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Here’s What Happened On The Biggest Online Shopping Day Of The Year

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This blog post is part of Forrester’s Holiday 2019 retail series. Retailers (and consumers) have been talking about all things holiday for months, but the “official” kick-off of the highly anticipated shopping season took place this past weekend. By many counts, it was a success.

The Ecommerce Guide for Marketing to Millennials: Stats, Tips, and Case Study


Despite being a generation that is often stereotyped as ‘lazy, entitled, and narcissistic,’ numerous corporations recognize that millennials have tremendous buying power.… … Ecommerce Marketing

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Get Prepared: CCPA for eCommerce Marketers


Any new privacy compliance framework can be overwhelming—but one going into place right after the holiday season can seem downright impossible.

How to Create Your Own Shopify Store in Less than 15 Minutes

Ecommerce Platforms

Are you ready to learn how to create your own Shopify store ? Maybe you just came up with a wonderful product idea and now you'd like to see if people are willing to buy it.

Leverage CRM Data To Boost Traffic And In-Store Revenue

Retail TouchPoints

By David le Douarin, Advalo The rise of marketing overpressure practices has proven destructive for both profit margin and brand image and negatively affects the relationship of trust between retailers and customers.

283: How To Segment Your Email List The Right Way With Alexandra Edelstein

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Today, I’m thrilled to have Alexandra Edelstein on the show. Alexandra is a senior product manager at Klaviyo and she was also a speaker at my annual ecommerce conference The Sellers Summit. At Klaviyo, she’s known as the resident expert when it comes to email list segmentation.

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How to Reduce Walmart Marketplace Returns and Cancellations


Nearly 93% of the products available on are part of Walmart Marketplace, which allows third-party sellers to sell items on the retail giant’s website and reach millions of customers worldwide.

Costco’s Minimal Communications Following Thanksgiving Site Outage: A Mistake Or A Strategy?

Retail TouchPoints

Costco’s e-Commerce site went down for more than 16 hours on Thanksgiving Day , impacting an estimated 2.65 million customers who were trying to access the web site and creating sales losses that neared $11 million.

Monetate vs Certona: A Comparison of Kibo’s eCommerce Personalization Platforms

Inflow Insights

In this post, we’ll compare the two highest-rated software providers in the personalization engine space: Monetate and Certona. Monetate and Certona are respectively rated the #2 and #1 Personalization Providers according to the Internet Retailer Top 1000.

How Your eCommerce Brand Can Actually Delight Customers at Scale


It’s easy to go that extra mile for customers when you’re just starting your eCommerce journey. A handwritten thank you card here, a personal phone call there. These are fantastic strategies when you only have a handful of customers.

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Facebook eCommerce Ads: How to Skyrocket Revenue


Digital eCommerce advertising offer brands a significant opportunity to reach their consumers. Whether through platforms like Snapchat, Google Ads or Facebook, this approach has become a proven part of the eCommerce inbound marketing playbook.

Open Workforce Models Drive Retail Innovation

Retail TouchPoints

By Michael P. Morris, Topcoder Tech skills are critical to essential retail business functions, such as warehouse management and supply chain optimization. The role of software developer is now the third most common job in retail , as well as one of the fastest growing.

Why Our G2 Reviewers Partnered with FastSpring


At FastSpring, we understand the important role that reviews play in the buying decision. Trusted third party sites like G2 are essential for buyers to be able to make an informed choice, especially when it comes to choosing a Merchant of Record (MOR) like FastSpring.

Mailjet Review: Everything You Need to Know

Ecommerce Platforms

Recently acquired by Mailgun, Mailjet is an email solution based in Europe. Founded in France back in 2010, they now have offices all over Europe and boast more than 130,000 active accounts.

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Boosting Sales with a Tiered Coupon Strategy


Do larger incentives always lead to more conversions? That’s the question we explore in UpSellit’s new case study, “ Golden Opportunities: Increasing Conversions 5% With Tiered Incentives ”. As you probably know, incentives are a tried and true way of engaging abandoning shoppers.

Mailchimp Alternatives – 4 Competitors That Are Cheaper & Better

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Chances are, you are searching for Mailchimp alternatives for one of the following reasons. You had your Mailchimp account banned without any warning. You were a victim of Mailchimp’s recent price increase. You have exceeded Mailchimp’s free subscriber limit and realized that Mailchimp is expensive for what you get. I’m not going to lie. I’m not a huge fan of Mailchimp and I would never ever recommend their service to anyone.

Our Journey to Redefine the FastSpring Visual Identity


As a growth partner, we share many of the same goals as our customers—we want to scale our business, drive more revenue, and achieve significant growth year after year. Over time, these goals require businesses of all sizes to reevaluate their brand and messaging. FastSpring is no different.

Managed WordPress Hosting Vs Regular Shared WordPress Hosting Vs VPS WordPress Hosting

Ecommerce Platforms

Lately, there has been a lot of noise about managed WordPress hosting, shared WordPress hosting, and VPS WordPress hosting. Three completely different types of services you can purchase from the best WordPress hosting providers. Don’t get me wrong though. That’s not all there is to WordPress hosting.

5 Steps to Creating Personalized Marketing for Consumer Tribes


Data privacy concerns are weakening personalized marketing. Learn how identity marketing is helping brands revive their efforts and acquire consumer tribes. Blog Posts Consumer Tribes data privacy Personalized Marketing

The good, the bad and the ugly of 3P seller activity


Part 1 of Profitero’s “3P Effect” series. The growing volume on Amazon being captured by third-party (3P) sellers is an issue that brands can’t ignore. In 2008, 30% of Amazon’s online sales were via 3P sellers. Fast forward a decade and that figure has practically doubled, to 58% in 2018.

Luca Senatore Video: Establish a solid strategy on brand awareness and emotional messaging


In this week’s episode of Growth Interviews, we invite you to join our podcast conversation with Luca Senatore, a dynamic speaker and digital marketing expert rated #5 Top International PPC Expert and #21 Most Influential PPC Expert 2015 and 2016. Welcome to Growth Interviews!

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Managed WordPress Hosting Vs Regular Shared WordPress Hosting Vs VPS WordPress Hosting

Ecommerce Platforms

Lately, there has been a lot of noise about managed WordPress hosting, shared WordPress hosting, and VPS WordPress hosting. Three completely different types of services you can purchase from the best WordPress hosting providers. Don’t get me wrong though. That’s not all there is to WordPress hosting.

Episode 99 – Agencies, Entrepreneurship and What’s Working Now on Facebook with Molly Pittman

eCommerce Evolution

Molly Pittman is a bit of a legend in the digital marketing space. Bartender turned marketing intern for Ryan Deiss, turned VP of Marketing for Digital Marketer, turned entrepreneur – Molly’s story is an inspiring one. And she flat knows her stuff! In this episode, we dig into some real gems.

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Green Monday Marketing Ideas for eCommerce

eCommerce Training Academy

By now, you should be done with Black Friday Promotions as well as Cyber Monday , it’s time to plan for Green Monday. Yes, that’s a real day during the month of December and it’s an important day for online sales.

How to Leverage Email at Every Stage of the Marketing Funnel


Brands and publishers looking to grow, understand, and retain their audiences should have one channel at the top of their list: email. It remains the most powerful way to reach target audiences, and is the go-to platform for both customers and marketers. Think about it.

Cyber 5 2019 Recap: Top Stats & ROI Revolution Client Wins

ROI Revolution

Published December 6, 2019. As the weather turns colder and the holidays quickly approach, consumers are constantly on the lookout for that special deal for all of the items on their list.

How CPG Brands Can Win Online Amid Growing Modern Commerce Pressures


Consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands have historically seen success selling in traditional, brick and mortar retailers. They are optimized for scale in these channels, rather than diversification and dispersion throughout multiple opportunities for consumers to buy.

Recapping 2019’s Record-Breaking Cyber Weekend


With an unusually late Thanksgiving, the 2019 holiday season is the shortest in seven years, though you wouldn’t know that from Cyber Weekend. Online shoppers spent a whopping $12 million every minute during Cyber Monday alone, making it the biggest ecommerce day in U.S.

5 Steps to Creating Personalized Marketing for Consumer Tribes


The post 5 Steps to Creating Personalized Marketing for Consumer Tribes appeared first on SheerID. Blog Posts Consumer Tribes data privacy Personalized Marketing

December 2019 Bezos Bulletin: An Amazon Advertising Recap

ROI Revolution

Published December 4, 2019. Amazon Amassing In-House Delivery Network. The long-awaited ultra-short 2019 holiday shopping season has arrived.

Home and Garden Brands Need To Respond To Growing Modern Commerce Pressures


Traditional home and garden brands are facing pressure from new competitors who sell online. Established brands must adapt or risk losing significant market share in their categories to these newcomers. Home & Garden Digital Commerce Increase Sales Volume and Revenue How-to Process

CitiXsys Delivers Sage Certified Retail Solution


iVend Retail integrated omnichannel platform now certified for Sage 300cloud.

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The Nike-Amazon break up and what brands can (and can’t) do to manage Amazon


The late George Carlin said, “if you can’t beat them — have them arranged to be beaten.”.

3 Ways to Increase Your Business’s Facebook Presence


Facebook is one of the most influential social platforms when it comes to buying decision. Make it work for you with these 3 actionable ecommerce Facebook tips. . The post 3 Ways to Increase Your Business’s Facebook Presence appeared first on Ecomdash. Ecommerce Marketing