Mon.Sep 19, 2022

How To Sell On eBay – The Ultimate Beginners Guide

My Wife Quit Her Job

Most people know eBay as a place to sell used items lying around the house. But over the years, eBay has evolved into a leading online marketplace where you can resell new products or even your own private label brands.

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3 disruptive retail trends, and why retailers must adapt

Retail Dive

The retail landscape is changing at an ever-increasing pace, enabling some retailers to gain competitive advantages

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423: A Controversial Way To Grow Your Email List Fast With Adam Robinson

My Wife Quit Her Job

I’m going to say this upfront. This episode may blow your mind. It’s about building an email list fast, but in a way that is slightly controversial. Your first reaction is probably gonna be “Oh my goodness, is this even legal? I would never do that.”

Puma debuts shoes, tights made from recycled materials

Retail Dive

The Re:Collection line is made with between 20% and 100% recycled materials and comes on the back of a biodegradable shoe launch earlier this year

Management Techniques for Offshore Employees

This whitepaper looks at the changes and challenges that stem from remote hiring and current HR trends that address them. Download this comprehensive guide to learn more!

Purple Shares Ascend Following Coliseum Capital Management Acquisition Bid

Retail TouchPoints

Purple Innovation has confirmed that investment firm Coliseum Capital Management made an unsolicited, non-binding proposal to acquire all outstanding capital stock of the digitally native mattress company for $4.35 per share on Sept. 17, 2022.

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Retail Minded

Lexington, Ky. – As the retail industry gears up for the 2022 holiday shopping season and looks ahead to another new year, the Kentucky Retail Federation (KRF) will host its inaugural Retail Recharge Conference presented by Yelp in Lexington on Tuesday, October 25, 2022. .

The billion dollar impact of order claim fraud

Retail Dive

With the growth of online shopping, ecommerce retailers should be turning their attention to another type of fraud with potentially far greater impact on the bottom line

Retail Reset: Dealing with a Tight Labor Market While Keeping Existing Frontliners Happy

Retail TouchPoints

A customer has a question but can’t find anyone to help. When they finally track someone down, the employee doesn’t know the answer. Maybe the employee pages someone. Or, if you’re lucky, the employee has a walkie-talkie and they call for help. Then, everyone waits.

5 retail trends driving new imperatives in 2022

Retail Dive

Oracle Retail's Mike Webster shares key trends and how to leverage the power of a retail platform

Why Offshoring is Better than Outsourcing

Offshoring and outsourcing are not interchangeable, as they differ in purpose depending on what drives the need behind the hiring decision. In this whitepaper, we clarify what offshoring and outsourcing are, along with the unique use cases they address.

Good Food Holdings Opens Connected Store Powered by Smart Carts and Electronic Shelf Tags

Retail TouchPoints

Good Food Holdings and Instacart will open the first Instacart Platform-powered Connected Store at a Bristol Farms location in Irvine, Calif. The supermarket will utilize the Connected Stores experience to help shoppers move seamlessly between the retailer’s app, website and in-store experience.

How Patagonia’s shakeup challenges marketers to act on sustainability

Retail Dive

As the outdoor retailer makes good on its Earth-loving promise in an exceptional way, the bar for value-driven commitments has been elevated

Compact Cashierless Technology Boosts Sales at Sports Stadiums

Retail TouchPoints

More than nine locations at NFL venues, including Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium and Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tenn., have incorporated cashierless technology from Zippin ahead of the new football season.

For Peloton, 2022 has been a rough ride

Retail Dive

The at-home gym company — along with its stock price — was riding on a high during the pandemic. Consumers brought it back to reality in 2022

7 Secrets of Effective Management for Remote Employees and Teams

In this white paper, we will review in more detail the challenges that virtual team managers face as remote work accelerates, and how companies are successfully overcoming these challenges with creative problem-solving.

Sam’s Club Expands Retail Media Offering to Aid Product Discovery

Retail TouchPoints

Sam’s Club has partnered with ecommerce advertising solution Pacvue to help brands that advertise on the retailers’ site reach the right consumers at the right moment.

Purple receives takeover bid

Retail Dive

Coliseum Capital Management offered to buy the remaining common stock for $4.35 a share, a roughly 56% premium from the brand’s Friday closing price

What’s Driving Skincare Brand Bubble’s Explosive Growth? Its Community of Gen Zers

Retail TouchPoints

It’s easy to understand why the skincare market exploded during the pandemic. Working from home and sheltered in place, consumers focused less on detailed makeup looks and more on reliable skincare routines that cleared blemishes and gave Zoom-captured faces a glow.

Walmart Canada turns to automated AI solution to curb out-of-stocks

Retail Dive

Following a 70-store pilot, the retailer is rolling out Focal Systems’ computer vision cameras to scan shelves at predetermined intervals and alert workers to restock products

A Quick Guide to Shopping for Fulfillment

5 Factors to Consider When Comparing 3PLs

Open Ecosystem Integrations Are Better for Renters, Property Management Companies, and the Multifamily Industry Alike


A guest post by Funnel Leasing on why a commitment to meaningful integrations to drive excellent experience for operators, teams, and renters is essential to the future of multifamily. . Gone are the days of walled garden multifamily tech.

Top 11 Shopping Cart Abandonment Reasons for 2022 with Resolutions


It’s already 2022. Still, cart abandonment remains a major problem among most eCommerce businesses. Per SaleCycle, the latest cart abandonment rate is 81.08%. The travel sector tops at 87.08% followed by the fashion industry (84.43%) and the retail sector (77.01%).

Q&A with the Experts: Amazon Advertising Best Practices for the Holidays


The holidays are fast approaching and brands and retailers of all sizes are busy with preparations. To help sellers prepare for the season ahead, we decided to highlight some advice from our Managed Services experts in a Q&A blog series. .

Why You Must Assess Experiences For Inclusion — And How 

Forrester Digital Transformation

You want to create inclusive experiences for your customers. You have a diverse and inclusive design team and practice inclusive design. But once you create the experiences you wanted, how do you know if you succeeded in making them truly inclusive?

A Master's Guide to B2B: How Listening to Your Customers Can Grow Your Business

Speaker: Adam Dorfman, Head of Product Growth at Reputation & Michele Bettinazzi, Customer Experience Manager at PeakMade Real Estate

Improved marketing conversion, happy customers, and faster growth - that’s only three things that can be accomplished by just listening to your customers. Customer feedback is an extremely invaluable tool to keeping retention high, attracting new business, and improving the general operations of your business. The question is - how do you capture all this? Join Adam Dorfman, Head of Product Growth at Reputation & Michele Bettinazzi, Customer Experience Manager at PeakMade Real Estate, for this essential discussion on the ins and outs of brokering the optimal customer interaction.

Distribution And Warehousing 101: Is It Right For Your Small Business?

Retail Minded

As a small entrepreneur, you want to use strategies that will help your business grow and gain a competitive advantage in the market. And as you’re figuring out different ways to do that, one question that comes to mind is whether distribution and warehousing 101 are beneficial for your business.

Show Me The Value (Of Emerging Technology)

Forrester Digital Transformation

Learn which two of Forrester's top 10 emerging technologies can deliver value to your organization today. Age of the Customer Cloud Computing Trends Core Tech Strategy Emerging Technology technology-driven innovation

How To Boost Your Online Retail Business With Video Marketing

Retail Minded

The retail sector is evolving continuously. The evolution is necessary to serve the increasing needs of modern consumers. However, retailers need to communicate the same to their target audience.

Three Things US And Canada Government Mobile Websites Need To Fix Now

Forrester Digital Transformation

When we set out to do a Digital Experience Review™ of US and Canada government websites, my colleagues and I started by checking to see which sites were most heavily used and how they’re accessed.

Negative Reviews & Online Feedback Happens - But Where Do You Go From Here?

Speaker: Adam Dorfman, Head of Product Growth at Reputation and Jeremy Shubitz, Director of Marketing at Bosley

Responding to online negative feedback can be challenging. What should you say? What should you not say? Should you even respond? In today's, your customers will be not only your biggest advocates but also your biggest critics. However, negative feedback can offer actionable insights to build a stronger product and customer experience.

Q&A with the Experts: Amazon Advertising Best Practices for the Holidays


The holidays are fast approaching and brands and retailers of all sizes are busy with preparations. To help sellers prepare for the season ahead, we decided to highlight some advice from our Managed Services experts in a Q&A blog series. .

Lululemon founder pledges $76 million to protect British Columbia wilderness

Retail Wire

Lululemon Athletics founder Chip Wilson and his wife, Summer, have pledged $75.8 million to acquire and protect wilderness space in Canada’s British Columbia. Our vision for our family is providing components for people to live a longer, healthier, and more fun life.

Why Leveraging the Power of an SMM Agency is Imperative

Digital Doughnut

Have you ever wondered why your social media marketing posts don't reach the intended audience? Do you obsess over understanding Facebook and Instagram algorithms? Did you know that Twitter posts have a character limit?