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Digital Myth No. 4: Your Company Needs A Digital Strategy

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When your CEO asks you for your digital strategy, you could go away and huddle up with your team for a month and produce some voluminous document full of TLAs only to have it sit on the shelf for the next two years. Instead, simply give your CEO a copy of your business strategy. After […].

B2B ecommerce: the four challenges to face for long-term growth


Commerce innovation is not just for retailers and consumer brands, business-to-business organizations must capitalize on the disruptive trends that are emerging. It’s either innovate or die.

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So, You Want to Stand Out From Competition?  


(Healthy) competition is necessary for a business to grow and expand. And we get it, not everyone enjoys competition. So, what happens when […]. The post So, You Want to Stand Out From Competition? appeared first on Zmags. Ecommerce Best Practices Competitive Marketplace

Marketing Unboxed: How Glossier Wins Over Fans with Marketing That Shines


The first episode of Marketing Unboxed is here! This is our newest video series where we order a fun product from a top ecommerce brand, and then track every marketing touchpoint along the way to see what works, and what doesn’t.

If You’re Not Prioritizing Employee Experience Improvement, You’re Doing It Wrong

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There is ample evidence that improving employee experience leads to better business results. Briefly, firms that improve employee experience find that they get better work performance and more discretionary effort from employees.[i]

The Secret to the Future Growth of Your Ecommerce Channel: Social Commerce


Most purchase journeys have too many unnecessary steps in the conversion funnel. Each one massively increases the chance your potential… Social Selling

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The Best of the Best Ecommerce Website Pop-Ups


Ecommerce website pop-ups done wrong are not just annoying — they’re a guaranteed way to lose customers.

Video: Adobe Premiere Rush CC Brings AI-Powered Video Editing To Marketers

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Adobe’s new Premiere Rush CC brings pro-level video editing capabilities to video creators who aren’t pros. It’s part of Adobe’s continued push downmarket to expand its footprint among creatives.

Morning Routines Every Digital Marketer Should Do


Your alarm didn’t go off, you missed your 8:15 bus, and the Uber you took cost an obscene amount of money. You go […]. The post Morning Routines Every Digital Marketer Should Do appeared first on Zmags. Ecommerce Best Practices Zmags culture

Sourcing The Perfect Suppliers For Private Brand Ranges

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By Steven Howell, Solutions for Retail Brands The private brand grocery sector has come a long way since the ultra-plain-packaged — and largely uninspiring — generic products aimed at budget-conscious shoppers that filled grocery store shelves.

IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS Enter the Ecommerce Vernacular: What You Need to Know, Examples & More


If you’re considering moving your ecommerce business to the Cloud, here are three important acronyms to wrap your head around:… Ecommerce Technology

IBM Bets Big On Security Training And Leadership As A Differentiator

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In late 2016, IBM announced the availability of its full-scale cyber range at the Cambridge, MA headquarters of its security division. With two shifts per day and currently booked out six to eight months, it’s been a huge success for the division.

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Accept Credit Cards Online: The Best Way to Receive Payments in Any Country Using 2Checkout, Payoneer and InvoiceNinja (October 2018)

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If you come from a place like Pakistan, Peru or Belarus you know that running a business is a little limited when it comes to how you accep credit cards and payments through PayPal and other processors.

RTP Editors Identify Top E-Commerce Tech Trends To Watch In 2019

Retail TouchPoints

Earlier this month, Retail TouchPoints unveiled its fifth annual E-Commerce Technology Preview , which includes insights from industry experts at 12 solution providers. The guide offers an exclusive look at what retailers need to do in order to achieve e-Commerce success in 2019 and beyond.

Move Over SEO: How Developers Can Generate You More Traffic


I’m a marketer. I know more about traffic generation than most others, and I surely know more about marketing than developers. But what if I told you that developers can generate you more traffic than an SEO or any other type of marketer?

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Can Robots Grow Up To Be More Human?

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Context And Timing Is Critical For Robots And Humans To Work Well Together.

How to Start a Print-on-Demand Business in 5 Steps

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Get started with Print-on-Demand in 5 steps! Print-on-Demand is the easiest way to start an online business & source products to sell online. The post How to Start a Print-on-Demand Business in 5 Steps appeared first on Bootstrapping Ecommerce. Product & Niche Selection Sourcing Suppliers

Holiday Readiness Series: Take Your Social Strategy to the Next Level

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By Joanna Beerman, Salesforce Although October is all about football season, it’s important to keep your head in the holiday game. There’s no better time than now to get your social strategy ready for the gift-buying rush.

Zoey Review- High-End B2B Ecommerce Platform?

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This Zoey review dives deep into all the important aspects- its features, functionalities, pricing structure, and the corresponding weaknesses. I don’t mean to sound like a buzzkill to some, but let’s face it- the big money lies with B2B ecommerce.

Marketers – get your heads out of the clouds!

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It’s frustrating when a customer exhibits purchase intent, but does’t buy because of friction in the customer journey. It’s worse when a store manager or contact center agent is unaware of a digital promotion.

My Mean Boss Wants You to Know About this Sale

Rishi Rawat has done a great job with their email marketing.

Retailers That Are Shy About At Collecting Customer Data Won’t Succeed

Retail TouchPoints

By Chirag Shivalker, Hi-Tech BPO We live in a world driven by data, and leveraging it appropriately in a retail setup has proved its worth in providing relevant and valuable customer experiences.

How to Prepare Your Online Store for International Shipping


It’s a big decision to step across the borders and overseas to offer international shipping in your store. However, you can turn that fear and anxiety into plenty of revenue if you prep smart.

Research Announcement: Cybersecurity Incident Response Services Wave

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I’m getting ready to kick off a Forrester Wave on Cybersecurity Incident Response Services that should be viewed as a refresh of the Digital Forensics and Incident Response Service Providers Wave published in September of 2017.


How to sell with BigCommerce in the UK

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2018 has been a very big year for BigCommerce in the UK. After a successful round of growth funding, which saw the company raise $64 million, BigCommerce decided their next expansion would be into the UK.

Top 7 Holiday Ecommerce Marketing Emails


With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to consider what you’re putting into your customers’ virtual mailboxes, and what they really want to see.

Black Friday 2018: Consumers are eager, more digital, and willing to spend – Periscope By McKinsey

Retail Technology Review

Periscope By McKinsey, which offers a suite of Marketing & Sales Analytics Solutions to help companies achieve sustainable revenue growth, has announced the findings of research on consumer sentiment towards Black Friday 2018. Critical Issues Internet Retailing

Embrace privacy as your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Your organization faces two powerful trends: The growing pressure of regulatory requirements on data protection that are emerging worldwide. The increasing awareness of privacy rights, which causes customers to take action in their relationship with businesses.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and Multi-Vendor Plus: An Honest Review

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Back in May, we published a review on CS-Cart , and our readers loved it. So, we thought we'd do a similar post reviewing CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and Multi-Vendor Plus.

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Tableau: a dot plot and a “stacked” bar chart in the same view


… or concurrent lollipops and dumbbells chart. For this week’s MakeoverMonday we looked at women representation in the House of Representatives (no pun intended). I came up with a population pyramid style chart. I put Democrats versus Republicans, where we would typically have men and women diverging to the left and right. So here’s the […] The post Tableau: a dot plot and a “stacked” bar chart in the same view appeared first on Canonicalized. Data Visualization