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A Facebook Advertising Strategy For Ecommerce Stores That Really Works

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When I first launched my online store, I generated a lot of sales early on by advertising with Google Adwords. And even today, orders from Google Adwords still represents a significant chunk of our monthly revenues.

A Customer’s Second Purchase Is More Important Than Their First


Few things are as satisfying to a marketer as a new customer making their first purchase—it’s basically the marketing equivalent of winning an Oscar. But what happens if that customer buys once, and only once? If you’re not careful, a first purchase could be a one-time purchase.

Top 5 Customer Retention strategies for your eCommerce website


As seen through the eyes of someone who actually buys stuff online I have piled up 5 eCommerce Retention strategies to help guys/gals like you (eCommerce managers, that is) draw in and *keep* gals (and guys) like me. But let me start with this, though: I’m guilty as charged.

The Top 10 Mistakes Ecommerce Marketers Make


Most advice for ecommerce marketers focuses on what you should be doing to improve your brand’s marketing. You should be working to implement omnichannel campaigns , lower your cost-per-click, and get a better handle on your first party data. . But do you also know what you shouldn’t be doing?

Customer Experience Index Reveals Brands Lack Human Connection

Forrester eCommerce

Forrester’s 2018 Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) results continue to show that companies are struggling to create and sustain a human connection with their customers.

Your Small Business Saturday Guide: Tips, Tools, and Statistics for Local Companies


For a tradition that only dates to 2010, you have to hand it to Small Business Saturday. The unofficial shopping holiday now has 70% awareness amongst U.S.

Interactive Content: What You Need To Know


The demand is high for the next best thing in the ecommerce world. Late 2018 and 2019 is going to be all about […]. The post Interactive Content: What You Need To Know appeared first on Zmags.

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14 Hacks For Your CX Business Case

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Eighty-six percent of CX professionals we recently surveyed say that the ROI of CX isn’t well established in their firm. Yikes! To be fair, building a CX business case can be hard.

The Ecommerce Holiday Readiness Checklist: Mobile Optimization, Checkout CRO & The 11th Hour


Consumer spending is up. Unemployment is at near historic lows. It’s a good time to be selling online – especially leading up to the holidays. In 2017, holiday season sales accounted for more than one-quarter of total annual retail sales, rising 5.5% over 2016 to $691.9 billion.

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Online-To-Offline: An Integrated Approach To Retail

Retail TouchPoints

By Smriti Kataria, Near The combination of digitalization and e-Commerce has exerted significant influence over the retail landscape, with online-only dealers rising in prominence and traditionally offline outlets working hard to compete in the online space.

We Analyzed 5,860,631,392 Articles From 64 Countries. Here’s What Facebook Loves!


Facebook reach has continually declined over time. Nowadays everyone tells me there is no point in even sharing content on Facebook. But you know what? You can still generate traffic from Facebook. Yes, traffic has declined. Even so, in the last 31 days, I’ve generated 20,420 visits from Facebook.

New Tech Spotlight: FinTech Investments Reach All Time High In Q2-2018

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FinTech is white hot. Venture capital and private equity firms just can’t get enough of it. You’re probably thinking FinTech has been hyped for years now, but Q2-2018 turned out to be the largest quarter of private investment dollars we’ve seen in this category – EVER.

Black Friday 2018: An Ecommerce Survival Guide


Thanksgiving is supposed to wear us out. And even if a turkey-tryptophan-sleep connection isn’t rock-solid as we were once led to believe, every Thanksgiving still brings the draining combination of travel, preparation, and digestion. It’s a coma-inducer.

RTP Editors Share Takeaways From Price And Promotions Special Report

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224: Fireside Chat With Andrew Youderian On Business, Happiness And Wealth – Part 1

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Recently, Andrew Youderian and I took an epic 5 day camping trip in the wilderness of Montana. There was very little internet so we decided to record a few podcasts along the way. This episode is part 1 of a 3 part series where we discuss the other side of entrepreneurship and our views on balancing happiness, wealth and the keys to success.

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The Key To Marketing And Sales Alignment? The Customer.

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B2B marketers get it. They know they need to operate across their sales and marketing silos to get beyond portfolio-centric campaigns to connect with buyers via specific, contextually relevant content that engages customers across the entire life cycle. The question is no longer why.

Cyber Monday is the Biggest Sales Opportunity in 2018: Here’s What to Do About It + Marketing Ideas


Cyber Monday just may be the only retail holiday that advocates shopping in your pajamas. And why not? Over 95% of Americans now own a cellphone of some kind, according to Pew research. Shopping in one’s pajamas doesn’t prevent any spending, either.

Kooomo Review: Future Ecommerce Today

Ecommerce Platforms

This Kooomo review takes a look at all the critical features that principally set it apart from the rest, the pricing structure for different types of users, and finally, overall suitability. Commercial transactions conducted electronically over the web.

Competing with Self

Rishi Rawat

I’m reading a book about Andrew Carnegie. Mr. Carnegie used a clever strategy to maximize productivity at his steel plants. He would pit plant against plant. You might be wondering, “ How is what happened at a steel plant relevant here?

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Agile Processes Can Transform Companies From Unexpected Places: The VGZ Success Story

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In today’s fast-paced world, you’d be hard-pressed to find an IT shop that isn’t at least experimenting with Agile. The pressure for IT to accelerate and innovate faster than ever before is real. But it’s not just IT that is feeling the heat.

Make Customer Service Your Most Valuable Asset This Holiday Season


While the holiday season is a great time for friends and families to get together, it’s a double edged sword for many growing businesses.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Statistics 2018 [Infographic]


Omnisend is excited to present our brand-new infographic on our Ecommerce Email Marketing Statistics for 2018.

Disruptive Dutch scale-up sets sights on UK retail market

Retail Technology Review

Omnia Retail, the pricing and online marketing automation software provider, has launched in the UK with a dedicated London office. Internet Retailing

Not Everyone Deserves To Conduct The Multicloud Orchestra

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Multicloud is a real and increasingly strategic customer choice rather than an accident of poor or nonexistent planning. We all know that; I’ve written about it before.

Introductory Guide to International eCommerce, Part 1: Customer Data and Privacy


International eCommerce has grown dramatically in recent years, and the trend is likely to continue. That’s a real opportunity for brands looking to grow. Accenture reports a compound annual growth rate of nearly 30 percent from 2014 to 2020 for cross-border eCommerce.

FastSpring Wins 2018 Best SaaS Product for Ecommerce Award


We’re thrilled to announce FastSpring’s all-in-one ecommerce platform has been recognized for the second year in a row as the best SaaS product for E-Commerce/Online Shopping by the SaaS Awards.

CS-Cart and Omnitude announce blockchain solution to improve trust and convenience in e-commerce

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Omnitude, the British blockchain middleware platform, has partnered with multi-vendor e-commerce platform CS-Cart to build innovative single identity capabilities into the retail experience using blockchain. Internet Retailing

Focus On The Quadruple Aim For Success With AI In Healthcare

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Introductory Guide to International eCommerce, Part 2: Taxes and Remittance


We know that eCommerce is a growing business model, and international eCommerce is making up a big chunk of that growth. Statista notes that global retail eCommerce sales will reach more than $4 trillion by 2020, and FinancialBuzz gives an example of how fast this growth has been, too.

Amazon Advertising | Rebranding Efforts For AMG, AMS, & AAP

CPC Strategy

As of today, Amazon is rebranding all of their AMG, AMS, & AAP features under a new name called, “Amazon Advertising” Taking a. Read More. The post Amazon Advertising | Rebranding Efforts For AMG, AMS, & AAP appeared first on Retail Performance Marketing Blog - CPC Strategy. Amazon Marketplace

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Online spending in July spikes, through retailers need eCommerce capabilities to capitalise on the rise, says Tryzens

Retail Technology Review

Figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) have revealed that online spending continued to increase to reach a new record proportion of all retailing at 18.2% in July 2018, equalling the amount spent in UK department stores. Internet Retailing Critical Issues

Have we nailed it? Or do we still need to talk about security communications?

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In 2011, I published a report on “How To Market Security To Gain Influence And Secure Budget”. I am now going through the process of refreshing this report, and it got me thinking: 1. What has changed in this space of security communications and influence since 2011?

Common Etsy Seller Mistakes to Avoid


While Etsy can be a great place to sell vintage items, craft supplies, and handmade products, it can also be challenging to get started. To help you be successful, we’ve put together a list of the most common Etsy seller mistakes and how to avoid them. #1 1 – Not Researching Etsy Policies.

Why Efficient Communication Is The Key To Successful Project Management


Personal or professional, communication is the secret of every successful relationship. While you can argue over the truth of this statement, you can’t deny the fact that in the absence of a clear communication channel, your project’s chances of success are minimal.

The All-Time Best Black Friday Email Examples & Templates


Black Friday is the high-time for sales for ecommerce stores, meaning you’ll need to make sure you have the best Black Friday email examples and templates to ensure your success. Of course, we all know the main problem with Black Friday email marketing: the astronomically high level of competition.

Zero Trust Technology Works, Excuses Don’t

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I have done a few exercises on implementing Zero Trust and ZTX in enterprises. The impetus for the strategy days was that those organizations had leaders that are Forrester clients and had read, or at least breezed through, the research that has been published on the topic of Zero Trust, and they are bought in […]. security & risk cybersecurity digital strategy digital transformation S&R pros Security & Risk

Move Your Marketing Budget Away From Advertising!

What percentage of your marketing budget is dedicated to advertising? If you’re like most other businesses out there, chances are it’s been the focus of your brand’s strategy for a while. Unfortunately for you, this strategy is no longer effective with today’s tech savvy consumer.