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The Green New Deal Is Your Solution To Climate Change Risks

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If you are reading this for the snark and jokes, thank you. We are so sorry to disappoint you, because we’re not sure how to make corporate climate risks funny. Instead, let’s have a sober discussion about climate risk, and you can leave the jokes in the comment section.¹ What Is It?

Amazon Statistics You Should Know: Opportunities to Make the Most of America’s Top Online Marketplace


In the world of ecommerce, Amazon is a tool that online sellers simply cannot afford to ignore. In the 25… Selling on Amazon

Who Are You, Citizen Data Scientist?

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Everyone is talking about the citizen data scientist, but no one can define it (perhaps they know one when they see one). Here goes — the simplest definition of a citizen data scientist is: non-data scientist. That’s not a pejorative; it just means that citizen data scientists nobly desire to do data science but are […

The Four Best Ways To Grow Your Business As Told By A Social Media Influencer

Retail TouchPoints

By Rigel Cable, FLUID Growing a small business in 2019 requires technological savvy. This includes social media, web experience, digital marketing and activations. Here are some top tips to help small businesses succeed, taken from “big business” wisdom.

Tips For E-Commerce Best Practices

An infographic listing the best practices companies can follow to bolster their e-commerce website.

Unlock The Mysteries Of IoT Pricing

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Koninklijke Philips has come a long way since the Philips family began making lightbulbs in the Dutch city of Eindhoven in 1891. Today the company focuses on healthcare, but it wants to do more than just build and sell medical products.

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The Hidden Lesson In Big Beer’s Post-Super Bowl Antics (Hint: It’s Not About Fast Marketing)

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What everyone will remember most about “Super Bore LIII” is not the game or the ads but the post-game tit-for-tat between Big Beer brands Anheuser Busch InBev and MillerCoors. In case the game’s dullness induced you into a media-blocking stupor… Here’s what happened: ABI aired three Super Bowl ads blasting MC for using corn […]. advertising age of the customer agile branding

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Shoptalk: what to know before you go


So, you’ve made up your mind and you’re heading to Shoptalk. Now what? If you’re a brand or retailer, the first thing you want to do is see if you qualify for a complimentary event ticket.

How to Drive Traffic to your Etsy Shop using Instagram


Etsy is by far the best ecommerce platform for creative entrepreneurs, and for good reason: it’s a fantastic site that allows craftsmen and artists to connect to their market and sell their artisanal works and handmade goods with a couple of clicks of their mouse.

O2O: 4 Easy Ways To Drive Online to Offline Store Visits Via Social Media


As online mobile shopping grows, omnichannel retailers should take advantage of social media’s […]. The post O2O: 4 Easy Ways To Drive Online to Offline Store Visits Via Social Media appeared first on The Omni Channel. Distributed Order Management eCommerce headless commerce o2o

Google Q4 2018 Earnings: Continued Growth Fueling Heavy Investments


Other than early-stage ventures with loads of venture capital, most businesses lack the ability to significantly invest not just in the near future, but in the long term as well. . Today’s tech giants are the exception to that rule. Google demonstrated that this week, reporting significant investments in both R&D (think: engineers) and capital expenditures (think: data centers, offices and servers) combined with continued, steady revenue growth.

How Apple and Jamf are changing retail

Jamf on Retail

Read how GOAT, the world's largest digital platform for rare and classic sneakers, streamlines the shopping experience and eliminates 10-15 IT help tickets a day in the process


How Retailers Like Lowe’s, L’Oréal and Disney Use Artificial Intelligence In Innovative Ways


Artificial intelligence represents one of the biggest and most exciting disruptions ever in technology. It’s absolutely going to be a differentiator for which brands win in the future — and the present.

How Pacific Cycle Elevated Product Experience and Customer Success Satisfaction Scores on


Case Study Salsify Chat Sports Toys & Games

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A Peek Inside Bill D’Alessandro’s Acquisition Machine


Bill D’Alessandro of Elements Brands is on the show today to share some business insights and lessons learned over the last year. Bill’s been working on his vision of buying a lot of different brands in the consumer goods space and bringing them under one roof as a bunch of small consumer brands, and he’s here to fill us in on how that’s been going.