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I am pleased to announce that Forrester and SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) are partnering for the second year in a row to field a Search Marketing Survey.

6 Insider Hacks to Beat Twitter’s Algorithm For More Retweets and Followers


If you’re a regular Twitter user, there’s a good chance you like to avoid some of the statistics that float… Ecommerce Marketing Social Selling

New Tech Spotlight: Let’s Get Real About Extended Reality

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This morning I came across a story about Warby Parker’s new “virtual try-on” capability. It seems the 8-year old eCommerce company is dipping it’s toes back into augmented reality (AR).

Shopify Pricing Plans: How To Save Money And Which Plan To Choose

My Wife Quit Her Job

When it comes to starting your own online store, Shopify is one of the best platforms out there. But the main problem with Shopify is that it can be hard to decide which Shopify pricing plan to go with or how much it costs when you factor in the cost of 3rd party apps.

Tips For E-Commerce Best Practices

An infographic listing the best practices companies can follow to bolster their e-commerce website.

Forrester’s Latest Infographic: Consumers Don’t Believe the Chatbot Hype

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Consumers really don’t like your chatbot. It’s not exactly a relationship built to last – a few clicks here, a few sentences there – but Forrester Analytics shows us very clearly that, to consumers, your chatbot isn’t exactly “swipe right” material. That’s unfortunate, because using a chatbot for customer service can be incredibly effective when […]. chatbots customer experience customer service CX Forrester Analytics

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Super Bowl LIII Ad Themes: Dystopian Robotics and Uplifting Values

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Pity the Poor Robots Q2 was all about robots and AI: Pringles, Google Translation, Mercedes A-Class, TurboTax Live and Sprint, while Michelob slipped a robot ad into early Q3 and Alexa appeared in Q4.


A Vend POS Review: Everything You Need to Know

Ecommerce Platforms

Are you an e-commerce store owner, looking to set up a traditional brick and mortar store? Or, are you looking for a better POS system than the one you already have? If so, Vend POS might be the perfect solution for you. After all, 20,000 other sellers seem to be satisfied with their service!

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Join our 2019 Search Marketing Survey

Forrester eCommerce

I am pleased to announce that Forrester and SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) are partnering for the second year in a row to field a Search Marketing Survey.

How to Set Up Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

CPC Strategy

Knowing which traffic sources your visitors are coming from, which pages they engage with, and ultimately what leads to conversion are key insights. Read More. The post How to Set Up Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics appeared first on Retail Performance Marketing Blog - CPC Strategy.

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Participate In The Forrester Tech Tide™: Storage Technologies For Business Data

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Enterprises have a variety of applications; the sheer scale of data volumes, data types, and business processes associated with them are putting unprecedented pressure on storage infrastructure. These business demands mean that technologies developed a decade ago are no longer able to serve the demands of today and tomorrow. The once stodgy world of storage […

Retailers’ pointless pursuit of the promiscuous shopper

Steve Dennis

I’m not sure who said it first, but it’s certainly true that great brands don’t chase customers , they attract customers to them. But I think it goes deeper than that. This week, as many retailers close their books for the fiscal year, those that remain stuck in the boring middle are very likely to experience weakening margins–or margins that remain materially below industry averages.

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How to Deploy Video Content on Your Product Pages


It’s important to treat your product pages as more than an information depot. Customers and visitors alike are looking for engagement — and something unique. Video content can help.

8 Tips for Writing Masterful Ecommerce Microcopy


Better conversion rates, happier customers, more sales — you can pack a lot into just a line or two of microcopy. As we explained in our previous post about ecommerce microcopy , a quick line of text can do wonders for your UX.

Service Metrics Reminder (and Webinar) for eBay Sellers


S tarting October 1, 2018, eBay began enforcing a new regulation (first announced in its Summer Seller Update ) that would subject sellers to an additional 4% final value fee if they have very high rates of “item not as described” returns.

The Best Way to Prevent Chargeback Fraud

CPC Strategy

The rise of ecommerce has made it easy for shoppers everywhere to get what they want when they want it. Unfortunately, it’s also. Read More. The post The Best Way to Prevent Chargeback Fraud appeared first on Retail Performance Marketing Blog - CPC Strategy. Ecommerce chargebacks ecommerce General eCommerce Strategy

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eCommerce Checkout Best Practices to Increase Conversion


Most eCommerce businesses understand the power of first impressions. Without compelling visuals, clear calls to action and fast load times, brands significantly decrease their odds of attracting and converting customers.

Episerver Website Development


Resource Link: Episerver Website Development Grouping Letter: E


How efficient were Romanian eCommerce stores in 2018


In 2018, the average conversion rate of online stores increased from 1.30% to 1.53%, from 2017. The statistics are based on a representative analysis conducted by Omniconvert on a sample of 772 million visits registered by the 300 most important Romanian e-commerce stores. Omniconvert is a Conversion Optimization and A / B testing company in Romania, with a strong focus on the… The post How efficient were Romanian eCommerce stores in 2018 appeared first on eCommerce Growth Blog

Big Commerce


Resource Link: Big Commerce Website Development Grouping Letter: B


Walmart Is Doubling Down on Personalization — Both Online and In-Store


There was a time when Walmart seemed poised to be Amazon’s largest casualty. The ecommerce behemoth continued to make shopping more convenient and steamroll competitors while Walmart experienced a series of rough quarters.

Shopify Plus Website Development


Resource Link: Shopify Plus Website Development Grouping Letter: S

Protecting Your Business from eCommerce Fraud


While the internet gives sellers access to a massive global audience, it also, unfortunately, attracts malicious buyers looking to take advantage of unwitting companies. To ensure that you do not fall victim to eCommerce fraud, it is important to recognize common tactics used by fraudsters and how to safeguard your online business.

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