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Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Comes Of Age

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Maturing Into A Horizontal Channel Management Platform Aligned With CRM and Marketing Automation. Channel and alliance leaders are known to be good jugglers.

Order From Chaos: Technology’s Role In The Modern Retail Co-Op

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By Andreas Reiffen, Crealytics Marketing co-ops are hardly a new concept. But an explosion of new brands and marketplaces means that large retailers are now selling wares from thousands of different companies.

The Automation We Need Is Not The Automation We Deserve

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At TechEd Barcelona last month, SAP announced that its was adding Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to its software suite, starting early 2019. Two aspects of this announcement are particularly interesting.


MOQ – How To Get Lower Minimum Order Quantities With Suppliers

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When it comes to manufacturing your own private label products, you are likely to come across the term MOQ. MOQ stands for minimum order quantity and it’s the least amount of product that a manufacturer is willing to produce for you per production run. Why do manufacturers have a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)? When it comes to working with factories, it doesn’t make sense for a manufacturer to produce items for you unless they can make a decent profit on the transaction.


To Thrive In Retail, Obsess About Your Customers And Invest In Your Associates

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Forrester’s CX Index research shows that, year on year, retail performance is still not reaching levels of “excellence.” Instead retailer performance clusters around the “okay” level. There are of course bright sparks, with retailers like John Lewis out performing peers but even they are only reaching “good.” So what is holding retailers back from reaching […]. age of the customer customer experience online retail retail Customer Experience (CX) digital retail

Salehoo Review 2018 – Wholesale and Dropshipping Supplier

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If you are reading this review of Salehoo then it's very likely that you are considering setting up a dropshipping or wholesale model for your ecommerce business. And why not? Firstly, dropshipping allows you to reach out to suppliers, who fulfil and ship those orders directly to your customers.

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Amazon Advertising Launches New Targeting Options For Sponsored Products


On November 1, Amazon Advertising launched “product targeting,” an exciting new way for Amazon advertisers to target ads via the popular Sponsored Products ad program.

Facebook Attribution: A New Tool To Track Cross-channel Conversions

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Facebook has just released Facebook Attribution to give advertisers a clearer picture of their customer journey across multiple channels and devices. The measurement tool. Read More. The post Facebook Attribution: A New Tool To Track Cross-channel Conversions appeared first on Retail Performance Marketing Blog - CPC Strategy. Facebook

Successfully crowdfunded your Kickstarter product: Now what?


Kickstarter is a great crowdfunding platform for budding entrepreneurs with a good idea but not enough capital to design and build a product. manufacturing eCommerce Wholesale Inventory Management Popular Posts

Introducing Amazon Sponsored Products New Product Targeting Features

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As of now, Amazon advertisers will have more control on the way they target customers with Sponsored Product Ads using product targeting. Advertisers. Read More. The post Introducing Amazon Sponsored Products New Product Targeting Features appeared first on Retail Performance Marketing Blog - CPC Strategy. Amazon Sponsored Products

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6 Nitty-Gritty Sales Techniques to Boost an eCommerce Website: Technical Implementation With Examples

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“He who owns the information, owns the world,” W.Churchill. Selling goods through the Internet has become one of the most important directions in sales ages ago.

Hard Lessons from Designing My First Product


[Intro to come from Laura]. You’ll learn: [Bullets to come from Laura]. Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher. With your host Andrew Youderian of ).

The Ultimate Shipping Strategy Cheat Sheet

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The best tools, resources, advice & information you need to create a branded shipping strategy for your ecommerce business. The post The Ultimate Shipping Strategy Cheat Sheet appeared first on A Better Lemonade Stand. Branding & Design Resources & Tools Shipping & Fulfillment Shipping and Fulfillment

NAVER Corp joins funding to conclude $38M Series D

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NAVER, one of Korea’s largest Internet companies, has joined the round with a capital investment of $5M and along with other investors have brought the Series D to $38M. The post NAVER Corp joins funding to conclude $38M Series D appeared first on Dynamic Yield.

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How to Adapt to the Shift in B2B Commerce


Amazon Business saw annual revenue of $10 billion this year, up from $1 billion in 2015, the year it launched.

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Using AI to Strengthen Your Ecommerce Business


Artificial intelligence has infiltrated all facets of marketing and eCommerce in the last few years. As AI capabilities and tools increase in performance, it is more important than ever for online sellers to leverage technology to earn business. The following is a look at some practical tips to help you use artificial intelligence to build a stronger eCommerce business. Leverage Shopping Platforms that Use AI Well.