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Nike Is Setting The Standard For Omnichannel Loyalty In Every Industry

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As 2019 winds down, I’m getting more questions about what’s going to be new and next in loyalty in the coming year. Most marketers understand that earning loyalty is bigger than rewards programs and incentives, that it’s important to treat different customers differently.

Ecommerce Customer Experience: Creating a Truly Great Experience for Users in 2020


When Exxel Outdoors’ mobile traffic started really taking off, they noticed that the revenue wasn’t following. The amount of effort it… Ecommerce Marketing

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The Top Ecommerce Trends You Need to Know About for 2020


40% of the world’s internet users have purchased products online, which amounts to more than 1 billion online buyers. And ecommerce sales in the United States alone accounted for more than 11% of all retails sales in the third quarter of 2019.

How Grocers Are Using Social To Elevate Digital Circular Experiences

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By Adam McGilvray, StitcherAds Question: Who goes to the newspaper to check for movie times, or waits for a Christmas catalog in the mail to make their wish list? Sad as it may be to some, these institutions have moved on.

Retain Valuable Customers with Loyalty

Learn how to effectively retain your most valuable and profitable customers. Download Annex Cloud's 2020 Customer Retention white paper.

Point Line Trend on… Top Products


The foundation of the relationship between brand and shopper is product. Sure, great brands connect emotionally with customers, but the relationship is sealed with product. Brands are truly matchmakers that connect shoppers with product. . Knowing your products is essential to success.

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Postcard Marketing – Does Direct Mail Work And What’s The ROI?

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Does postcard marketing work? Can direct mail generate sales at a positive ROI? I recently conducted a case study with my own ecommerce store that answers both of these questions. First off, I want to start out by saying that prior to this experiment, I was a huge postcard marketing skeptic. Whenever I receive promotional postcards in the mail, they always go straight into the trash. But I decided to try postcard marketing for 2 reasons.

How APAC Retailers Can Elevate The Customer Experience

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By Agnes Law, Schawk! Brands are facing more complexity than ever with the growing needs of customers and the multiplying number of sales channels. In APAC, e-Commerce sales have tripled from $600 Billion USD in 2014 to $1.8 trillion in 2018.

Best Practices for Email Marketing


It's easy to get caught up in the complexities of email marketing - such as the best email design to increase engagement and the latest email trends to look out for. So, we're going to take it back to the basics here.

The Retailer’s Guide to Selling on eBay in 2020: Tactics, Tests, and Stories From The Experts


Often seen as one of the cornerstone platforms for online selling, eBay found its roots in 1995. The first item… Sellling on eBay


Realizing ROI in an Omnichannel Rich Retail 4.0 Environment

Welcome to Retail 4.0. This is the land of opportunity where retailers connect with shoppers and drive sales in a way like never before. With this eBook, you’ll learn about the advanced technologies that are available to create a seamless integrated omnichannel experience.

Shopify vs WordPress: Which is Better for Ecommerce?

Ecommerce Platforms

If you've been thinking about launching your own ecommerce store , then there's a good chance that you've already done some research into the tools that can help you do just that.

285: Linda Bustos On The Latest Trends In Ecommerce

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Today I have an extra special guest on the show, Linda Bustos. When I first got started in ecommerce way back in 2007, Linda’s articles were what got me through the dark periods of my business.

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7 Top Takeaways from Black Friday and Cyber Monday Weekend


We can’t tell you if your people have been naughty or nice – we’ll leave that to jolly old St. But with a people-based marketing platform that reaches a verified audience of more than 250 million monthly, we can definitely tell you how ads have performed.

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Understanding the Rise of PWAs in Ecommerce: How Brands Can Benefit from a Progressive Frontend


Up until a few years ago, it was hard to imagine when any technology could replicate the experience of a… Ecommerce Technology

Real-time Personalization Guidebook: 10 Tips to Improve eCommerce Conversions

Conversion rate remains the most important metric for measuring success. This guidebook reveals 10 tips to improve eCommerce conversion rates, and insight into how an AI-powered personalization platform can dramatically improve performance.

Revel POS System: An Honest Review

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You don't need us to tell you that the catering and retail industries are incredibly competitive. Consumers want quick service, fast ordering, and equally speedy delivery.

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5 Strategies for Creating Repeat Customers with Post-Purchase Emails During the Holidays


During the holiday season, it’s natural for any brand to see a ton of new customers. In fact, Sailthru research found that most retailers owe 32% of their holiday traffic to first-time shoppers.

Best Practices for Email Marketing


It's easy to get caught up in the complexities of email marketing - such as the best email design to increase engagement and the latest email trends to look out for. So, we're going to take it back to the basics here.

eBay Advertising 101: How to Advertise eBay Listings and Boost Sales


eBay represents a giant opportunity for ecommerce businesses of all sizes. The “original online marketplace” is bustling with shoppers in… Sellling on eBay

Tips For E-Commerce Best Practices

An infographic listing the best practices companies can follow to bolster their e-commerce website.

9 ways to improve customer experience


Customer experience can make or break today’s businesses. In our previous articles, we talked about it at length. We discovered. The post 9 ways to improve customer experience appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog.

How To Start a WordPress Blog in 2020

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Do you want to build your blogging site on WordPress? Say no more. This is the best place to get started and probably the last guide you’ll need to pull the strings together. WordPress is immensely becoming a blogging channel for most startups.

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Shopify Alternatives: eCommerce Platforms to Consider


Used by over 1 million businesses worldwide, what’s so good (or bad) about Shopify? We’ve created an in-depth analysis on implementing Shopify as your eCommerce platform as well as alternative platforms specific to enterprise business and small businesses. Pros & Cons of Shopify.

The eBay Marketplace: Opportunities for Ecommerce Shops + eBay Statistics in 2020


Online marketplaces keep growing in popularity as an ecommerce strategy. From a seller’s perspective, they are capitalizing on an existing flow… Sellling on eBay

Happy Holidays from SheerID


Jake Weatherly, SheerID's CEO, thanks the company's customers and employees for a year that brought remarkable growth and mountain lions to his front door. Blog Posts

What is Digital Customer Experience?


Customer Experience vs. Digital Customer Experience In a previous article, we talked about customer experience in general and the effects. The post What is Digital Customer Experience? appeared first on ECOMMERCE GROWTH Blog.

9 Affiliate Performance Metrics and What They Tell You About Your Program


A proper affiliate marketing channel, like any online channel, provides insight into the program performance through various metrics.

Understanding eBay Selling Fees (Benefits + Challenges)


In the second quarter of 2019, eBay reached 182 million active buyers worldwide, representing a 4% growth. While some users compare… Sellling on eBay


Headless eCommerce Tips & Trends for 2020


What is Headless eCommerce? Headless commerce provides a content-first eCommerce approach to website design and development. Headless eCommerce happens when you detach a website’s front end CMS, aka the “head” of a website, from the eCommerce backend. In a headless environment, your backend runs completely separate from your front end and the two are tied together using APIs. In eCommerce, headless commerce lets marketers to adapt a page’s content without traditional eCommerce CMS constraints.

What is Penetration Pricing? Advantages and Disadvantages for Brands


Are you getting ready to launch a new product? It’s at this time that brands need to focus on setting the right price to attract the most customers possible. This is when penetration pricing can come into play. But what is penetration pricing?