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How to Write eBay Description Templates that Close More Sales


There’s a lot of competition on eBay. Whether customers are looking for new or used golf clubs or the latest MacBook, there are hundreds of options for them to choose from.

Overcoming Self Doubt And What It Takes To Make 6 Figures In Ecommerce

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Looking back, one of the biggest challenges of starting our ecommerce store was the lack of support. For example in 2007… We had no one to talk to. We had no one to share our experiences with. We had no one to compare strategies with.

Blockchain Potential for Ecommerce 


Blockchain distributed ledger technology, the tech behind Bitcoin, has the potential to improve ecommerce. These are early days, however. So early that many people don’t understand what a blockchain is and what it means for business.

Meet Zam: Your Marketing Assistant


We have someone you MUST meet! Zam (like Sam, but with a ‘Z’). If you’re a marketer, Zam is about to become your new best friend. Zam is a data science-powered marketing assistant that lives inside the Zaius B2C CRM platform.

Use Direct Mail To Get The Attention Of Your Digital-First B2B Buyers

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When was the last time you answered a phone call from a phone number you didn’t recognize or opened an email from an unfamiliar sender? Like, never? Same here. The sad truth about most modern marketing tactics is that they’re too cheap and too easy.

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The BigCommerce Partner Philosophy


Earlier this month, Shopify announced a series of changes to its partner terms of service – changes that dictate the… BigCommerce News

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Why B2C Branding is Really a Management Tool


This is a guest post from D Branding. Is RedBull the best energy drink? It doesn’t really matter if it’s the best since it’s been the biggest brand in the energy drinks category for 20 years. Because RedBull has built a great brand. What do we mean by that?

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Content, Experiences Key Focuses At Adobe Summit

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At Adobe’s marketing conference, the company focused on content and experiences as the key differentiators for brands. Watch my video summary of the event that explores these key themes. Questions or comments? Find me on Twitter. Forrester clients: setup an inquiry.

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Understanding Buyer Motivation: Getting More of Your Ecommerce Customers to Checkout


Understanding the motivations behind your buyers, how they interact with your ecommerce site, and where they are in terms of… Conversion Rate Optimization

Can Retailers Act Like Tech Companies —  And Should They?

Retail TouchPoints

Walmart turned heads at SXSW earlier in March by billing itself as a tech company for the first time. The retail giant hasn’t been shy about investing in newer technologies such as VR , robotics.

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The Empowered Marketer LIVE: Shoptalk 2019


The Empowered Marketer was at Shoptalk 2019 in Las Vegas, along with more than 8,000 smart retailers and eCommerce experts. I was there with an eye out for trends, interesting new marketing ideas, and original observations.

Don’t Drink From A Poisoned Well, Mitigate Supply Chain Risk With Zero Trust

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Motherboard and Kaspersky unveiled that hackers compromised a server of computer manufacturer, ASUS’ live software update tool to install a malicious backdoor on thousands of computers.

BigCommerce Doubles Down on Headless Commerce with BloomReach, Sitecore, Adobe Experience Manager, and More


Today, we are excited to announce additional headless heads for ecommerce brands of all sizes as a CMS-agnostic headless checkout… Product News headless

Serving Retail Consumers In An Age Of Digital Transformation

Retail TouchPoints

By Bryan Gray, Alorica As the retail industry transitions to a digitally-driven customer experience, companies are faced with the difficult task of creating an exceptional customer journey online.

What You Need to Know for an Ecommerce Website Redesign in 2019

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Is this the year you’re going to redesign your ecommerce website? If it’s been a few years since you have, then you need to know that a lot has changed.

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Facebook’s Most Recent Ethical tHUD

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Today, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced it is suing Facebook for violating the Fair Housing Act.

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The State of Influencer Marketing: 10 Influencer Marketing Statistics to Inform Where You Invest


Over the last two decades, social media has become an integral part of people’s lives—and a crucial way for brands… Social Selling

249: How To Manage Cashflow Issues With Your Ecommerce Business With Victoria Sullivan Of Payability

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Every physical products business requires capital in order to grow. And cash flow can often be a problem because you need to invest a large amount of cash upfront to pay for inventory. Review: Even Your Mom Can Figure It Out

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As a small business website builder, has made waves when it comes to dominating the market and showing companies how to quickly get online.

The Tao of Zero Trust

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I get asked 2 questions at least weekly, in some cases almost daily: Where do we start for Zero Trust – Fix your IAM and user side of the equation. What is the difference between other frameworks and Zero Trust – Ok, now we can get down to the nuts and bolts on this one.

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Defining ‘Direct To Consumer’

Retail TouchPoints

By Ashwin Ramasamy, PipeCandy If you’re a follower of retail, you have definitely stumbled upon these terms in your newsfeed — DTC, D2C, DNVB. Andy Dunn, the co-founder of men’s clothing retailer Bonobos, coined the term “DNVB ” which stands for Digitally Native Vertical Brands. This abbreviation refers to brands that don’t operate on the traditional value chain model of design-produce-market/distribute through channel.

How to Create a Global SEO Strategy


As a child, I did everything that most kids did. I played outside with friends, I watched a lot of TV, I loved eating cereal for breakfast, and I went to school. My childhood wasn’t too much different than yours. But there was one thing that was a bit unique.

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Zaius Unveils Data Science Powered Marketing Assistant, Zam


Martech Advisor. The post Zaius Unveils Data Science Powered Marketing Assistant, Zam appeared first on Zaius. Press

Does Your Employee Experience Create Happy Warriors?

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Last month, my colleague Dave Johnson and I published a report that shared a better way for companies to measure the quality of their employee experience.

2019 To-Do's: Forrester’s Sucharita Kodali Gets Real With Retailers

Retail TouchPoints

By Alicia Esposito, Senior Content Strategist The retail community can always expect to get a few nuggets of wisdom from Sucharita Kodali, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester. Whether on stage at one of the many retail conferences worldwide, on a cable news show or chatting with the Retail TouchPoints team, she has the ability to effortlessly break down complex concepts — and transform them into actionable insights.

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9 Squarespace Alternatives

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SquareSpace is without a doubt one of the biggest players when it comes to website builders. Most of its appeal lies in the fact that it boasts a wide variety of beautiful design templates. Tell you what though: This platform isn’t for everyone.

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Zaius Introduces Zam Marketing Assistant


Destination CRM. The post Zaius Introduces Zam Marketing Assistant appeared first on Zaius. Press

Our Security Recommendations Will Help You Handle The Worst Of What 2019 Throws At You

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Today we released our 2019 Security & Risk Recommendations report. We collected contributions from our colleagues across the Forrester Security & Risk team to identify the most important actions security leaders should take in 2019.

4 ecommerce marketing takeaways [infographic]


ICYMI: In February, we shared an article on the 4 ecommerce marketing takeaways from Netflix’s Black Mirror – Bandersnatch. Black Mirror – Bandersnatch from Netflix has been a great indicator to the way users will consume digital content in the future.

Find the Best Bigcommerce Pricing Plans: How Much Are You Going to Pay With BigCommerce?

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BigCommerce serves as a way for legitimate businesses to make a fluid move to online selling. By legitimate, I mean that the majority of plans from BigCommerce provide extensive tools and product options for turning your already profitable, or upscaling, business into something special.