The post Multichannel Retailing for Ecommerce: Does Your Business Depend on Amazon? appeared first on Bootstrapping Ecommerce. Getting Traffic Operations & Customer Service

What to Expect From Amazon in 2019 [Industry Expert Predictions]

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It’s been another big year for Amazon. For sellers, many of the site’s older, outdated features were retired, while new, more interactive ones. Read More. The post What to Expect From Amazon in 2019 [Industry Expert Predictions] appeared first on Retail Performance Marketing Blog - CPC Strategy. Amazon Marketplace

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The Commerce Marketer Podcast: Bringing Retail Supply Chain-Sexy Back


Host: Greg Zakowicz, Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst, Oracle Bronto Guest: Bob Carver, VP of Cloud Inventory Solutions, DSI Have you ever checked a store’s site to confirm an item is. The post The Commerce Marketer Podcast: Bringing Retail Supply Chain-Sexy Back appeared first on Bronto Blog.

11 Amazon Seller Conferences in 2019 [Updated]

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*This post was updated on 12/4/2018. Those who follow the internet retail industry are well-aware of the potential marketplace Amazon presents to both. Read More. The post 11 Amazon Seller Conferences in 2019 [Updated] appeared first on Retail Performance Marketing Blog - CPC Strategy. Amazon Marketplace

E-commerce New Year: Strategies and Resolutions


New year, new me. That’s often what people say when a new year rolls around. You’ve probably thought about some new years resolutions, just like your customers have. After the rush of Christmas, some customers might vow to try and stop spending so much money.

Google & Facebook Advertising Black Friday/Cyber Monday Recap 2018

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This year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday holidays were the biggest ever for ecommerce, with retailers pulling a record $6.22 billion on Black. Read More. The post Google & Facebook Advertising Black Friday/Cyber Monday Recap 2018 appeared first on Retail Performance Marketing Blog - CPC Strategy. Google Shopping

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Too many orders to fulfill? Consider a 3PL


When we started the business, we sold out on day one.”. eCommerce Business Growth Inventory Management Logistics

HubSpot vs Salesforce: Choosing the Right CRM


Customers are the core of your business. In order to operate a successful company, you need a reliable CRM that fits both your business’ needs and your clients’ needs.

Modalyst Spotlight: Source & Sell High-Quality Dropshipping Products from USA & the EU

A Better Lemonade Stand

In this Modalyst review, we discuss all of Modalyst's features & services so you can source high-quality products from reputable suppliers in the US & EU. The post Modalyst Spotlight: Source & Sell High-Quality Dropshipping Products from USA & the EU appeared first on A Better Lemonade Stand. Product & Niche Selection Sourcing Suppliers


8 Tactics to Boost Sales Before the New Year


It’s inevitable. Instead of sugar plums, visions of fourth-quarter goals are dancing in your head every December. You can have a hot chocolate in your hand, White Christmas on your TV and still think about how you can sneak in a few more sales before the new year. As revenue owners, we know it can be difficult to turn off strategy and just enjoy the holidays. Especially when you feel the pressure of unmet sales goals.

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Rewards Case Study: Marriott Rewards


When I was a kid, spending a night in a hotel was the ultimate luxury because it had a pool and cable TV. Now that I’m older, I realize that the pool wasn’t the reason my parents picked a particular hotel.

Mistakes To Avoid When You Start Dropshipping


1 – Check Shipping Times BEFORE Choosing Which Countries to Sell To. A lot of beginners see that the seller on Ali Express ships worldwide, and so list the item with worldwide shipping without further thought. This is a huge mistake. Because the Ali Express supplier is dealing with businesses, not consumers. They can send items to any country, but it may take 20-40 days for an item to arrive.

Store Managers: Ready for Batch Pick, Pack and Ship?


Store Managers: Ready for Batch Pick, Pack and Ship? Pick, Pack and Ship is the process of finding and collecting merchandise from inventory and packing it for shipment.

Amazon Releases First Shopping Catalog: “A Holiday of Play”

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I want the Power Wheels Jurassic World Jeep, it’s on page 4.” These very words are soon to be extremely familiar for millions of Amazon customers all around the world receiving the “A Holiday of Play” catalog, seen in the picture below.

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Get Ready for Green Monday with These 4 Best Practices


Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Thanksgiving have come and gone, generating a whopping $58.5 billion in sales. However, the holidays are far from over. There is plenty of time between now and Christmas, with Green Monday being a particularly significant shopping day.

Trends in Forrester PIM Wave | At the Whiteboard | Video


Forrester Research released its 2018 PIM Wave a few months ago and the full report fit into a larger 4-year shift product information management is seeing. Watch this video to understand the history of the wave and key changes the industry has gone through from MDM to PIM to PCM to PXM.

Mobile Commerce and Personalization Reigned Supreme on Black Friday


Analyzing store visits throughout Thanksgiving weekend, retail analytics platform ShopperTalk unearthed a surprising stat. Foot traffic in malls and brick-and-mortar stores was down 1.7% across the U.S. on Black Friday. Could it be that people aren’t doing as much holiday shopping as they used to?

[TotalRetail] Black Friday Post Mortem: How Successful Was Brick-and-Mortar?


Black Friday 2018 is in the books, which means now is the perfect time to look back and see where we can improve for next year. Wiser CEO Andy Ballard shared his thoughts—and data—on Black Friday for Total Retail.

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Millions in Toy Sales Left on the Table Over Black Friday


Poorly executed promotional displays, combined with under-staffed retailers and low stock levels, meant that toy brands like Hasbro, Disney, and Mattel missed millions in sales over the holiday weekend. However, Black Friday 2018 has already been deemed a success.

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