February, 2018

Retired Women: Retail’s Savior?

Retail TouchPoints

By Erica Baird and Karen E. Wagner, Lustre There were more than 2,000 store closings in 2017. And there were more retail bankruptcies than in any year since the 1930s. Economists, sociologists and the media bemoan the economic and social havoc wreaked by retail’s decline.

A/B Test Your Entire Ecommerce Brand


The best day to send your customers emails is Tuesday, according to solid A/B testing analysis. The second best day is Thursday. But hold on, analysis from a different company says it’s best to send your customers emails when nobody else is sending them.

The Dangers Of Selling On Amazon And Horror Stories From Real Amazon Sellers

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Right now, selling on Amazon is almost too easy. All you have to do is find a product with good margins/demand, list it on Amazon, and it will eventually sell because Amazon’s audience and reach is so vast.

2018 Mobile And New Technology Priorities For Marketers

Forrester eCommerce

Forrester just released a new report on mobile and new technology priorities for marketers, based on our latest global mobile executive survey. We found out that marketers: Fail to deliver on foundational mobile experiences.

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The History of Ecommerce: What The Past Says About Tomorrow’s Retail Challenges


When it comes to ecommerce, a word that first comes to mind is growth. Ecommerce expert Gary Hoover’s research shows that just in the last 14 years, the growth of ecommerce companies has skyrocketed across the board.

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Customer Journey

Rishi Rawat

Nice animated graphic by McKinsey to describe customer journey: Key takeaway: More than half of customers- 58 percent – change brands from one purchase cycle to the next. This means, as marketers, we have plenty of opportunities to acquire new customers. Article Thoughts

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Personalized Marketing Equals Better Marketing Results


Here’s an email I recently received in my inbox: “Hi Karen, how are you? We have these beautiful canary-yellow sandals on sale that we think you’ll love. Click below for next-day delivery!”. Thanks, well-known ecommerce website, but I don’t wear heels and I hate the color yellow.

197: A Better Way To Launch Products On Amazon With Scott Voelker

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Today I’m happy to have Scott Voelker of The Amazing Seller back on the show. Last time I had him on was back in episode 89. And since then, we’ve become good friends, hung out at multiple conferences together including Fincon where we were both on a panel together.

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How to go from a local seller to an International Brand and Beyond


Every town has several small businesses with strong goodwill and a loyal clientele. If you think your local business falls into this category – then congrats. There must be something that you are doing right.

How to (Realistically) Start an Online Ecommerce Business That Actually Grows


Why people are starting online businesses. The most popular course at Stanford isn’t a STEM class. It isn’t in entrepreneurship, how to start a business, nor coding. It is one in how to design a happy life.

Improve IT Efficiency Through New Technology


As marketing campaigns become more and more technology driven, the roles of IT and digital marketing have begun to intermingle and blend. Because […]. The post Improve IT Efficiency Through New Technology appeared first on Zmags. Ecommerce Best Practices ecommerce marketing technology

Which Super Bowl LII Ads Scored Touchdowns?

Retail TouchPoints

When retailers and brands advertise during the Super Bowl, they need to hit the mark.

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When to Engage Your Inactive Email Segment, and When to Move On


Every B2C marketer should treat their email list like gold. Email is often your most direct contact with buyers and prospective buyers, making your list an incredibly valuable marketing asset in terms of driving revenue. However, email lists also must be treated with care.

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195: The Software Tools I Use To Run My 7 Figure Online Store With Steve Chou

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Everyday, I get between 100-400 emails and a bunch of the questions I receive are about which tools I use to run my 7 figure ecommerce store. So today, I’m going to go over every single piece of software I’m currently using to run Bumblebee Linens.

Announcing the Newest Kissmetrics Connection: Facebook Audiences


Kissmetrics Populations lets you track key segments of your user base. In just a few steps, you can track user activity, marketing performance, and product engagement. And now we’re making it even better.

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What to Sell in 2018: How to Find a Product Niche and Start Selling Online


Online competition is fiercer than ever. This is why figuring out what to sell online is a strategy in and of itself. You’d be surprised how many people set up a store before identifying ecommerce opportunities. This is setting yourself up for failure.

How Elon Musk’s New Rocket Helped My Online Store Take Off

Store Growers

Last week was one of the most crazy and awesome weeks of my entrepreneurial journey. It all started on Tuesday at 2:15 am when my phone alarm buzzed me out of bed. I jumped up (yes that’s what I do) and started setting up my workstation in the living room.

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How Can Shopping Malls Revive And Bring Back Consumers?

Retail TouchPoints

The decline of American mall traffic, particularly in its anchor stores , has been perhaps the biggest indicator of changes in shopper preferences. When Morning Consult asked U.S.

Don’t Be Afraid of Multi-Channel Marketing Attribution


This post originally appeared in Multichannel Merchant. . Marketing attribution can be a little intimidating. Should you do first, last, or multi-touch attribution? How do you measure multiple channels? How should you weight your attribution? There’s so many choices to make it can be overwhelming.

196: How Ian Schoen Built And Sold His Design Firm And Started The Tropical MBA

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Today I’m thrilled to have Ian Schoen on the show. Ian runs the popular blog and podcast, the Tropical MBA, and he’s one of the guys behind Dynamite Circle, a private community for location-independent entrepreneurs.

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How to Write Meta Descriptions To Boost Your SEO


How many times have you Googled something and your search results have little to no content below the link? Yeah, that’s the meta description. And every website should have one. If you have a website, then meta descriptions should matter to you.

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The Complete Guide to Sourcing from Alibaba and Building an Online Business


Whether you’re looking to start up an online business or diversify your offering to scale your current ecommerce business, you need two very specific things: a product idea. . a sourcing method. Product ideas can be difficult to come by , especially ones with true market viability.

Building From Scratch – January 18 Update

Store Growers

January marked the fifth(!) month of operations for Apes in Space, the online store I started to sell space posters. During the last couple of months, it has slowly chugged along, making the odd sale here and there.

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Why Marketing Relevance Matters In An Ever-Changing Marketplace

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By Adam Roberts, VeraCentra In marketing, “relevance” is the measure of how appropriate and valuable your product offer is to a given customer’s needs.

The Empowered Marketer: Making Marketing More Beautiful


Is your ecommerce website heart-stoppingly beautiful, or merely functional? If you’re like most marketers, you likely have a long list of site improvements to make, A/B tests to run, and designs to update to make your site the best it can be. That’s exactly where Ross Beyeler comes in.

How To Use Google Analytics – An Easy To Follow Guide For Ecommerce Store Owners

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Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool for visualizing how visitors interact with your website. And with this data, you can make actionable changes to improve your sales and traffic. But the main problem with Google Analytics is that it’s way too complicated for the average user. The sheer number of options, switches etc… make it hard to figure out where to find your data. In addition, many of the options are not well explained.

How to Know If Your Content Marketing Just Isn’t Working


Content is king. And content marketing in 2018 remains a brilliant and cost-effective method for engaging with leads and customers, spreading brand awareness, and getting around the increasing use of ad-blockers.

How to Identify and Analyze Your Target Market in 2018


Although your products might appeal to a large group of people, it doesn’t make sense to market to everyone. Your brand will have what is called a “target market.”. What is a Target Market? You need to identify the people who really want or need what you’re offering.

5 Customer Experience Best Practices That Convert


Online shopping is not just for large companies – with the latest ecommerce platforms and features, retailers big and small can easily set […]. The post 5 Customer Experience Best Practices That Convert appeared first on Zmags. Ecommerce Best Practices content & commerce customer experience

Showrooming 2.0: Turning Risk Into Reward

Retail TouchPoints

By Ryan Dee, Interactions “Will ‘showrooming’ kill businesses?” That was the headline five years ago as an increasing number of shoppers began visiting brick-and-mortar stores to try out products before ultimately purchasing them online.