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CX SF 2019: Step Up To The High-Stakes Future Of Experience Design

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If you’re a customer experience (CX) professional, you know that experience quality drives growth — Forrester’s data proves it — and that CX is customers’ perceptions of their interactions with your company.

Direct-To-Consumer Brands: How To Successfully Break Into Brick-And-Mortar

Retail TouchPoints

By Jamie Crespi, Blis Direct-to-consumer brands have been wildly successful the last few years — look at makeup and skincare company Glossier, which was just valued at $1.2 billion.

Uncovering The Enterprise Risks Posed By Consumer Connected Devices

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Consumer connected devices are presenting increasingly attractive targets to cybercriminals, putting home networks and potentially enterprise assets at risk.

How To Buy From Alibaba Safely (Without Getting Ripped Off)

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If you’ve been following my blog and podcast, you know that I do a lot of my sourcing from China. In fact, I travel to the Canton Fair in GuangZhou, China every other year to look for suppliers and figure out how to get the most bang for my buck.

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Realizing ROI in an Omnichannel Rich Retail 4.0 Environment

Welcome to Retail 4.0. This is the land of opportunity where retailers connect with shoppers and drive sales in a way like never before. With this eBook, you’ll learn about the advanced technologies that are available to create a seamless integrated omnichannel experience.

Enterprise Meets Consumer Security: Exploring Approaches To Protect Employees At Home

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Does your organization have a strategy for protecting employees at home as a part of your overall cybersecurity program? Something that could include, but really goes to a place that is beyond awareness training? If you answered no, you’re not alone Employee privacy is a big reason why not.

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FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

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Facebook Has Brought Us To A Tipping Point Facebook is appointing what its leader calls a “supreme court” for resolving issues in content censorship. This oversight board will be appointed by Facebook; therefore, it is fraught with conflict-of-interest from the get-go.

The Google Ads Strategy of Glossier (Case study)

Store Growers

Glossier is one of the direct to consumer beauty brands that are challenging the established beauty conglomerates. Their millennial customers can’t resist the minimalist look and close interaction. They have a very carefully crafted image which makes it seem that customers emerge out of thin air.

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Marketing Unboxed: The Honest Company’s Marketing Cleans Up


Looking for sustainable and organic products for your home? The Honest Company has you covered. The CPG brand offers products like diapers, body wash, and cleaning spray via convenient recurring subscriptions.

3 AI tools to help predict ecommerce consumer behavior


Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to substitute humans in different tasks including the ones that require professional analysis.

Real-time Personalization Guidebook: 10 Tips to Improve eCommerce Conversions

Conversion rate remains the most important metric for measuring success. This guidebook reveals 10 tips to improve eCommerce conversion rates, and insight into how an AI-powered personalization platform can dramatically improve performance.

What is Shopify Shipping and How Does it Work?


Shipping is one of the most time-consuming and frustrating parts of running an ecommerce business. If you’re just starting out, you might use more than one platform to process orders, calculate shipping, create and print labels, and ship products.

The Email Address Sits at the Center of D2C Strategy


D2Cs have become journalist catnip as of late, and it makes sense. The exits are astronomical and it’s a way to talk about how technology is leveraged by marketers in a way that doesn’t lead to a self-lobotomy. The Wall Street Journal had a great piece recently: The Ad Industry Has High Hopes for Direct-to-Consumer Businesses. It’s behind a paywall but honestly, you should pay for a WSJ subscription.

PERQ Closes $6 Million Series A Funding Round


Poplar Ventures L.P. led funding, included additional investors from within the Midwest silicon corridor and tech community; investment will fuel the expansion of PERQ and its Marketing Cloud Technology.

Inbound Call Conversion Tracking for eCommerce: A Guide to Getting Started

Inflow Insights

In this guide, you’ll learn the best practices for tracking inbound phone calls to your eCommerce store. If inbound calls are an important part of your business and you want: More conversions Less wasted ad spend More accurate + insightful analytics.

Tips For E-Commerce Best Practices

An infographic listing the best practices companies can follow to bolster their e-commerce website.

6 Low Investment Business Ideas for Online Entrepreneurs

A Better Lemonade Stand

No cash flow? No problem. These 6 low investment business ideas require very little cash to get up and running. Check them out! The post 6 Low Investment Business Ideas for Online Entrepreneurs appeared first on A Better Lemonade Stand. Product & Niche Selection


How To Reduce Credit Card Fraud On Your Online Store


Consumers spent $517.36 billion online with U.S. merchants in 2018 , up 15% from $449.88 billion spent the year prior, according to a new Internet Retailer analysis of industry data and historical U.S. Commerce Department figures.

Manage Stock on Etsy with Free Inventory Spreadsheet


The Etsy shop you started as a side income has grown to become a much more substantial business. Nice work! Now it’s time to put some better tools in place. Keeping track of inventory with a paper checklist worked in the past, but now you need a better system.

IRCE 2019 in Review: Online Marketplaces Trends & Data

ROI Revolution

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, with exciting new innovations and tactics being used every day to 1) give customers exactly what they’re looking for and 2) drive profitable growth.

Top 5 Surprising Things about CTA Buttons in e-Commerce We Found out A/B Testing

Onilab User Guides

We all know CTA buttons. Those little nuggets are responsible for conversions, customer engagement, and collection of users’ data. There are hundreds of guides on the e-Commerce CTA button design and most of them feature advice on color choice, button size, and placement.

How to Improve Your Rewards Program with Effective Email Marketing

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on July 27, 2017 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on July 8, 2019. Reward Program Strategy

What You Need in Your Abandoned Cart Templates


Cart recovery emails are an essential way to recover sales from the 87% of consumers who abandon carts — resulting in $18 billion of lost revenue annually. Shoppers abandon carts. The post What You Need in Your Abandoned Cart Templates appeared first on Bronto Blog. Cart Recovery Email Marketing

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5 Ways You Can Nurture Your Loyalty Program with Email Marketing


Its share of the U.S. ecommerce market is nearly half so it’s safe to say that Amazon’s customer base includes pretty much everyone. Each year, the average regular shopper spends $600 on Amazon, while Prime members spend more than double: $1,400.

Smoke, mirrors, and other obstacles along the way to ethical AI

Dynamic Yield

Issues we're starting to see the industry run into and why there needs to be a greater degree of responsibility when it comes to algorithm design. The post Smoke, mirrors, and other obstacles along the way to ethical AI appeared first on Dynamic Yield. Engineering AI Selection Bias Transfer learnin

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