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The Best Loyalty Apps for Shopify to Boost Customer Relationships

Ecommerce Platforms

The best loyalty apps for Shopify are an excellent way for business leaders to improve the lifetime value of their customers. After all, returning customers are one of the most important assets an ecommerce company can have.

How brands are collapsing the e-commerce purchasing funnel with augmented reality

Retail Dive

Brands are relying on WebAR to transform their e-commerce sites into powerful AR commerce destinations

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How To Develop Your Expansion Strategy | Salsify


Modern consumers around the world no longer limit their shopping to retailers in their home countries. They're increasingly turning to international retail websites to find the best products that fit their needs and lifestyles. Ecommerce Strategy Retailers

How Privacy Issues in Mobile Apps Impact Retailers

Retail TouchPoints

The popular Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons recently experienced negative publicity after multiple government agencies shed light on the company’s mobile app privacy policies and data collection methods.

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Management Techniques for Offshore Employees

This whitepaper looks at the changes and challenges that stem from remote hiring and current HR trends that address them. Download this comprehensive guide to learn more!

Why Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Is A Crucial eCommerce Metric?


Making sure your eCommerce customers are satisfied with your products and services is a top priority. Taking care of customer satisfaction means your business can drive more repeat customers and experience more positive referrals. What is Customer Satisfaction?

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Ecommerce Video Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices | Salsify


If, as people say, a picture is worth a thousand words, smart marketers should realize: A video could be worth millions. Omnichannel Commerce

Carhartt Launches Grant Program Aimed at Diversifying Skilled Trades Workforce

Retail TouchPoints

Through its new For the Love of Labor program, workwear retailer Carhartt will award $175,000 in grants to four organizations committed to serving women and/or diversifying the skilled trade workforce. The retailer is committing all online sales made on Labor Day, Sept.

Setting Up Google Analytics Remarketing Audiences: A Guide

Store Growers

Last Updated on August 29, 2022. The importance of people that have been to your website before but didn’t buy shouldn’t be underestimated. After all, they were interested enough in what you offer at some point, so there might still be a chance of converting them.

Best Fulfillment Center in Florida (Tampa)

Ecommerce Platforms

If you intend to ship ecommerce products to Florida, or anywhere in the Southwest region of the United States, it’s best to use a fulfillment center in Florida, or at least within the surrounding area.

A Quick Guide to Shopping for Fulfillment

5 Factors to Consider When Comparing 3PLs

Ulta to introduce new layout in select stores this fall

Retail Dive

The retailer will place mass and prestige brands together in order to better reflect how customers shop

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Survey: 87% of Consumers Doubt Influencers Use Products They Promote

Retail TouchPoints

The size of the global influencer marketing market has more than doubled since 2019, to $16.4 billion in 2022, according to Statista. Despite this rapid growth rate, there are indications of a major credibility gap when it comes to influencers’ actual effectiveness.

6 Ways to Decrease Your Customer Acquisition Cost


Decreasing your customer acquisition cost is one of most important things you can do, especially during an economic downturn. Audience All Blog Customer Acquisition Customer Loyalty Industry All TOFU

Everything You Need to Know About Writing Terms & Conditions for Your Shopify Store

Ecommerce Platforms

Shopify is one of the best ecommerce platforms in the world right now. More than 450 million buy from Shopify stores from around the globe, which is a testament to just how popular it is. Companies generally love using Shopify because it’s so easy to use.

Why Offshoring is Better than Outsourcing

Offshoring and outsourcing are not interchangeable, as they differ in purpose depending on what drives the need behind the hiring decision. In this whitepaper, we clarify what offshoring and outsourcing are, along with the unique use cases they address.

Amazon offers sellers long-term inventory storage with new service

Retail Dive

Amazon Warehousing & Distribution allows the company to capture more value from its fulfillment network, which has grappled with excess capacity this year

4 Keys to an Impactful Global Growth Strategy

Retail TouchPoints

Global cross-border ecommerce sales reached nearly $3.2 trillion in 2021, according to Euromonitor International, which means international expansion has a value simply too good to overlook.

Meet The New Analyst Focusing On Master Data Management, Data Governance and Data Quality: Jayesh Chaurasia

Forrester Digital Transformation

Who am I? Even though I was born in a small town in the northern part of India, I have spent most of my life in the glorious city of Mumbai where I earned my degree in mechanical engineering. Dancing on the high beats of Bollywood music rejuvenates me! I moved to the United States […].

The Best Accounting Software for Shopify Users

Ecommerce Platforms

The best accounting software for Shopify allows business owners to simplify the tasks of managing cash flow and finances for their online stores.

A Master's Guide to B2B: How Listening to Your Customers Can Grow Your Business

Speaker: Adam Dorfman, Head of Product Growth at Reputation & Michele Bettinazzi, Customer Experience Manager at PeakMade Real Estate

Improved marketing conversion, happy customers, and faster growth - that’s only three things that can be accomplished by just listening to your customers. Customer feedback is an extremely invaluable tool to keeping retention high, attracting new business, and improving the general operations of your business. The question is - how do you capture all this? Join Adam Dorfman, Head of Product Growth at Reputation & Michele Bettinazzi, Customer Experience Manager at PeakMade Real Estate, for this essential discussion on the ins and outs of brokering the optimal customer interaction.

Amazon rolls out delivery route algorithm to reduce miles driven

Retail Dive

The e-commerce giant has deployed its “Condor” program nationwide after introducing it in January

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Reports: Chinese Ecommerce Player Pinduoduo Launches U.S. Site

Retail TouchPoints

Pinduoduo has made its most aggressive move yet into non-Chinese markets with the Sept. 1, 2022 launch of its Temu site, according to CNBC and other media reports. The site offers items across categories including apparel, jewelry, pet supplies and home and garden, many at bargain prices.

Three Key Areas For Sales Enablement To Focus On In 2023

Forrester Digital Transformation

Competencies, culture, and compensation — find out where you should invest your sales enablement budget in the year ahead with our new report, Planning Guide 2023: Sales Enablement. Age of the Customer Sales Enablement Sales Planning Sales Technology and Services

The Best Rewards Apps for Shopify Store Owners

Ecommerce Platforms

The best rewards apps for Shopify are an excellent way to improve engagement among customers, and boost your chances of repeat purchases. With rewards apps, you provide your consumers with points or bonuses every time they make a purchase or complete a certain action.

7 Secrets of Effective Management for Remote Employees and Teams

In this white paper, we will review in more detail the challenges that virtual team managers face as remote work accelerates, and how companies are successfully overcoming these challenges with creative problem-solving.

Amazon hits major setback in bid to overturn Staten Island union vote

Retail Dive

An official with the National Labor Relations Board recommended the company’s objection to the voting process be rejected and the union certified

Reports: Amazon to Shut Down In-House Telehealth Service Following One Medical Acquisition

Retail TouchPoints

Amazon is planning to shutter its home-grown urgent and primary care offering, Amazon Care, following the July acquisition of the more advanced One Medical primary care business, multiple sources report.

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5 Must-Have Products to Advertise Your Business for 2022

Retail Minded

Advertising – one of the most talked about facts of business life. Whether your business is selling lemonade on the sidewalk outside your home or selling passenger aircraft to other countries, the need to advertise is unavoidable.

Announcing The Forrester New Wave™: B2B Conversation Automation Solutions, Q3 2022

Forrester Digital Transformation

Marketers and technology vendors alike are rethinking approaches to engagement and enablement in response to the consumer-like behaviors of B2B buyers, heightened expectations for digital experiences, and the demands of a modernized workforce.

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Post-Pandemic eCommerce Growth: Leverage Product Data, Market Research & Shopping Trends

Speaker: Phil Irvine, VP & Director of Audience Intelligence

This session will dive into how organizations can still leverage historical customer and product data but need to also think about how to augment development of strategies with marketing research and other shopper signals to efficient drive e-Commerce growth. Join Phil Irvine, VP & Director of Audience Intelligence, for this in-depth discussion of the current e-commerce landscape. Whether concerned about data privacy and data management, or curious about how businesses can rethink approaches to designing shopping experiences, the answers are here.

Sears Holdings $175M settlement with Lampert has court approval

Retail Dive

The settlement clears the way for a resolution to the company’s grinding, expensive Chapter 11 case

Boxed Helps Shoppers Recycle Home Products With Mail-In Program

Retail TouchPoints

Boxed has partnered with TerraCycle to enable customers to recycle packaging for any brand of home essentials and personal care products. The effort, which is sponsored by Procter & Gamble, lets users mail in waste using a prepaid shipping label available online.

The Gore and Glamor of Halloween Trends in 2022


What to expect this spooky retail season As retailers worldwide work their way through the remainder of 2022, it’s time to brace for the big leagues. The major holidays of. The post The Gore and Glamor of Halloween Trends in 2022 appeared first on Blog.

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