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Why Hyperbolic Discounting Matters in Ecommerce


Is sooner really better than later? Plenty of hit songs have articulated the problem of choosing between now or never , now and later , sooner or later … you get the idea.

How Do You Handle Revenue Blind Spots?

Bryan Eisenberg

Companies routinely have Revenue Blind Spots that cost them 20-60% of their revenue. It is like revenue that disappears without you knowing it or seeing it. It is like heat escaping from a poorly insulated home or water leaking from an old bucket. Or like the daily death by a 1000 cuts (think Sears). There are really small ones like a paper cut and others that run much deeper. .

The Great Sears Demise: What Can Retailers Learn?

Retail TouchPoints

It had been predicted by multiple retail analysts for quite some time, but the long and winding road for Sears finally reached its inevitable conclusion — bankruptcy.

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Three More Ways To Advance Your Innovation Efforts

Forrester eCommerce

As our research has shown, most companies today have pretty immature innovation efforts and one of the biggest hold-backs is their corporate culture. Sadly, most human’s fear change and thus this mentality can keep you from being a driver of market shifts.

B2C Ad Copy Examples That Convert


Writing ad copy is hard. Writing ad copy that’s creative is harder. Writing ad copy that’s creative and converts? That’s an entirely different challenge to tackle.

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AliExpress Dropshipping & Oberlo Are Officially Dead Without ePacket Shipping

My Wife Quit Her Job

Every single day, I get at least 10 emails asking me how to get started with AliExpress dropshipping. And despite my best efforts to steer these readers towards a more sustainable ecommerce business model, they often ignore my advice. Well thanks to Trump, ePacket shipping, a crucial component of Aliexpress dropshipping, is going away soon which will basically kill this business model altogether.

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Making Sense of Enterprise Marketing Technology (EMT)

Forrester eCommerce

Making sense of the enterprise marketing technology (EMT) landscape can easily overwhelm even the most dedicated martech aficionado. 2018’s “Martech 5000” is astonishingly closer to 7,000 vendors, rendering vendor differentiation difficult and vendor selection a nightmare.

The Wholesale Distributor’s Guide to Launching an Ecommerce Channel


The digital economy is disrupting the world as we know it. While B2B companies have been insulated from the disruption,… B2B Ecommerce

How To Grow Your Email List By 56% Overnight With Group Giveaways

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A while back, my partner Toni and I launched a free group giveaway service called Go Brand Win. And this service was designed to help ecommerce and Amazon entrepreneurs quickly grow their email lists for free by collaborating with similar brands. How quickly can you expect to grow your list with a group giveaway? Here are some statistics from our very first contest. Total Emails Acquired : 11.7K. Average Email List Size Of Participating Brands: 20,822. Average Email List Size Growth : 56.25%.

The Case For An Updated Focus On Customer Lifetime Value

Retail TouchPoints

By Adam Blair, Executive Editor Today’s marketers have lots of tools for measuring individuals’ Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

These Aren’t The Droids You’re Looking For: B2C Marketers And CDPs

Forrester eCommerce

Six months ago we started a conversation about customer data platforms (CDPs).

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The Ultimate SEMrush Review – All in One Marketing?

Ecommerce Platforms

This SEMrush review analyzes all the critical details relating to its features, functionalities and overall pricing. And to further establish suitability, it also discusses SEMrush’s drawbacks. At first, we all thought that it would be considerably easy. And it was, but only for a limited period.

231: How My Student Teri Miyahira Makes 6 Figures Selling Vegan Makeup Online

My Wife Quit Her Job

Teri Miyahira is a student in my Create A Profitable Online Store Course and I’m really happy to have her on the show today. Teri runs where she sells vegan, cruelty free makeup online.

Choosing Who To Buy From: Why User Reviews Are More Important Than Just A Low Price in E-Commerce

Retail TouchPoints

By Professor Saravana Jaikumar, IIM Calcutta Consumers today have both more options of goods to buy and more information about those goods than ever before. Now, shopping in an e-marketplace involves the consideration of more products and more sellers at more price points.

Turn Voice And Language Innovation Into A Conversational Strategy

Forrester eCommerce

To shift from brand monologues to two-way dialogues, many brands are embracing live chat and piloting marketing initiatives on new conversational interfaces such as chatbots and voice-based assistants.

The Ultimate JotForm PDF Editor Review for 2018

Ecommerce Platforms

Do you currently have the option for your customers to submit forms on your website?

AliExpress Dropshipping And Oberlo Are Dead Now That ePacket Is Gone

My Wife Quit Her Job

Every single day, I get at least 10 emails asking me how to get started with AliExpress dropshipping. And despite my best efforts to steer these readers towards a more sustainable ecommerce business model, they often ignore my advice.

StreamGraphs in Tableau via R


Also called theme rivers and in some cases steam graphs. It all started with this viz by Alex Jones: From the moment I saw it, I knew I wanted to create one by myself. Fortunately, Alex offered some insights on how he did it, but he didn’t give up the whole thing.


This I Tell You, Brother; You Can’t Have One Without The Other: Brand And CX Together At Long Last

Forrester eCommerce

“Love and marriage, love and marriage They go together like a horse and carriage This I tell you, brother You can’t have one without the other” – Frank Sinatra The New Yorker once wrote of Sinatra that “he sounds the way you would sound if you could speak the things you feel.” ” In my line […].

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How to Build Links When No One Will Link to You


Are you frustrated that no one will link to you? Have you tried all of the basic link building methods like email outreach to find out that none of them are working for you? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Everyone says you need to write amazing content to build links.

Ecommerce Microservices: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


As previously published on LinkedIn , Ana Milevskaja outlines the facts about microservices that commerce pros should know about. Hardly a day goes by without an article about ecommerce microservices. Microservices is a hot new paradigm for commerce back end among many commerce practitioners. Many developers are experimenting with microservices and others are embracing them head on. Many more practitioners out there will get on the microservices bandwagon in the near future.

14 Competitive Intelligence Tools to Dominate Your Competition


If you want to win at e-commerce one of the crucial things you need is intelligence on your competition. Making intelligent decisions relies not only on your assumptions but using real competitor data to see how your competitors are performing.

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GDPR And Google Q3 2018 Results: Are We Out Of The Woods Yet?

Forrester eCommerce

As I listened to Google’s Q3 2018 earnings conference call, the Taylor Swift song “Out Of The Woods” kept playing in my head. This is the part where I pretend I tried to fight it. But let’s be honest, I didn’t mind.) As with the relationship in the song, I wondered if we were indeed […].

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Power of Visualization

Rishi Rawat

Was searching for a journal on Amazon. Bleeding wasn’t even a criterion I was looking for but once I saw this image I was like, “That’s right, it’s important that the pages in the journal don’t bleed!”:

The Best Shopify Themes for Conversion Rate Optimization

Bootstrapping Ecommerce

Use these Shopify themes that have been created with a streamlined user-experience & website design in mind to boost your conversion rate optimization! The post The Best Shopify Themes for Conversion Rate Optimization appeared first on Bootstrapping Ecommerce. Conversion Optimization

GoPro vs. Bras N Things: Best Practices for eCommerce Cart and Checkout Pages

Inflow Insights

There aren’t many variables to the shopping cart and checkout process, and conversion optimization is all about making those few steps as frictionless as possible.

Avoid The Upcoming AI Backlash With Your Sales Teams, Get Them On Board

Forrester eCommerce

The rise of AI in sales technology only makes it easier for sales managers to keep tabs on salespeople—salespeople say. AI gives sales managers more visibility into a sales rep’s daily activities and control into the sales process, potentially subverting the spirited sales culture. In the wrong hands, AI can be turned into a micromanagement tool It’s unfortunate, really, because AI […]. artificial intelligence (AI) sales

Difference between System 1 and System 2?

Rishi Rawat

Video explanation: Written explanation for the video above: If you want to improve your conversion rates, you’re going to have to understand the mind of the shopper. And if you want to understand the mind of a shopper, you need to understand how the shopper’s brain works.

Bronto Fall 2018 Release


The Fall 2018 release of the Bronto Marketing Platform is now available. This release provides enhancements, new features and services in three core areas: accelerating email marketing success, optimizing marketing. The post Bronto Fall 2018 Release appeared first on Bronto Blog.

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No More Transaction Fees for Volusion

Ecommerce Platforms

Volusion has always been one of the most reputable ecommerce platforms out there. Well, the company has released some good news for those current and future Volusion users. All Volusion pricing plans have shifted to a zero transaction fee system , where all of your transactions are completely free, regardless of what you're selling. How Was It Before?