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Measuring Ecommerce Ad Attribution for Maximum Impact


When it comes to ad attribution across channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Google, many marketers only look at cost-per-click (CPC). They get excited by the number of clicks on their ads, invest more in the channels that led to the most clicks, and consider their job done.

What’s Going On With Online Grocery

Forrester eCommerce

Last week, IRI hosted its fourth annual Growth Summit in Denver (where some hapless attendees were snowed in by an unfortunate blizzard on the second day). For anyone not familiar with IRI, it is one of the world’s largest analytics firms. Among a slew of other assets, it has proprietary data from checkout registers, which […]. ebusiness strategy ecommerce omnichannel customer experience online retail retail

Checkout on Instagram is Coming: What It Is, Why It Matters, and When You Can Get It


Today, Instagram publicly announced their closed beta for checkout on Instagram in partnership with select ecommerce platforms including BigCommerce. Instagram’s… Product News

Visual Analysis Series: SEO Growth or Business Decline? eCommerce Edition


Data visualization is a powerful tool in the hands of those who try to answer the right question. For some it might be pretty pictures, others might build charts for the sake of it. For us, it’s something that should move minds in the right direction.

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Tips For E-Commerce Best Practices

An infographic listing the best practices companies can follow to bolster their e-commerce website.

Digital Myth No. 5 — Every Tech Vendor Is An Expert In Digital Transformation

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While every tech vendor seems to lay claim to being an expert in digital transformation, it stands to reason that not all can be. For sure, there are many vendors with experience helping clients create new customer or employee digital experiences, but this experience doesn’t make them experts in digital business transformation. For 20 years, […]. age of the customer digital agencies digital business digital disruption digital transformation

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Shape Shift Your Retail Offer With Software Defined Stores

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We’ve all learned about the advantages of software defined infrastructure. We don’t think twice about network or desktop virtualization. But what about using software to define, and remotely manage, store infrastructure and applications? Think about the rise of pop up stores or the rapid proliferation of store banners as retailers shape shift in anticipation of […]. age of the customer

What specifies a web application as a Progressive Web App (PWA)


Progressive Web Apps’ (PWAs) biggest draw is in their ability to adapt and provide the best overall mobile web experience regardless of what screen they’re being viewed on or what browser they’re being run on.

Hawes & Curtis further evolve its digital shopping experience with One iota

Retail Technology Review

Hawes & Curtis, the formal menswear and womenswear retailer, is collaborating with multi-channel technology specialist One iota to deploy their Assisted Sale iPad App across its stores nationwide. Retail Supply Chain Internet Retailing

Everything You Need To Know About ConvertPlug – Complete Review

Ecommerce Platforms

Are you struggling to build an email list? Consider ConvertPlug. A WordPress subscription plugin that helps you add different opt-in forms. Email marketing still remains one of the most powerful ways to target and stay connected to your customers.

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Boeing 737 MAX 8 grounding could impact on international e-commerce and parcels, warns ParcelHero

Retail Technology Review

The grounding of the world’s entire Boeing 737 Max 8 fleet could mean delays to overseas freight, warns the international delivery expert ParcelHero. David Jinks MILT, Head of Consumer Research at ParcelHero says: ‘Across the world, anyone planning to send a parcel or waiting for a typical 2-3-day international parcel service could find unexpected delays.’. Internet Retailing Critical Issues

Why Marketing and Your POS Have More in Common Than You Think

Teamwork Retail

The retail world has been revolutionized. The way retailers engage with customers has completely changed from what it was less than a decade ago. With the advances in technology and addition of smart phones, customers can now access a brand anywhere, at any time, from almost any device.

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commercetools and BloomReach launch digital experience ecommerce solution for retailers and brands

Retail Technology Review

commercetools, the next-generation commerce software solutions provider, and BloomReach, the digital experience platform company, have released an integrated version of their commerce and digital experience platforms. The Starter Store comprising BloomReach and commercetools is targeted at upper mid-size retailers and brands. Internet Retailing Retail Supply Chain

How a Digital eCommerce Agency Works


If you haven't worked at or with an eCommerce marketing agency before, understanding what we do and how we do it often leads to a number of questions: How does an agency operate? What benefits can an agency offer? How much does an agency cost?

Econocom launches solution to improve retail customer experience

Retail Technology Review

Econocom has introduced its dedicated retail solution – Econocom Retail – designed to align the online and offline technology elements of the customer buying journey. The solution was developed as part of Econocom’s wider strategic approach that focuses on placing the technology end-user at the heart of any digital transformation project. Internet Retailing Retail Supply Chain

[Webinar Recap] How to Maximize Sales with APIs


So you created an amazing app, product, or platform—do you know what it takes to sell it? Or maybe you’re already selling your digital product. That’s great, but who doesn’t want more sales? Many companies are turning to powerful Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to help them enhance their ecommerce experience and turn more shoppers into loyal customers.

B2B ecommerce lagging behind B2C for customer experience

Retail Technology Review

Poor product visualisation is preventing almost a quarter of B2B customers from making purchases online, according to a new report by full-service e-commerce agency PushON. Internet Retailing Critical Issues

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Edge SEO for eCommerce: How to Spend Less for Faster SEO Implementation

Inflow Insights

eCommerce companies trying to improve their SEO often run into a host of bottlenecks that get in the way.

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How to fast track past eBay seller limits.


When you sign up for an eBay store , there will initially be eBay seller limits in place. Limits vary, but if you’re new to eBay your limits will probably be around 10 items and $500. Limiting sales for new sellers helps to keep eBay a trusted marketplace.

6 Tips to Ensure You Never Run Out of T-Shirt Design Ideas

Bootstrapping Ecommerce

More beautiful t-shirt design ideas are just a couple clicks away! Try out these 6 tips to create better t-shirt designs your customers will love. The post 6 Tips to Ensure You Never Run Out of T-Shirt Design Ideas appeared first on Bootstrapping Ecommerce. Branding & Design

Chart Broken in Magento 1 & 2 Admin Dashboard – Reasons & Hotfix

Onilab User Guides

Apparently today, March 19, 2019, Google Image Charts API finally broke Magento 1 and Magento 2 dashboard charts. Despite an ample notice from the Google Charts API dev team, this news came unexpectedly for the majority of the Magento community.

What Kind of Loyalty Do Your Customers Have?


When you hear the term “customer loyalty,” what do you think of? While it’s easy to lump the concept of loyalty into one heart-covered box, it’s actually more layered than that. Commerce Tips

Modern Retail Fulfillment Techniques


Modern Retail Fulfillment Techniques. Retail fulfillment is the transfer of goods to a customer after they have purchased products. The simple case is the ‘store purchase’, where fulfillment takes place immediately.

Ecommerce Google Analytics Metrics to Monitor


Wouldn’t it be great if you could read your customers’ minds? How about predicting the future? At the very least, it’d be nice to know about potential threats before it’s too late.

[PROSPER SHOW] Advertising is Helping Amazon’s Business, Let it Helps Yours Too

ROI Revolution

Day one of Prosper Show just wrapped, and we’ve got a detailed recap from today’s keynote, Forrester Research Analyst Collin Colburn.

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Ecommerce Personalization Tips from Overstock, Cosabella, and Trade Coffee: ShopTalk ’19

Blue Acorn

In the past, a brand’s ecommerce strategies required a tradeoff between mass reach and a focus on customer segmentation. Luckily, advances in content management and digital marketing technologies have eliminated the need for a tradeoff between precision and reach. Personalizing the user experience across the entire customer journey demands the mastering of data collection to leverage for targeted messaging, personalized content, and engaging experiences.

4 Retail Trends Specialty Retailers Need to Know


In the past few years, there have been a number of new technologies that have surfaced and are leading the charge in retail trends; think artificial intelligence, increased automation, and virtual or augmented reality.