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How Traditional Retailers Use Digital Marketing to Stay Relevant


When we think of brands in the ecommerce space, we can usually split them up into two categories: Baby Boomers and Millennials/Gen Z. Much like Millennial and Gen Z consumers, brands that launched after the digital revolution truly “grew up” with ecommerce.

Social Media AI Is Your Best Tool And Worst Enemy When It Comes To CX

Retail TouchPoints

By Tara Jones, Allant Group Picture this: a customer orders a product from your business and expects it be delivered within a few days. When the delivery doesn’t arrive, she panics.

Future Of Retail: Applying 2019 Business Insights (BI) Predictions To Retail

Forrester eCommerce

To help retailers and brands plan for 2019, Researcher Claudia Tajima and I are interviewing experts within Forrester for our series, “Applying 2019 Predictions To Retail.” Last week, we spoke to Emily Collins about how loyalty trends will affect retailers this year.

How To Start A TShirt Business For Under $3 With Your Kids

My Wife Quit Her Job

Because I teach a course on how to sell online, I’m often asked why I don’t launch more ecommerce stores and make infinite amounts of money:).

Tips For E-Commerce Best Practices

An infographic listing the best practices companies can follow to bolster their e-commerce website.

How To Create A Winning Father’s Day Email Campaign


Poor old Dad can’t catch a break. Fewer people shop for Father’s Day than for Mother’s Day, and the ones… Ecommerce Marketing Email Marketing

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Design Thinking Can Deliver an ROI of 85% or Greater

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The Benefits of Design Thinking Are Quantifiable and They’re Compelling By Ryan Hart (Principal Analyst, CX) and Benjamin Brown (Senior Consultant, Total Economic Impact) Design thinking has historically enjoyed “blind support” among executive leaders based on its perceived value.

Marketing Unboxed: UNTUCKit’s Marketing Keeps it Sharp


In a world awash in generic menswear, UNTUCKit focuses on a simple and clear concept: a dress shirt that looks good untucked. And men everywhere responded. The brand blew up in the past few years, even raising $30 million dollars from Kleiner Perkins.

The 10 Best Email Marketing Services for 2019

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Going by the wide range of email marketing services on the web today, selecting the perfect one for your email campaigns is no walk in the park. It can, admittedly, be a very overwhelming process.

Local Payment Methods: The Key To Unlocking Global Commerce

Retail TouchPoints

The world of payments is one of the most innovative and fastest growing industries across the globe. Thanks to the expansion of e-Commerce, consumers are no longer stuck with only being able to shop at stores in close proximity to them.

Marketing Is All About Moments: Don’t Wait For Them; Create Them

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(Dave Novitzky contributed to this blog.) Marketers’ attempts to profile, segment, and model customers implies that consumers are static and can be fully defined, but they are anything but.

Cross-border Ecommerce Logistics: Preparing Your Business for International Success


According to PPRO, global ecommerce is increasing annually at a rate of 14%. Shipping internationally sounds complex and intimidating, and… Enterprise Ecommerce How to Sell Online

6 digital payment trends to keep an eye on


With advancements in technology, the adoption of cashless solutions has increased to a great extent. The upcoming trends in payments will shift how consumers pay in the future; making credit cards and cash (so-called today’s rulers) – a thing of the past. The payment industry.

258: A Recap Of Sellers Summit 2019 With Toni Anderson

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We’re doing a special episode today. Sellers Summit 2019 just ended so I brought my partner Toni Anderson on the show to do a recap of the event. The Sellers Summit is a conference that we throw every year.

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New Tech: What I Took Away From The American Graphene Summit

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Graphene will (eventually) affect all of us whether we know it or not. I’ll explain later, but first, let’s take a step back and level set. What is Graphene? Simply put, it is one single atomic layer of carbon, produced by various methods of separating layers of material from graphite.

The Ultimate Guide to HubSpot Pricing for 2019: Which Package is Right for You?

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Confused about HubSpot pricing? You're not the only one. HubSpot is one of the most popular CRM and marketing solutions available today.

How to Rank New Content Faster


If I write a blog post on any topic, what do you think happens? It typically gets indexed by Google the same day I publish the content and within a week it tends to rank high on Google. Then again, I have a domain score of 94 and I have 633,791 backlinks. Just look at the image above. (If

Selling to France: The 3rd Largest Market in Europe


France is the third largest ecommerce market in the EU and 6th in the world. Sales potential is definitely there,… Enterprise Ecommerce How to Sell Online

Infosecurity Europe 2019: Incremental Evolution Rather Than Revolution

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I have spent the last three days attending Infosecurity Europe 2019, the largest security trade show in the UK and Europe. As ever, before coming I have tried to predict the big theme or trends that CISOs should take note of.

Drip eCommerce CRM Review: Better CX Management (June 2019)

Ecommerce Platforms

Thinking of using a tool like Drip eCommerce CRM? The world of eCommerce is very competitive. By 2021, it should be worth about 4.8 trillion dollars. Getting ahead in an environment as cluttered as that one means knowing how to speak to your audience, and drive loyalty for your brand.

FAQs on Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and the 4 steps to ensure ecommerce complaisance


With the increase of consumer online shopping and less cash payments, the importance for businesses to choose the right payment processing solution cannot be overemphasized.

Selling to Italy: A Rising Ecommerce Opportunity with a Limited Local Market


Italy has been put under a lot of scrutiny by financial markets due to high unemployment, and high public debt.… … Enterprise Ecommerce How to Sell Online

Unconventional Wisdom: Explore Paying The Ransom In Parallel With Other Recovery Options

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Your organization has just received ransom notices across your infrastructure, informing you of what you already fear. All your critical business data has been encrypted. You are angry that someone’s moved your cheese, and you don’t want to reward them for it.

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How to lead in uncertain times

Retail Technology Review

By Jeremy Snape, founder and managing director, Sporting Edge. If the disruption and competitive threats to retailers from the likes of Amazon and discounters were not enough, there are also such issues as concerns as the impact of climate change and sustainability, possible supply chain market disruption from Brexit, and global trade. Critical Issues Internet Retailing

Andy Hoar and the Paradigm B2B Combine: Part 2 [video]


In our second installment of the video interview series with B2B industry expert, Andy Hoar, he explains his upcoming disruptive new research report, Paradigm B2B Combine. In this short clip, he discusses the report and the surprises he came across conducting this research.

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Selling to Germany: The Mature Marketplace Attracting Global Sellers


Germany is a large ecommerce market. It’s well-populated with buyers who are smart, savvy and well acquainted with online shopping.… … Enterprise Ecommerce How to Sell Online

DAM Market Set To Top $1 Billion In 2019

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If you’re looking to get a handle on the explosion of content at your company, follow the lead of many organizations that have turned to digital asset management (DAM) to manage the entire content life cycle.

How to Build an Email List from Scratch: 9 Proven Methods


ROI for email marketing remains the highest among all marketing channels – $40 for each $1 spent. No other channels come even close to these heights. So it’s obvious why a long email list is so desirable by ecommerce businesses nowadays.

Abandoned Cart Email Best Practices to Win Back Shoppers


Ecommerce is growing at breakneck speed as the online shopping experience becomes more seamless. With a few taps on a mobile device, shoppers can browse and buy just about anything. However, one aspect of ecommerce that lots of sellers still struggle with is the dreaded abandoned cart.

21 Ecommerce Experts Give Their #1 Tip for Cross-Border Expansion in 2019


To wrap up our guide on cross-border commerce and launching your brand internationally, I knew it was necessary to make… Enterprise Ecommerce How to Sell Online cross-border ecommerce international

Scaling Agile? Take Our Survey And Learn How To Reenergize The Journey

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I’m very excited to be teaming up with Margo Visitacion on the biennial Forrester State of Agile At Scale Survey. This year, we’ve added a few more questions in areas that we see organizations struggle.

ShopKeep Review: An Intuitive POS System

Ecommerce Platforms

Has fulfilling customers' orders become your rarest commodity? Maybe your perimeters of success in your retail business are shrinking as days pass by. Fortunately, ShopKeep is in the market to resolve some of these drawbacks in a number of ways.

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Sears’ latest move: Four weddings and a(n) eventual funeral

Steve Dennis

You’ve got to hand it to Eddie Lampert; the guy is tenacious. Of course he is also seriously misguided. At least when it comes to Sears. To briefly recap. Act One. In 2004 Lampert decides to merge a struggling and decidedly mediocre retailer (that’d be Sears) with a lousy one (that’d be Kmart). Turns out that didn’t work out too well. 15 years of declining sales, hundreds of store closings, multiple rounds of layoffs and a veritable bonfire of cash burning ensues. Act Two.

Selling To the United States: An Ecommerce Superpower


America is the land of opportunity and a superpower in the world of online sales. It has the world’s largest… Enterprise Ecommerce How to Sell Online