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How To Steal Amazon Wholesale Distributors From Your Competitors

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Did you know that every shipment that arrives into the United States by sea is documented on the public record? Every container, every boat and every product imported into the US can be easily accessed if you know where to look. But what can you do with this data?

B2B Ecommerce Punchouts Are Here: How B2B Brands Reduce Manual Error and Bring Full Benefits of Online Selling to the Industry


Expert salespeople once handled all of B2B sales. They had personal relationships with the procurement professionals who worked for buyer… B2B Ecommerce Ecommerce News

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How to create product descriptions that boost conversions


Businesses have a very short window to convince potential online consumers to put their trust in and convert into a paying customer.

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Time To Rethink Channel Incentives And Program Management (CIPM)?

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Channel incentives are used to improve indirect sales performance, orchestrate partners’ behavior, and engender channel loyalty.

What Are Spam Traps and Why Should You Care?


Getting your customers to open, read, click, and convert on your emails is hard enough, but what if the emails never even reach their inbox in the first place? That’s why email deliverability is so important.

What Brands Should Look For In An Agency Partnership

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By Tino Doan, Zehner When searching for a digital agency partner, brands need to find an ideal symbiotic relationship — not just a vendor. You want a partner that is just as passionate about what they do, and proud of their results, as you are.

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Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Brand Growth Will Boost Social Ad Spending

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In recent years, a wave of so-called digitally native direct-to-consumer (DTC) startups have burst onto the scene and have grown in popularity. Consumers are increasingly purchasing products and services such as mattresses, shoes, razors, and groceries from the over 400 DTC firms now in operation.

What It Takes to Create and Measure an Effective Influencer Program


An influencer program isn’t just asking a reality TV star to model your products in a #SponCon post on Instagram. Done right, social media influencers can help you build consumer trust in your brand. In fact, the best influencer marketing is similar to word-of-mouth advertising.

Will Wayfair’s Move Into Brick-And-Mortar Overcome Its Challenges?

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Wayfair is the latest pure play making the move to brick-and-mortar retail , joining the long list of former online-only brands that have opened (or will open) physical stores, including Casper , Warby Parker , UNTUCKit , Adore Me and Allbirds.

Traditional Types of Ecommerce Business Models + Innovative New Ones To Consider For Your Next Venture


Think back to how you shopped five years ago. Better yet, ten years ago. Where did you go to buy… Ecommerce Marketing

Apple ITP 2.1: What It Is, What It Means, and Why It Matters

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Apple first introduced Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP) in 2017, but the latest update (2.1) creates a new set of challenges for advertisers, publishers, and tech vendors that make money from online behavioral advertising (OBA), attribution, web analytics, testing, and personalization.

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17 Charts That Show Where Social Media is Heading


You already know it’s harder to get traffic from the social web unless you spend money ads. There’s nothing new with that fact… just look at the graph above: It breaks down how the average number of social shares per blog post has been dying year over year.

As Fast Fashion Races To Capture Award Season Trends, Brands Struggle To Keep Up

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By Olivia Skuza, NuORDER In today’s fast-paced market of “see now, wear now”, it’s no surprise that many brands continue to capitalize on various cultural events, particularly those featuring celebrities, to quickly design, produce, and sell trend-driven items.

Cloudways Ecommerce Hosting Review 2019

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“A web hosting server is the lifeline of every site.” Said Dr. Chris Dayagdag , a Google partner and technopreneur. And he couldn’t have put it better. In essence, your site is only as good as its underlying hosting framework.

Watch Your Language! “Low-Code” And “No-Code” Are Not The Same

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Low-code or no-code? Some vendors use these terms interchangeably or are overpromising. In particular, we cringe when we see or hear “low-code/no-code” — as if those two things are the same. Don’t be confused, don’t be deluded; here is what’s going on.

Bundling matters: why telecom companies seek an API-based commerce solution


In September 2017, T-Mobile announced that it would include a free Netflix subscription for family plan members.

250: How To Win Any Argument And Influence Others With Victor Cheng

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Today I’m thrilled to have Victor Cheng on the show. Victor is someone who I met at Billy Murphy’s annual retreat. He’s a former McKinsey consultant, a Stanford graduate, and he’s been on tv a number of times on Fox Business and MSNBC.

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How to sell on Amazon – The Ultimate guide – Part 1

Ecommerce Platforms

The best way to understand Amazon is through numbers. In 2018 Amazon generated an estimated $258.22 billion in US retail e-commerce sales, marking ? 30% increase compared to 2017. To put Amazon’s size in perspective – the online shopping juggernaut captures 49.1%

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The Pendulum Swings Back To Creativity: Decoding Accenture Interactive’s Droga5 Deal

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Today, Accenture Interactive announced its Droga5 acquisition. The New York and London-based creative agency joins previous Accenture creative acquisitions Fjord, Karmarama, and The Monkeys to bolster the consultancy’s creative and brand communication capabilities.

Microservices: why less is more


When enterprises began implementing ecommerce platforms back in the early 2000s, the monolith architecture at the time delivered. It was one unified application; the most essential features and functionalities were pre-packaged, and the requirements were easy to meet.

Go big or go home: Restoration Hardware’s radical approach is paying off

Steve Dennis

Restoration Hardware’s stock has been under pressure despite since last week’s earnings report.

The Ultimate Blubolt Ecommerce Review

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Before we dive deep into the blubolt review, I must admit that we've sampled a wide range of ecommerce platforms. On the other hand, we’ve also tried out numerous managed hosting services for online stores.

Telcos must prioritize Innovations that extend beyond networking

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Since the birth of cloud computing in early 2000, telecommunications companies have seen business growth thanks to these IT transformational partners.

4 reasons to love Get Elastic


This post is a compilation of our best “4” stories. Giving you the four reasons to love Get Elastic even more than you already do.

How to Use Ecommerce Thank You Emails That Improve Customer Experience


One of the great things about shopping in brick-and-mortar stores is the interaction with sales associates. Customers can ask about product features, sizes, and more.

The Ultimate Adyen Payemnt Service Provider Reviews for 2019

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Based in Amsterdam, Adyen is a merchant bank (aka “global payment company”) that lets companies accept point-of-sale (POS) payments, mobile payments, and eCommerce payments.

Orchestrate Your Customer Analytics Practice With The Next Best Experience

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I went to see a concert last night that epitomizes the state of customer insights in most companies today. It was a benefit for Creative Music Studio and brought together incredible artists such as Billy Martin, Cyro Baptista, Marc Ribot, and Ingrid Sertso.

Ecommerce best practices [infographic]


There’s no mistaking what a major force ecommerce is in the business world today. Consumers and businesses alike appreciate the technology that allows them to find the products and services they need virtually anywhere and at any time. However, that convenience can be a double-edged sword.

Getting Customers to Hit Refresh with Lifecycle Campaigns


In the increasingly competitive world of ecommerce, we tend to focus on what’s right in front of us: initial conversions. Getting visitors to take the plunge. Guiding them down the funnel until BAM. They convert. Mission accomplished. Bring out the bubbly. Except that’s completely wrong.

How to sell on Amazon – The Ultimate guide

Ecommerce Platforms

The best way to understand Amazon is through numbers. In 2018 Amazon generated an estimated $258.22 billion in US retail e-commerce sales, marking ? 30% increase compared to 2017. To put Amazon’s size in perspective – the online shopping juggernaut captures 49.1%

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