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The New Era Of Marketing Strategy

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Marketing has been a story of eras: from mass marketing to the direct marketing era to digital marketing, and now data-driven marketing.

How to Maximize Warehouse Efficiency For Your Ecommerce Merchandise


Where do you store inventory? In your living room or garage? At a leased warehouse space? With a third-party provider?… … Shipping & Fulfillment

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What’s Hot In Insurance Tech In 2019?

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In 2019, the pressure on insurance business and technology leaders isn’t letting up. Earlier this year in Forrester’s “How Five Drivers Will Shape Insurance Business Technology Investments In 2019” report and webinar, we examined the drivers shown here that are shaping insurance business priorities.

You’re Not Doing Enough with Your Ecommerce Newsletter


Does your ecommerce newsletter suck? Your open rates are just OK; your clicks so-so; and you get the occasional conversion, but there’s clearly more you could be doing with your customer newsletter. Think about how many email newsletters you receive each week yourself.

3 Signs You Need A Self-Service Consumer Insights Solution

Understanding consumers can be a complex task. Consumer research can be a lengthy process–whether it’s manual research or configuring and training first generation AI machines on what to look for in consumer feedback.

What Open Source’s Collision With PaaS Means For Drupal And WordPress Services: FORR in 3 Video

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Please check out our second FORR in 3 episode. FORR in 3 is a new video blog series on commerce, content, and services.

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FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

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Having A Digital Ad Strategy Doesn’t Mean You’re Ready For This $100 Billion Market This week, the IAB announced that US digital ad spend topped $100 billion for the first time last year.

The Ultimate Guide To Square Fees for 2019

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The most probable answer to why you might be a little curious about Square's fees is the need to use a safe mobile payment method. If I want to handle payment processing with more precision, this is the first stopover before I do any sign-up.

Let’s Get Everyone To The Future

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At 5 a.m. this Saturday morning, I will be in a huddle of a few dozen hardy individuals in subfreezing temperatures. At the hour, we will begin a “race” through 60 kilometers of beautiful desert surrounding Utah’s Bryce Canyon. I put “race” in quotation marks because, except for the premier athletes at the front of […]. age of the customer

Why You Should Make The Switch From A Perpetual License To Subscription


It wasn’t long ago that buying a new piece of software involved a trip to your local brick and mortar software retailer.

Realizing ROI in an Omnichannel Rich Retail 4.0 Environment

Welcome to Retail 4.0. This is the land of opportunity where retailers connect with shoppers and drive sales in a way like never before. With this eBook, you’ll learn about the advanced technologies that are available to create a seamless integrated omnichannel experience.

Who Moved The Communications Services Sector?

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Success in the communications services sector is indeed a capricious piece of cheese. In it, every new technology advancement brings new business models, new security and sociopolitical debates, brand new industries of disruptors, and even new job roles for man and machine. As new technologies mature, the distinction between technology, media and telecommunications industries blur. […].

ParcelHero says 24-hour round-the-clock deliveries are the future of e-commerce

Retail Technology Review

Amazon’s $800 million investment in free next-day deliveries may be making headlines, but the home delivery expert ParelHero says same-day 24/7 deliveries are the future of e-commerce. Retail Supply Chain Internet Retailing Critical Issues

TV’s Tectonic Shift Just Happened

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Did you feel the earthquake that hit the television business today? You should… I’ve long used the geologic concept of plate tectonics as a metaphor for the television business. Like the earth’s giant crustal plates that seem immovable in the face of enormous geophysical pressures, the television business has resisted the forces of technology and […]. advertising age of the customer OTT streaming television tv video

3 crucial tactics for effective ecommerce brand reputation management


In a time where news about crises in a business spread like viruses do, and the tipping point of issues is basically under one hour, effective brand reputation management can help protect companies.

Real-time Personalization Guidebook: 10 Tips to Improve eCommerce Conversions

Conversion rate remains the most important metric for measuring success. This guidebook reveals 10 tips to improve eCommerce conversion rates, and insight into how an AI-powered personalization platform can dramatically improve performance.

The Security Snapshot: We’re In The Endgame Now

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On April 26, Marvel fans finally received an ending to an 11-year saga when “Avengers: Endgame” premiered in theaters. Without revealing too many spoilers, the Avengers were tasked with undoing a finger snap (yes, a snap) executed by the villain from the previous movie. This snap was so substantial that it caused half of the […]. age of the customer

Visualsoft ties up contract renewal with Daniel Footwear

Retail Technology Review

eCommerce and digital marketing agency, Visualsoft, has announced a contract renewal with premium fashion company Daniel Footwear, extending their partnership for a further two years. Internet Retailing

14 Less Talked About Steps for Launching Your Store The Right Way

A Better Lemonade Stand

Everything you need to know about how to set up an online store for success with these overlooked steps every merchant needs to execute. The post 14 Less Talked About Steps for Launching Your Store The Right Way appeared first on A Better Lemonade Stand. Operations & Customer Service Strategy & Analytics Resources & Tools

Beyond the ‘Buy Now’ button: How brands can prepare for social commerce success

Retail Technology Review

By Joe Farrell, Vice President of International Operations at PFS. In today’s increasingly digital world, consumer expectations are growing. Technological and social advances have transformed the way customers interact with brands, and a rise in internet shopping has meant that customers now expect access to goods instantaneously. Internet Retailing Critical Issues

Tips For E-Commerce Best Practices

An infographic listing the best practices companies can follow to bolster their e-commerce website.

Inventory management techniques for the food and beverage industry


The food and beverage (F&B) industry can pose unique challenges for inventory management.

SEGRO supports growth of online retailer Magic Madhouse at Great Cambridge Industrial Estate

Retail Technology Review

Magic Madhouse, a specialist online retailer of trading cards and board games, has signed to occupy a 16,308 sq ft industrial unit at SEGRO’s Great Cambridge Industrial Estate, Enfield. Internet Retailing

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Sailthru Welcomes Vuture to the CM Group Family of Brands


Back in January, Sailthru was acquired by CM Group , a family of marketing technology companies that includes Campaign Monitor, Delivra, Emma and Liveclicker. We’re thrilled to welcome cross-channel marketing platform Vuture to the family.

Top retailers failing to capitalise on growing social media influence

Retail Technology Review

An industry report has found that almost a fifth of leading UK e-retailers are missing out on potential sales due to a lack of connection with their customers’ extended social circles. These figures have worsened since a similar study was carried out 12 months beforehand. Critical issues Internet Retailing

Inventory management techniques for the food and beverage industry


The food and beverage (F&B) industry can pose unique challenges for inventory management.

Frooition Launch New Minimal Theme For BigCommerce


Of all the ways to make a living online, starting an e-commerce business is the simplest. Moreover, there’s long term growth potential for brands that present themselves well and capture customer interest. Anything that can be sold, sells online.

FAQ: Store Inventory Visibility


FAQ: Store Inventory Visibility. Inventory visibility is a fundamental part of the omni-channel retail equation. Virtually all of today’s consumers use digital channels as their first step to research products they want to buy. Whether on mobile, tablet, desktop, or laptop.

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AI Advances Lead Nurture Process for Properties


The post AI Advances Lead Nurture Process for Properties appeared first on PERQ. Multifamily Technology ai technology lead nurture marketing cloud

The Rise of Optimization Analytics

Dynamic Yield

From ideation to execution and analysis, data and analytics can support marketers at every turn, turning any business into an insights-driven industry leader. The post The Rise of Optimization Analytics appeared first on Dynamic Yield. Optimization Experimentation optimization analytics WiderFunnel

What is a Bill of Materials?


The Bill of Materials (BOM) is an essential part of the manufacturing process. It’s an overview of all the components needed to make the finished product, as well as any additional materials, such as packaging and user guides.

Magento Social Selling: Monetize Your Magento Store Now


With the rise of social media and the buying potential, you no longer need to rely solely on your Magento store to generate sales.

5 Ways to Improve Inventory Management in your Retail Store


Whatever retail industry you operate in, you have undoubtedly had challenges with stocking, ordering, delivering and, most importantly, selling products to your customers. Trust me when I say, you’re not alone.

The role of optimization analytics in experimentation

Dynamic Yield

From ideation to execution and analysis, data and analytics can support marketers at every turn, turning any business into an insights-driven industry leader. The post The role of optimization analytics in experimentation appeared first on Dynamic Yield. Optimization WiderFunnel