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There’s a lot that goes into becoming a great ecommerce marketer. You might be phenomenal at writing website copy, email… Analysis + Analytics

Putting The LOL Back In LOLbins

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As I’ve continued to analyze the round 2 results from the MITRE ATT&CK evaluation, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to more and more vendors that have indicated that one of the areas they struggled with was detecting the specific methods of PowerShell invocation used in the evaluation. Spoiler, it’s bad. Consider the evolution of […]. Age of the Customer

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What is Phrase match?

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Phrase match is one of the four keyword match types available in Google Ads. It is a way to indicate to Google how closely they should match your keyword with a user’s search query. The quotation marks of phrase match (kind of) limits your search to the words and the word order that you specify. The reason I say kind of is that there have been a lot of changes that have made this match type a little less straightforward.

Filling the Top of the Funnel With Zaius


When we announced our new App Directory a couple of weeks ago, we also released a few powerful, new integrations. Among these was Criteo , a personalized retargeting solution. Criteo joined existing integrations Google and Facebook/Instagram , providing a broader range of opportunities for brands to find new prospects and drive repeat purchase across advertising platforms.

Retain Valuable Customers with Loyalty

Learn how to effectively retain your most valuable and profitable customers. Download Annex Cloud's 2020 Customer Retention white paper.

Lead with Experience: How Headless Can Provide the Experience-Driven Commerce Customers Crave


Ecommerce has had an interesting and profound transformation over the last two decades. Does anyone remember what the Amazon website… Ecommerce Marketing

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How to Measure Free Google Shopping Performance and Its Impact on Paid Shopping Campaigns

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We were very excited to hear that Google would be expanding its shopping offering to more organic search results and making it free for merchants to sell on Google Shopping. One of the first questions to come to mind was: How is this going to impact merchant Shopping Ads, the bread and butter for any eCommerce PPC strategy? It is essential to measure the success of any advertising initiatives (paid, organic, or otherwise) to understand its effect on eCommerce sales.

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What should eCommerce Managers do right now? 25 amazing tips from World-Renowned Marketing Experts


In today’s eCommerce world, a world shattered and remodeled by the undeniable impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, eCommerce managers have. The post What should eCommerce Managers do right now? 25 amazing tips from World-Renowned Marketing Experts appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog. Ecommerce Growth covid-19 CRO Strategy digital marketing ecommerce growth ecommerce manager ecommerce tips tips&tricks

Retail’s Looming Question: If You Open It, Will They Come?

Steve Dennis

Across the United States—and in many hard hit international markets—so called non-essential retail is beginning to reopen. While the precise timing and specific methods of operation vary by geography , the theoretical ability of consumers to traffic physical stores will be materially greater in the next six weeks than it was during the months of March and April. Of course, just because stores or restaurants can open doesn’t mean they should or will.

How To Calculate Shipping Costs

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Shipping doesn't have to be free. However, studies have shown that 91% of ecommerce customers rethink their purchases from online stores when they realize that the shipping wasn't priced well or it wasn't fast enough. What's more, about 43% of those consumers go right to marketplaces as alternatives. The reason for this is because consumers have been trained to know that places like Amazon and Walmart have reliable, and inexpensive, shipping practices.

Realizing ROI in an Omnichannel Rich Retail 4.0 Environment

Welcome to Retail 4.0. This is the land of opportunity where retailers connect with shoppers and drive sales in a way like never before. With this eBook, you’ll learn about the advanced technologies that are available to create a seamless integrated omnichannel experience.

How to calculate retail price


Calculating retail prices is not easy. There are multiple variables to factor in and several calculation methods. However, who does not want to reduce uncertainty when choosing the right price for their products? TradeGecko is here to help


303: How To Sell Oversized Goods And Manage Your Supply Chain With Liz Mercer

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Today, I’m thrilled to have Elizabeth Mercer on the show. Elizabeth helped start Jungle Scout with her husband Greg but she’s since stepped down to start a 7 figure ecommerce business selling ergonomic furniture over at Now in order to sell products that are large and heavy, you must manage your supply chain efficiently which happens to be Elizabeth’s specialty and in this episode, she teaches us the tricks of the trade. What You’ll Learn.

Getting your high street online

Retail Technology Review

StoreKit has produced free software for independent restaurants, shops, and other businesses, to transform themselves into online cash stores during the pandemic. Internet Retailing Retail Supply Chain

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How to Create an Online Course: A Step by Step Guide

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eLearning is a booming industry, and when you consider that teaching and selling online courses is easier than ever before, is it any wonder? Digital courses offer a convenient learning experience that students of all walks of life desire. Similarly, instructors can create content from the comfort of their own homes, sell it, and enjoy a passive stream of income – freeing up their time to do more.

Real-time Personalization Guidebook: 10 Tips to Improve eCommerce Conversions

Conversion rate remains the most important metric for measuring success. This guidebook reveals 10 tips to improve eCommerce conversion rates, and insight into how an AI-powered personalization platform can dramatically improve performance.

Broad Match: The Real Cost of Using The Default Match Type

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For years, I’ve been talking s**t about broad match keywords. My advice has been simple: stay away from this keyword match type , especially if you are new to Google Ads. That’s because in all the accounts I’ve audited, broad match keywords are one of the key reasons for a poor ROI. So in this article, I want to show you the details of what happens in you (accidentally) use a broad match keyword in one of your campaigns. Let’s dig in! What is Broad Match?

Building For the Future with a New and Improved FastSpring User Interface


On behalf of FastSpring, I am thrilled to introduce a brand new and improved FastSpring user interface! This comprehensive project to modernize our user interface and improve the overall user experience is the result of our consistent effort to provide a robust and easy-to-use full-service ecommerce platform for companies that sell software, SaaS, and digital products around the world. Why Now? Over the years we have played a significant role in our sellers’ growth.

25+ Famous Celebrities with eCommerce Stores

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Many celebrities are now jumping on eCommerce. Some of them have been doing it for a while and achieving great success. Others have failed. Here’s a list of famous celebrities that have an online store: 1. Honest by Jessica Alba. Website URL: [link]. Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner. Website URL: [link]. Kim Kardashian West Beauty. Website URL: [link]. Skims by Kim Kardashian. Website URL: [link]. The Row by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen. Website URL: [link]. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna.

How To Migrate Magento to PrestaShop With Cart2Cart

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In case you’re wondering, the answer is yes. An automatic Magento to PrestaShop migration is actually possible. And no, I don’t think there’s a reliable one-click tool that can automatically import Magento to PrestaShop. We’re yet to come across one. So, what exactly am I talking about here? Well, the truth is, I’ll be introducing you to a different type of tool.

Tips For E-Commerce Best Practices

An infographic listing the best practices companies can follow to bolster their e-commerce website.

6 Strategies to improve your eCommerce UX


With the abundance of high-quality eCommerce sites on the web, it’s no longer enough to simply provide baseline website functionality. The post 6 Strategies to improve your eCommerce UX appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog. Guest Posts e-shops user experience ecommerce customer retention ecommerce growth ecommerce strategy

Case Study: How We Helped A Client Exceed Goals


Case Study: Exceeding A Client's Goals. ModelTrainStuff , formerly known as M.B. Klein, is an established company that sells train models and complementary accessories for hobbyists to build. In the 90s, they created a website to sell their products worldwide. They used Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Bing Ads to spread the word, but it wasn't going as well as they had hoped. When we spoke with them in July 2019, we agreed to help them with development support to better manage their website.

10 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for eCommerce Businesses

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We love the mothers in our life. According to Search Engine Journal , Americans spend $21.2 billion on Mother’s Day vs $12.5 billion for Father’s Day. Not only are people buying gifts for moms, they’re buying gifts for every type of mom in their life: Mother or Stepmother – 63%. Wife – 23%. Daughter – 10%. Sister – 9%. Other relatives – 9%. Grandmother – 7%. Friend – 6%. Godmother – 2%. Tip: make sure to target those types of moms in your marketing). What type of gifts are people buying for moms?

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A Quick Offset Shopify App Review

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If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it's that we humans have a massive impact on our planet…and not for the better. Since lockdown ensued, Venice's canals are crystal clear, we've seen an enormous decrease in air pollution ( 25% across China during the outbreak), and there's been an influx of wild animal sitings across towns and cities around the globe.

Retailers closing the gap – new data shows 27% rise in U.K. online shopping

Retail Technology Review

With many UK brick-and-mortar stores remaining closed, new data from commerce experience leader, Bloomreach, shows that retailers are closing the sales gap through their digital offerings – with online sales in the UK increasing 27% from the same time year-on-year and increasing by 23% from last week. Internet Retailing Critical Issues

Growth Story: How Appizy Added FastSpring to Their Single Page Application


We love to see when a seller finds a unique way to customize our full-service ecommerce platform to deliver a great experience to their customers. Take a look at the Q&A below to hear from Nicolas Hefti, Founder, and Lead Developer at Appizy about his experience with adding Fastspring to their single page application. Can you tell us a bit more about the company and the product? Appy is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that creates web applications out of Excel spreadsheets.

Companies Express Gratitude for Educators with Personalized Offers during Teacher Appreciation Week


SheerID’s Identity Marketing Platform allows brands to send gated, personalized offers to members of the military and hundreds of other consumer tribes. Press Releases Consumer Tribes Digital Verification Identity Marketing Marketing to Teacher Marketing to Teachers Personalized Marketing Teacher

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105 Mother’s Day Email Subject Line Ideas for eCommerce

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Online retailers can’t afford ignoring Mother’s Day. It’s a major retail holiday. All Mother’s Day marketing campaign ideas will need to be communicated with email. That’s why I decided to gather a list of email subject lines you can use for all sorts of Mother’s Day email campaigns. 7 Free Shipping for Mother’s Day Subject Lines. Free Shipping Through Mother’s day. Make Mom glow? Free shipping on gifts for her! $10 10 OFF & FREE SHIPPING for Mother’s Day—1,900+ Styles!

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Metapack enables retailers to keep trading during COVID-19 disruption with Ship-from-Store solution

Retail Technology Review

Metapack, the eCommerce delivery technology provider, has announced that over 10 retailers have now deployed its Ship-from-Store solution, enabling them to transform physical stores into mini distribution centres and keep trading during the disruption caused by the COVID-19 crisis. Internet Retailing Retail Supply Chain

How to Respond to Customers After a Late Delivery


Nearly half of consumers (45%) say they are unlikely to continue ordering from a company if it delivers a package late. On-time deliveries, though, aren’t always within a business’s control. Avoiding customer concerns and complaints about late deliveries only makes matters worse, but understanding how to respond to late deliveries can help you keep their business even after a poor delivery experience.

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