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Climate Change Is Transforming Business

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It may not seem like it yet, but climate change is altering the world so drastically that all enterprises will need to undergo a transformation to avoid going extinct.

15 Cart Abandonment Email Examples that Really Work


How many of your shoppers abandon their carts? While the number varies widely depending on the business, the product price point, and the industry, cart abandonment an issue for every single ecommerce brand.

Cause Marketing Can Drive Shopper Loyalty — But Only When It’s Sincere

Retail TouchPoints

By Bryan Wassel, Associate Editor Several recent articles I’ve written have touched on the importance of corporate responsibility. Shoppers, particularly among younger generations, increasingly will flock to retailers and brands that support a cause.

The World of Chatbots: Customer Service, Business Automation & Scalability


80% of businesses say they currently use or are planning to use chatbots by 2020. 50% of customers say they are more likely to shop if chat is available. Chatbots range from Facebook bots in messenger to on-site bots via tools like Drift. Ecommerce Technology

When Trains Start Running Late: Japan’s Digital Awakening

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I love going to Japan where everything works flawlessly and where customer obsession, or “omotenashi”, is deeply engrained into the culture of every institution: this is where, for instance, train operators apologize when their trains leave the platform 25 seconds earlier than schedule.

The Empowered Marketer: Winning with Subscription Box Marketing


The popularity of subscription boxes isn’t slowing down. There are boxes for everything from foods to wines to clothes to makeup. Consumers love them because they’re a great way to discover new products. Ecommerce business leaders love them because of the reliable monthly recurring revenue.

Fashion Meets Technology – Choose Well, Be Well!

Retail TouchPoints

By Geetanjali Sarna and Amit Prabhakar Gaitonde , Wipro Despite the growing use of technology in all facets of life, fashion retail has continued to play it safe when it comes to utilizing technology to further innovation and the customer experience.

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Assess Your Innovation Capability Maturity

Forrester eCommerce

with Pascal Matzke and Michael Glenn Customer expectations are rising too quickly for traditional models of incremental improvement; companies need to find a strategy to harness disruptive technologies that balances iterative solutions with fearless, flexible innovation.

Introducing Marketing Unboxed: A New Video Series from Zaius


You can’t beat the excitement of opening a package. But what if you could combine the joy of unboxing something new with a deep dive into the marketing behind the ecommerce brand? If that sounds like fun to you, you’re our kind of marketing nerd.

Amid Record Low Unemployment, How Can Retailers Combat Amazon’s Wage Hike?

Retail TouchPoints

With the unemployment rate reaching 3.7% in September 2018 — the lowest rate since December 1969 — retailers are likely feeling the heat to fill positions with qualified candidates.

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What the History of Retail Can Teach Us About Achieving Ecommerce Success


I’ve been a student of retailing since I was 12. Actually, I should say I’ve been in love with retail… Executive's Corner

Digital Transformation: Why Culture Is So Key

Forrester eCommerce

I am really honored to have represented Forrester in the jury of the eCAC40/Les Echos Index measuring the digital maturity of the largest French companies quoted at the French Stock Exchange (CAC 40 Index).

How To Pick A Career That Makes You Happy (Without Getting Pressured Into It)

My Wife Quit Her Job

For most of us, our choices in life are heavily influenced by our environment. We are born into a society that tells us what we want in a career and we’re often too young to know any better. We are given a set of rules and goals at an early age, and these rules often determine our path in life.

A Guide For Retailers Seeking To Effectively Manage Third-Party Risk

Retail TouchPoints

By Fred Kneip, CyberGRX Business expansion and growth are standard signs of a healthy economy, however such rapid advancement often goes hand in hand with company outsourcing — one of the major entry points that leave retailers vulnerable to data compromise.

Retailers must plan for big November and Christmas Day sales

Retail Technology Review

Online retail sales in November will outstrip December this year, while Christmas Day will grow as an important shopping day in its own right, according to James and James Fulfilment (based in Ohio). Critical Issues Internet Retailing

‘Tis The Season For Consumers To Still Not Buy On Social Media

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This blog post is part of Forrester’s Holiday 2018 retail series. Despite news of brands such as Nike, Adidas, Allbirds, and SeatGeek successfully selling on social networks, social media is still not a place that consumers buy products and services.

229: The Trump Trade Tariffs – Everything You Need To Know With Nathan Resnick

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Today I’m really excited to have Nathan Resnick back on the show. If you don’t remember Nathan, he is the founder of Sourcify which is a company that helps you find manufacturers to produce your products. Anyway, Nathan has been on television multiple times in the past month to talk about the Trump tariffs and since he’s an expert on the topic, I thought I’d have him on to discuss his thoughts. Enjoy!

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My Failed Attempt at SEO (And What I’ve Learned)


Did you know that I’ve failed at SEO before? No, I’m not talking about when I first started my career. This was when I knew SEO like the back of my hand. I’m talking about when I was good enough to get sites ranked on page 1… that’s when I really failed at SEO. And boy was it was heartbreaking!

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Retailers are losing £1.6bn through delivery failure

Retail Technology Review

IMRG’s Valuing Home Delivery Review 2018 revealed at eCommerce Expo and Technology for Marketing, now co-located with ad:tech London, shows that UK retailers, delivery partners and customers are losing £1.6bn by getting delivery wrong. Critical Issues Internet Retailing Retail Supply Chain

Spring Cleaning In December: Declutter Your Insights House

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Feeling overwhelmed with all the data that your teams must wrangle before even getting to data science? Feeling like you have more than enough dashboards and tools? Feeling like you don’t have any more room in your complex data and analytics environment for yet another platform?

Everyone Likes a Robin Hood

Rishi Rawat

I recently came across—a site dedicated to finding the lowest ticket prices for flights. This site uses a number of conversion tactics and it uses them well.

Ecommerce burnout: are you at risk?


Starting an ecommerce business is a popular dream these days, and for good reason. . With all the tools and support out there to help budding entrepreneurs, all you really need to get started is a good idea and enough spare time to get things rolling.

20th century stores in a 21st century world

Retail Technology Review

How can stores thrive alongside digital? At The Retail Hive’s latest meeting, over 90 retail leaders came together to discuss collaboration and innovation. Exhibitions and Events Internet Retailing

What’s At The End Of The B2B Buyer’s Journey? Advocacy!

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Personas and journey maps have become key tools for the modern marketer. As my colleague Lori Wizdo expertly explains: It is the job of marketing to guide the buyer through the buying journey. Becoming a journey marketer is essential in this digital age. Lori can help you get there – check out her workshop at […].

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How to Make a Product & New Brand: Blueprints for Success

Bootstrapping Ecommerce

In this guide, you'll learn how to make a product & create a brand strategy that will elevate your ecommerce business from the crowd. The post How to Make a Product & New Brand: Blueprints for Success appeared first on Bootstrapping Ecommerce. Product & Niche Selection Branding & Design

The Ultimate AmeriCommerce Ecommerce Review 2018

Ecommerce Platforms

What’s the best ecommerce platform for your store? With such a wide array of choices, picking the right ecommerce solution for your business is not an easy task. Different platforms have different pros and cons, and the right one for you could be lurking in the shadows.

E-commerce search engine Pricesearcher hires Amazon UK Head of Pricing in advance of 2019 launch

Retail Technology Review

Tech startup Pricesearcher has announced a big scalp in the hiring of former Amazon UK Head of Pricing Weldon Ward Whitener. Internet Retailing

Five Questions To Ask About Digital Studios Before Your Next Project

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Virtually all global services firms have invested in digital studios, and for many agencies, it’s just the way they’ve worked for years. But despite these investments, many services buyers don’t know what digital studios are — never mind how they can utilize them.


Will Amazon 4-Star live up to its reviews?

Steve Dennis

After learning that Amazon might open up to 3,000 Go stores by 2021, the industry was still catching its collective breath when the retail behemoth opened an entirely new format in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood last week. Amazon 4-Star is the latest move into physical retail on the part of the once online-only retailer, joining Amazon Books and Whole Foods.

Customers Demand Flexible Gift Card Options this Holiday Season


With roughly 80% of consumers expecting to buy gift cards this holiday season, […]. The post Customers Demand Flexible Gift Card Options this Holiday Season appeared first on The Omni Channel. eCommerce Uncategorized gift card promotion Holiday eCommerce

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The 4 Essentials of an Email Remarketing Campaign


Online shopping is rarely a linear process. A customer may visit multiple sites, compare prices, and take days to complete a purchase, even if they’ve already added an item to their cart. This happens more often than you think; some research suggests that abandonment rates surpass 90%.

Your experience design provider builds its own products and invests in startups? Good!

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About half of the 51 XD providers we surveyed recently — agencies and consultancies like Work & Co and AstroStudios that provide experience design (XD) services — are also: Developing their own products. Founding startups and maintaining equity stakes in them.

5 Benefits of Building an Online Brand Community

If you’ve frequented the Smile blog for any length of time, you’ll know that we are all about building brand a community. If you’re wondering why you should consider building an online community though, I have some news for you: a brand community is essential to your sustainable growth.

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Use Digital Tools to Capitalize on ‘Click and Mortar’ Retail Strategy


Increasingly, consumers’ personal searches demonstrate both a growing trust in mobile searche results and in digital technology––all of which is excellent news for retailers.

Episode 58 – How To Maximize Holiday Sales with Chris Brewer

eCommerce Evolution

This episode is a treat both in terms of topic and guest. I have my long-time business partner Chris Brewer on to talk about the most important topic of the year for most eCommerce companies – Holiday Sales. .

Join Me In London Next Month To Discuss The Ethics Of AI

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In about a month, I will have the honor of presenting my research on The Ethics Of AI: How To Avoid Harmful Bias And Discrimination to our European clients at CX Europe 2018.

BOPIS & Ship-To-Store – NOT the Same!


BOPIS & Ship-To-Store – NOT the Same! BOPIS and Ship-To-Store are easy to confuse. Kind of… Ship-to-store is what it says. It is about taking an order (often an online order) and shipping items to the store to fulfill. Then the customer can have it shipped to their home.