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Learn From Last Year’s Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Emails


Summer may just be wrapping up, but like every good B2C marketer, we have the holidays on our minds already. And how could we not, when last year’s sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shattered records yet again ? But that growth is a double-edged sword.

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How Retailers Can Build Customer Loyalty With Handwritten Notes

Retail TouchPoints

By Aaron Roy, Bond Any retailer knows the importance of customer loyalty. According to recent research from EY , almost nine out of 10 retailers believe a loyalty strategy is key to their business success.

What Do Sites That Have Never Been Penalized by Google Look Like?


User signals! It’s the one thing SEOs don’t optimize for. I don’t know why most SEOs ignore this metric considering how important it is to Google.

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Will Nike Thrive Following The Colin Kaepernick Ad Campaign?

Retail TouchPoints

Nike turned plenty of heads when it revealed it had onboarded former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick to be the face of the 30 th anniversary of the “Just Do It” campaign.

Join Us To Learn How To Embrace Privacy And Set Your Firm Apart In Your Customers’ Eyes

Forrester eCommerce

We know it: customers are increasingly demanding protection for and control over their data. Firms that meet and exceed these expectations, recognise and treat privacy as a value. They successfully created a business reputation for privacy and security and inspire customer trust. As a result, their customers are more likely to choose and stay loyal […]. age of the customer data security privacy regulations & legislation

Customize Every Pixel: Custom Checkouts Now Available on BigCommerce


BigCommerce is excited to announce the achievement of a major platform milestone: Our Checkout SDK is now generally available. What is the BigCommerce Checkout SDK? The Checkout SDK is a JavaScript library that makes it easy to consume the new Checkout APIs.

What Do Your Buyers Love? Ask Them in a Customer Survey


Do you know exactly what your customers like and don’t like? If you quickly answered “Yes” then pause, and honestly ask yourself this: how do you really know? Have you ever actually asked your customers what they think of your B2C brand? If not, you’re missing out on key data points.

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Redefining Influencer Marketing: Key Insights For B2B Marketing Leaders

Forrester eCommerce

Influencer marketing is often characterized as a trendy tactic for B2C marketers to tap into the far-reaching audiences of the Insta-famous.

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How to Take Your Brand Direct to Consumer


Thinking of dipping your toes into the direct to consumer waters? You’re not alone. Merchants who sell everything from razors to pet food to mattresses to meal kits have seen the writing on the retail wall.

GUIDE: Email Campaign Best Practices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Since the small window of Black Friday and Cyber Monday can either make or break your brand’s revenue for the year, it is crucial to perfectly execute your marketing strategy. Check out this detailed two-page guide for some important tips and tactics to keep in mind as you plan for one of the most critical times of the year for B2C marketers. The post GUIDE: Email Campaign Best Practices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday appeared first on Zaius. Optimization Report

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New York Fashion Week: Capitalizing on the Runway


As New York Fashion Week continues this week, the events and headlines get bigger and bigger. Aside from rappers Cardi B and Nicki […]. The post New York Fashion Week: Capitalizing on the Runway appeared first on Zmags. Ecommerce Best Practices ecommerce news Trends

Read Two Forrester Waves™ On Machine Learning Solutions For Data Science Teams

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Machine learning is an elemental core competency. It is a fundamental building block to AI. It gives enterprises the power to predict.

How to Make Holiday Shipping Anxiety a Thing of the Past for You and Your Customers: Tips, Strategies & 2018 Shipping Deadlines


Americans are stressed during the holidays. Their biggest shopping concern? Package delays. It even beats worrying about money. And if customers are worrying about it, you bet merchants are worrying right there with them.

225: Fireside Chat With Andrew Youderian On Dropshipping, Negotiation And Emotional Decisions

My Wife Quit Her Job

Recently, Andrew Youderian and I took an epic 5 day camping trip in the wilderness of Montana. There was very little internet so we decided to record a few podcasts along the way. This episode is part 3 of a 3 part series where we discuss the other side of entrepreneurship.

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GUIDE: Email Campaign Best Practices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Since the small window of Black Friday and Cyber Monday can either make or break your brand’s revenue for the year, it is crucial to perfectly execute your marketing strategy. Check out this detailed two-page guide for some important tips and tactics to keep in mind as you plan for one of the most critical times of the year for B2C marketers. The post GUIDE: Email Campaign Best Practices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday appeared first on Zaius. Optimization Report

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Wanted: Fintech Expert

Forrester eCommerce

Financial services firms are on the hunt. They’re hunting unicorns. As firms like Revolut and TransferWise attain valuations of $1 billion or more, the pressure to find the Stripes of this world before their value skyrockets has never been stronger.

Ecommerce Content Marketing: 25 Epic Ways to Boost Sales

Ecommerce Platforms

If you have an ecommerce site, I think you will agree with me when I say: It’s REALLY hard to convert ice-cold traffic into warm leads and sales. Well, it turns out you can dramatically increase your site’s conversion rate by almost six times. The secret is content marketing.

Use Customers to Craft Better Product Pages

Rishi Rawat

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote an article ( link ) explaining how you can improve product descriptions by studying submitted reviews. Reviews are a great way to see why customers actually “like” the product you are selling.

Infographic: 10 Stats That Prove People Are Addicted To Email


How about three cheers for email? Hooray, hooray, hooray! As invasive species of communication channels have taken root around it, email has continued to fight for the light – and it keeps evolving.

A Just-Published Forrester Wave™ Proves That B2B Commerce Suites Have All Grown Up

Forrester eCommerce

We’ve just published “The Forrester Wave™: B2B Commerce Suites, Q3 2018,” and B2B companies, you’re in luck — you now have a viable list of options with a focus on B2B.

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BigCommerce gives brands full control of ecommerce checkout experience with new Checkout SDK

Retail Technology Review

BigCommerce, the ecommerce platform for fast-growing and established brands, has launched its Checkout JS Software Development Kit(Checkout SDK), a new JavaScript library that makes it easy for merchants to consume BigCommerce's Checkout APIs. Internet Retailing

How to Widen Up your Customer Base by Creating Accessible Emails


Email marketing is one of the most preferred channels for delighting and retaining customers at almost every stage of the buyer’s journey from Convert to Close to Delight.

The Commerce Marketer Podcast: 17 Juicy SEO Tactics Worth the Squeeze


Host: Greg Zakowicz, Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst, Oracle Bronto Guest: Ronald Dod, CEO and Founder, Visiture SEO, in principle, hasn’t really changed over the past 15 years. But the tactics.

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Are you ready for your next brand crisis?

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You and your PR team have a detailed crisis communications plan. The problem is, it’s wrong. Crisis communication principles have lagged changing expectations of transparency and responsiveness from today’s consumer. Today’s empowered consumers as Forrester calls them have the devices and ability to uncover and share facts – and rumors – even as the crisis […]. B2C marketing brand monitoring marketing organization & culture

parcelLab strengthens UK footprint with opening of London office

Retail Technology Review

Following major success in Germany, post-purchase solution parcelLab is expanding into the UK to enable retailers and other companies selling over the internet to deliver the best possible after-sales customer experience and maximise the marketing potential of this part of the customer journey. Internet Retailing

Control Groups: An Effective Way to Measure Campaign Success


In business, there is nothing more exciting than seeing the impact or growth that a new campaign generates. Whether the goals are engagement, sales, or lead generation, the excitement still translates. However, how are you to measure the results if there aren’t any factors to test against?

Black Friday Email Marketing Ideas to Skyrocket Your Sales in 2018


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are drawing closer, falling on November 23 and November 26 this year. If you want to boost your sales, you need to take the Black Friday shopping weekend very seriously and start working on your Black Friday email marketing campaigns.

The Algorithm Of You

Forrester eCommerce

Algorithm. It’s a buzzword you hear frequently these days. But does the average consumer understand the impact algorithms have on her life? Absolutely not. Consumers enjoy the illusion of unlimited choice in products, services, and content, but there’s almost always an algorithm behind the curtain, constantly refining and defining what’s presented to her. Like it […]. advertising B2C marketing contextual marketing privacy

Descartes successfully submit first declarations under new Customs Declaration Service

Retail Technology Review

Descartes Systems UK Ltd has announced that the first successful declarations submitted via HM Revenue and Customs' (HMRC) new Customs Declaration Service in the UK were achieved with Descartes e-Customs. Internet Retailing

Physical stores: Assets or liabilities?

Steve Dennis

Of course the obvious answer is “well, that depends.” ” As the intersection of economic feasibility and consumers’ willingness to adopt new technology hit a tipping point, for retailers that had invested big bucks in the brick-and-mortar distribution of music, books and games, the answer changed rather dramatically. Today’s retail apocalypse narrative is nonsense.

Augmented Reality in Ecommerce: It’s Time to Start Using It


There’s no more putting it off. The time is ripe for online retailers to start implementing augmented reality (AR) technology, now while it’s still cutting edge.

The Research You Need To Overcome Seams In Experiences

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Seamlessness is quite the buzzword these days. It seems that brands of all shapes and sizes are vying to achieve it — from cars, to shopping, to payments, to even “co-living” communities, the storied “seamless” experience seems to be everywhere. But are the experiences that we think are seamless in fact delivering superior experiences? Many firms […]. age of the customer

Selectronic makes internet shopping even quicker

Retail Technology Review

The ever-growing commercial need for automated warehousing configured to meet the increasing demand created by internet shopping has provided another growth niche for UK firm Selectronic. Internet Retailing Retail Supply Chain

[Infographic] What You Need to Know about Online Payment Processing


It doesn’t matter if you’re an established digital business or an up-and-coming online store looking to sell software, digital downloads, or digital content, a key part of selling online is making sure you’re familiar with how online payment processing works.

Blackbell for Influencer Marketing Review

Ecommerce Platforms

I bet you’ve heard about Subaru- certainly one of the largest vehicle brands today. Even with impressive sales numbers through the years, they were still able to boost them further by 10% in 2016- thanks to influencer marketing. How did they do it? Well, pretty simple actually.

Forget Everything You Think You Know About Marketing Planning

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about marketing planning? An annual rite of corporate governance? A forced march of endless meetings and spreadsheets? Guessing what your customers will want and where they will want it in 18 months? Existential dread? The exact opposite of why you became a marketer in […]. B2C marketing chief marketing officer (CMO) customer obsession Marketing Marketing Planning

3 Halloween Ecommerce Marketing Tips


Make way, Thanksgiving weekend and the winter holidays — there’s a new member to the high-rollers’ club. According to new evidence , Halloween spending in 2017 reached a new record high, $9.1 billion. That’s up from the $8.4