March, 2018

7 Brands Discuss the Benefits of the New Cashless Economy and Apple Pay’s Growing Ubiquity


Technology is restructuring how money moves. From crypto-currencies to peer-topper payments and one-click checkouts, modern innovations are shifting the basic payment infrastructure of our economy. The gadget we carry in our pockets is becoming more than ever thought possible.

How To Ride The Technology Wave (And Not Get Swept Away)

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AI, blockchain, chatbot, digital identity, etc. there’s enough emerging technology in financial services to fill a whole alphabet book. And it’s difficult not to get swept off your feet by visions of bionic men, self-executing smart contracts, and virtual assistants that anticipate our every need.

We tested 1 Million Websites to see how Mobile-Friendly they are [Original Study]


Everyone is talking about the mobile-first world. The web as we know it is turning upside down. All because people are spending a lot more time on their mobile phones. We rolled up our sleeves and did a study. We analyzed the top 1 million websites in the world to see with our own eyes how mobile-friendly they really are. The post We tested 1 Million Websites to see how Mobile-Friendly they are [Original Study] appeared first on Canonicalized. Case studies SEO Analysis

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How ‘Going Live’ Helps Your Brand Connect With Your Customers

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By John Kueber, LiveShopCast QVC launched on Nov. 24, 1986 and sold $7,400 worth of merchandise in its first 24 hours of live programming. It would become one of the most effective retailing machines ever created, as it mimicked the homes and product values of a new generation of stay-at-home buyers.

Personalizing Ecommerce Emails? Use Dynamic Content


B2C marketers have to work harder than ever to personalize and customize email marketing campaigns. Buyers today simply expect personalized emails.

8 Essential Product Photography Tips For Amazon Sellers And Ecommerce Store Owners

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Let me just say it straight away: great product photography isn’t easy to achieve. But I’m not saying this to scare you. Rather, I’m saying this to comfort you.

The Benefits of B2B Ecommerce: “We Now Have a Thriving Business Thanks to the Internet”


It’s no secret that the rise of the internet heavily disrupted nearly all industries. As consumers gained immediate access to brand and product information, business sales cycles were thrown off.

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Reinventing Retail Customer Engagement


Customer engagement has always been crucial to retail. But what defines customer engagement today versus even ten years ago has changed dramatically. When […]. The post Reinventing Retail Customer Engagement appeared first on Zmags.

Retail’s New Hierarchy Of Needs: Transforming Your Operation To Meet The Needs Of Retail 2.0

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By Jennifer Sherman, Kibo No matter which lens we look through — from consumer expectations and behaviors, to in-store technology and reliance on online sales, to fulfillment and shipping — retail has transformed.

How the Customer Experience is Powering the Fastest Growing Brands


A form of this article originally appeared on Stitch Labs. Stitch Labs is a purpose-built inventory management software to help brands improve customer experience and scale efficiency. Download the original guide here.

202: The State Of Online And Retail Arbitrage On Amazon With Nate McCallister

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Today I’m thrilled to have Nate McCallister on the show. Nate is someone who I met at the Import Summit several years ago and he runs a bunch of sites and services related to Amazon.

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Promotional Effectiveness Metrics & Email Capture Benchmarks Across 10 Ecommerce Industries [2018 Report]


There’s a problem in ecommerce that needs to be addressed, and fast. Catch-all, batch-and-blast ‘expert’ advice that is not applicable to your business. Every store is different.

New Tech: Transportation Technology And The Self-Driving Economy

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Less than a year ago, my colleague Laura Koetzle and I published a report on the transformative effects of autonomous vehicles on the global economy.

Tableau & Google Analytics – Integrate, Expand, Create


Listen to the audio transcription of this article Love Google Analytics? Love Tableau? Why not bring them together? Us & Tableau We are working with Google Analytics every single day. Sometimes I get the feeling we’re investing too much time into it. When I re-discovered Tableau, I felt it brought a whole new perspective to […] The post Tableau & Google Analytics – Integrate, Expand, Create appeared first on Canonicalized. Analytics

Which Retailer Has The Best Chance To Fill The Void Left By Toys ‘R’ Us?

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Toys ‘R’ Us. recently announced it will be liquidating all of its stores just six months after filing for bankruptcy. Following the announcement, KB Toys returned from six feet under, announcing its plans to make a comeback in the wake of the demise of Toys ‘R’ Us.

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Are You a True Data-Driven B2C Marketer?


You’ve designed a very pretty marketing email and are ready to send it out to a dynamic segment that signed up for a 10% off promotion from your B2C brand. You send it out via your email marketing software and check in a couple of hours later. As a believer in data-driven marketing, you immediately look at the metrics. A 20% open rate, way to go! And a 10% click-through rate. These stats will make my boss so happy, you think.

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How To Use Facebook Messenger To Sell Online – A Guide To Building Chatbots For Ecommerce

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For the past year, I’ve been experimenting with Facebook Messenger marketing and Facebook Messenger chatbots and my results have been nothing short of incredible. Right now, my Facebook messenger marketing numbers are blowing my email marketing numbers out of the water. For example… My open rates are 5X better than email My click through rates are 8X better than email My revenue per subscriber is about 3.5X better than email Pretty amazing right?

Wholesale Ecommerce Explained: 1 Site, 3X Sales with Automation and Personalization for B2B Online Wholesalers


It’s hard not to start any article about B2B or wholesale ecommerce without dropping the market size bomb: Global B2B online sales surpassed $ 7.6 trillion in 2017. In the U.S. alone, B2B and wholesale ecommerce will top $1.1 trillion by 2021.

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Avoid These Top CX Misconceptions

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To provide great CX reliably and efficiently, companies must master the six competencies of customer experience management (CXM): research, prioritization, design, enablement, measurement, and culture.

4 Old-School Marketing Tactics Making a Comeback in 2018


Online marketing promises a holy grail of customer acquisition where you can flip a switch and watch leads waltz through the door. But that fairytale notion is becoming exceedingly rare and infinitely more difficult to achieve. More than 60% of marketers say their Facebook Ads aren’t working.

Discover How Managed Services Can Streamline In-Store Technology Deployment

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By Klaudia Tirico, Features Editor While it may not be as glamorous as launching a new mobile app or introducing virtual reality, having a streamlined process in place for in-store technology deployments is critical to controlling costs and avoiding customer service headaches.

The Empowered Marketer: Customer Retention is Everything in Ecommerce


. When it comes to ecommerce success metrics, customer retention is the only thing that matters to Dominic Coryell. Coryell is the Growth Advisor at Glambot , a site for makeup lovers to buy and sell used makeup. Because the company is offering a new type of service to its customers, it can sometimes be challenging to convert new buyers. It’s Coryell’s job to make sure the company not only converts new customers, but keeps existing buyers coming back again and again.

How To Do SEO For An Ecommerce Store And Rank In Search – The Definitive Guide

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The eventual success of your online store will depend on several factors. But probably the single most important factor will be where and how you are indexed in the search engines. Unlike social media and referral traffic, search engine traffic is consistent and predictable. If you rank in search, you will receive a steady stream of targeted traffic that you can depend on for sales. And best of all, it’s free!

How I Turned My Father’s 90s B2B Business into California’s Fastest Growing Online Succulent Seller


When my father bought and launched a succulent company called Mountain Crest Gardens to complement his tree seedling business back in the 1990s, it wasn’t a main focus of his.

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IBM Channel Executives Are Frustrated With The Pace Of Partners’ Transformation

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PartnerWorld kicked off in Las Vegas yesterday and, for the first time, colocated with IBM’s Think main event. The 1,000-plus partners who packed the MGM Grand Arena heard some great messaging around simplified programs, reduced contractual requirements, and a direct sales team who was finally getting channel religion delivered through its paychecks. It was a […].

9 Local E-Commerce Marketing Tips To Drive More Foot Traffic To Your Store


E-commerce is growing at a meteoric pace, and there is no doubt about it. According to a recent study by Statista , retail e-commerce sales worldwide reached $2.4 trillion in 2017 and are expected to reach 4.9 trillion in 2021. Interestingly, this growth pattern is not solely a retail B2C phenomenon.

5 Steps To Creating A Better In-Store Customer Experience

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By Derek Dykens, Cisco Traditional retailers are feeling immense pressure to improve the in-store customer experience as innovative, digital-first competitors continue to enter the brick-and-mortar space.

7 Major Takeaways from Shoptalk 2018


Shoptalk 2018 was huge — the world’s largest conference for B2C, retail, and ecommerce innovation sold out for the third time in a row with more than 8,500 attendees from some of the biggest brands in the world. However, there was so much happening all at once, it was all too easy to miss something at this expansive event.

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199: The Best Way To Source Private Label Products From China With Nathan Resnick Of Sourcify

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Nathan Resnick is someone who I met at The Hustle conference in San Francisco. He is the founder of Sourcify which is a company that helps you find manufacturers to produce your products. Prior to that, he owned 2 ecommerce companies, Yes Man Watches and Cork Supply Co. And recently, he was on the Hustle blog where he made 23k selling Conor McGregor F You Suits. Nathan is my go to guy when it comes to sourcing from China so enjoy this episode!

Subscription Ecommerce Websites Saw 4,461% Revenue Boom in 5 Years: 20 Brands Reaping the Benefits


Don’t even say it out loud: Subscription boxes are not dead. Heralded as the newest, greatest ecommerce strategy beginning around 2010, subscription box services like BirchBox, Trunk Club and Dollar Shave Club have not only made headlines – they’ve made billions.

Retailers Without Chat: A Missed Opportunity

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Chatting, by definition, is meaningless, trivial talk – but web “chatting” is anything but; it is starting to transform digital customer experiences. And it works. Customers want to use chat. Forty-five percent have used it to interact with a live agent in 2017. The companies that get it are moving towards a holistic chat strategy […]. customer engagement online chat sales

5 Hot Mobile Marketing Trends To Watch In 2018


Mobile devices have transformed how we consume content, making it essential that businesses that want to reach their target audience optimize their websites to respond to this trend.

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How Direct-To-Consumer Is Driving The Need For Real-Time In Retail

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By Thomas Hill, Kx Systems Real-time is the latest in a long line of terminology infiltrating the world of retail. So what is it, and why do you need to care?

WHITEPAPER: How To Take Omnichannel From Marketing Dream To Reality


It turns out that 86% of ecommerce marketers have still not implemented a full omnichannel marketing strategy for their brand. Crazy, right? . Take a look at some of the biggest data-centric challenges B2C marketers face today when attempting to implement an omnichannel strategy, and exactly what you can do to turn omnichannel into a marketing reality. The post WHITEPAPER: How To Take Omnichannel From Marketing Dream To Reality appeared first on Zaius.

201: Creative Ways To Run Facebook Ads To Sell Physical Products With Steve Weiss

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Today I’m happy to have Steve Weiss on the show. Steve runs which is a firm that specializes in customer acquisition. They consult with Facebook ads, Google ads, email marketing…you name it and they were ranked number 341 on the Inc 5000 for 2017. Anyway, Steve is a master of running Facebook ads in the context of ecommerce so today we’re going to pick his brain. Enjoy the episode!

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Shopping on Instagram Now Available to International Brands and Accounts


In fall 2017, Instagram and BigCommerce enabled shopping on Instagram for U.S. merchants through shop on Facebook. This feature allowed businesses to tag products in Instagram posts, making it easier for consumers to learn more about a product with a single tap, and streamlined the path to purchase. In beta, participating stores like Natori saw up to a 1,417% increase in traffic and sales from Instagram.

The Insurance Industry Is A Prime Target For AI Technologies And Solutions

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In their quest to become digital insurers, insurance carriers have a revolutionary opportunity to improve their businesses with new and emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. It is certainly a balancing act to find that perfect peanut butter-and-jelly combination of operational efficiency and customer engagement, however I believe many insurance carriers to be up to the […]. artificial intelligence (AI) customer experience Insurance risk management