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Stay Ahead Of Your Customers With Continuous Delivery

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If you regularly follow the financial markets, it’s hard to ignore the growth generated by the FAANG stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google).

How To Use Facebook Dynamic Retargeting Ads To Generate A 12x Return On Ad Spend

My Wife Quit Her Job

Four Things You Must Do Right Now To Rock Your 2018 Holiday

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Over $1 trillion (no typo) — that’s how big 2017 holiday topline sales were in the US and Europe combined. As for online sales specifically last year, Forrester projected $129 billion in the US and €54 billion in Europe.

Shopping in Instagram Stories Now Available for BigCommerce Customers


Today, BigCommerce is proud to announce Shopping in Instagram Stories availability and support for all BigCommerce customers. If you are a BigCommerce customer and already using Shopping on Instagram, you can now begin to use Shopping in Instagram Stories. Example of a Shopping story on Instagram.

Personalization: The Key To A Powerful Customer Loyalty Program

Retail TouchPoints

By Brian Cleary, RedPoint Global The number of customers that actively use their loyalty program memberships has decreased dramatically. According to a study by Bond Brand Loyalty, the average customer belongs to more than 14 loyalty programs; however, they are only active in about half of them.

And now… presenting the 2018 ESM Wave!

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The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Service Management, Q3 2018, is live! Take IT service management, add the age of the customer, stir in some employee experience (EX) and a healthy dose of low/no-code platform, and voilà! Enterprise service management (ESM)! Or if you prefer a more traditional description, we define ESM as: Extending IT service management […]. age of the customer IT process automation IT service management (ITSM) IT services

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Sales And Service Tech: Two Sides Of The Same Coin?

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Automation and AI are changing the nature of work. Every company job – including every front-office job, will be impacted. Always-available commerce and intelligent guided-selling solutions erode field sales teams. Automated self-service obsoletes generalists and tier 1 customer service agents. This means that inside sales teams are now handling more highly considered purchases. Customer service […]. CRM applications customer relationship management (CRM) CRM customer service

Words Work When They’re Readable

Rishi Rawat

10 years ago the web was slow as a snail so websites were simple: black font with a white background. Today, because CSS is a thing and slow internet isn’t we’ve started designing the crap out of pages. I can’t tell you how many sites I encounter that use a charcoal gray font color.

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Video: Boost Customer Engagement With Personalized Video

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When a car insurance company wanted to boost customer engagement during the onboarding process, it turned to personalized video. No longer a gimmick, brands across verticals use the technology to create unique customer experiences at scale. And the videos resonated with the customers of Geoffrey Insurance: An overwhelming majority of them watched the entire video. […].

How To Create A Landing Page For Shopify [With Best Practices]


Get 21 Day Extended Free Trial of Shogun Shopify App & Level Up Your Shopify Landing Pages Not only do they create leads, keep your website tidy, and help you discover what offers actually work they also allow you get an inside look at your audience.

Stripe Moving into Point of Sale Transaction Processing

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Stripe, one of the leading payment providers for online and platform businesses announced today “Stripe Terminal” to tackle the merchant challenges around in-person payments. Stripe’s solution combines several of the technology components that go into in-person payments and works to abstract the complexity away for merchants and developers. In-person payments are operationally challenging for merchants. […]. online retail retail

How to Start an Online Marketplace

A Better Lemonade Stand

Start an online marketplace just like Amazon, Etsy or Airbnb! Learn all about online marketplaces, how to start one & how to successfully run one. The post How to Start an Online Marketplace appeared first on A Better Lemonade Stand. Operations & Customer Service Product & Niche Selection Resources & Tools Sourcing Suppliers

Top 5 Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Monitoring Tips You Should Follow


Minimum advertised price (MAP) monitoring is a concept within the e-commerce world that affects customers, vendors, and manufacturers. As an e-commerce vendor, you know you have control over what you price your products at.

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How to turn whatever you sell into an eCommerce subscription


Willing to think outside the litter box? If so you’ll discover what’s known as the subscription economy- a beautiful place where products and services never before imagined as being prime subscription candidates are providing high-growth eCommerce brands with predictable recurring revenue.

Black Friday Ideas for Your eCommerce Store


With the holiday season comes some of the most important days of the year for your business: Black Friday and Cyber Week. That’s right, it’s time to kick it into gear and start planning for the biggest sale of the year! You need to make your company stand out from the competition.

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Video Ad Specs for Every Social Media Channel (Updated 2018)

CPC Strategy

In social media, video ads are one of the most effective ways to both reach and engage your potential customers. But like everything. Read More. The post Video Ad Specs for Every Social Media Channel (Updated 2018) appeared first on Retail Performance Marketing Blog - CPC Strategy. Social Media Marketing

A/B Testing on The Digital Shelf: At The Whiteboard


How can you determine what content is working to drive discovery and performance and what's not? There's a lot of noise about how to perform well on X Retailer, but savvy brands need to go deeper to understand how to improve product performance across the digital shelf.