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How to Create an Online Store in 2020: The Complete Guide

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Do you dream of one day owning the ultimate online store. Fortunately, we’re here to help with everything you need to know about creating an online store. In 2020, eCommerce sales account for 16% of all sales made worldwide.

Customers Are Staying Home — So Prioritize Digital UX

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Your customers are stuck at home so it’s suddenly more important than ever to get digital experiences right. Redirect funds to 1) scale up your design team, 2) hire outside help where needed, 3) rigorously review your UX so you can make it better, and 4) update and sharpen your UX expertise.

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The Coronavirus Will Accelerate Retail’s ‘Collapse Of The Middle’

Steve Dennis

For retailers struggling with failing consumer value propositions, the coronavirus pandemic could not have struck at a worse time. Just as many are running out of meaningful cost reduction moves and are in desperate need of profitable top-line growth (and the cash it brings) to invest in more than a timid transformation, much of physical retail is now grinding to a halt of difficult-to-determine depth and duration.

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Recession 2020 – 5 Ways I’m Preparing For The Downturn

My Wife Quit Her Job

With the Corona virus pandemic causing mass layoffs and record unemployment, it’s clear that recession 2020 has already begun. This post will outline everything that I’m personally doing to prepare for this downturn. First off, this is my 3rd recession.

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3 Signs You Need A Self-Service Consumer Insights Solution

Understanding consumers can be a complex task. Consumer research can be a lengthy process–whether it’s manual research or configuring and training first generation AI machines on what to look for in consumer feedback.

Adjusting to the New (Ab)Normal


Without question this is a time of uncertainty and anxiety throughout the world. Our thoughts have shifted, with a primary focus on the health of their family, friends, and co-workers. We’re experiencing the sudden reality of isolation, with more than 2 billion people staying at home.

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Who’s Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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If you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor or otherwise engage in B2B sales, you can’t help but notice the trend to more online sales. That’s because today’s buyers rely more and more on the internet to do their product research.

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297: The Financial Repercussions Of Corona Virus On Our Businesses

My Wife Quit Her Job

Today, we’re doing a special episode because I’m in lock down at home with my entire family and I’ve got nothing else on my schedule for today. And my partner in crime Toni Anderson also happened to have today free, so I decided to bring her on the show today to talk about how Corona virus has affected our businesses. We’ll also discuss what we believe is the right way versus the wrong way to handle your business in a financial crisis. What You’ll Learn.

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Marketing in a Crisis: What to Do and How to Strike the Right Tone


COVID-19, or commonly called “coronavirus,” has changed daily life for nearly every person across the globe.

Can AI Predict Global Pandemics Like The Coronavirus?

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If you want to use ML to predict sparse events, then you are going to need a whole lot more sparse events. Maybe we don’t have the direct data to predict the big events like the coronavirus outbreak, but we are very likely to have the data to predict one or more proxy events for an outbreak.

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Realizing ROI in an Omnichannel Rich Retail 4.0 Environment

Welcome to Retail 4.0. This is the land of opportunity where retailers connect with shoppers and drive sales in a way like never before. With this eBook, you’ll learn about the advanced technologies that are available to create a seamless integrated omnichannel experience.

Traditional Retail Meets Ecommerce: Your Guide To Running A Successful Brick-And-Click Business


In today’s climate, selling online has never been more important. Between growing ecommerce sales, dynamic changes in consumer behavior (and preferences),… Brick and Mortar Sales

The Omnichannel Campaign That Got Me the Cute Blue Shoes


“Cute shoes, where did you get them?” I’m not sharing. What I will tell you, though, is how smooth my journey was to buying said cute shoes. I was scrolling through my Pinterest feed one evening when I came across a pair of royal blue, suede loafers that were calling my name. Using Pinterest’s nifty visual search, I quickly identified what online retailer carried this product and, without hesitation, I visited their website.

eCommerce Marketing During a Downturn: Strategies and Options for eCommerce Businesses During the Coronavirus Crisis

Inflow Insights

We’re entering a recession thanks to the spread of coronavirus. For brick and mortar businesses, the social distancing and lockdown responses have been brutal. But what about eCommerce?

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How Employees Feel About Coronavirus Now: A PandemicEX Survey Update

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The #pandemicEX survey results indicate that 41% of US workers are now afraid to go to work, compared with 29% two weeks ago. Read more. age of the customer employee experience pandemic promoted

Real-time Personalization Guidebook: 10 Tips to Improve eCommerce Conversions

Conversion rate remains the most important metric for measuring success. This guidebook reveals 10 tips to improve eCommerce conversion rates, and insight into how an AI-powered personalization platform can dramatically improve performance.

How to Sell Auto Parts Online: Selling and Shipping Car Parts


The online automotive parts and accessories sales industry has skyrocketed over the past five years as brick-and-mortar retailers enter the… How to Sell Online

How SMS Can Propel Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy


Adding SMS marketing to your email automation workflow may be the best thing you do for your marketing strategy in 2020 and beyond. Far from a new channel in the digital marketing world, many marketers and online sellers are beginning to adopt SMS as a primary vector in their omnichannel strategies.

Conversion Optimization During COVID-19

ROI Revolution

Published March 27, 2020. Are We Experiencing the “New Normal” or a Temporary Behavior Shift? Is consumer behavior in the current crisis an indicator of things to come? Short answer: Yes. Ecommerce shopping has been steadily increasing year-over-year for the last decade.

Are Virtual Events The Right Move For You?

Forrester eCommerce

It’s a rough time to be planning or managing a large, in-person event. The COVID-19 virus has made canceling or delaying customer gatherings, seminars, conferences, and trade shows of any size essential. Digital alternatives don’t replicate the in-person experience, despite innovative technologies and approaches. Marketers and sellers rely on events to support campaigns that generate […]. age of the customer

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Tips For E-Commerce Best Practices

An infographic listing the best practices companies can follow to bolster their e-commerce website.

How to Promote Your New Online Store


So you’ve got your products listed, with high quality images and descriptions. You’ve got your payment gateways set up and… Brick and Mortar Sales

Black Swans and Purple Cows

Steve Dennis

The notion of “black swan events” originates in the ancient Latin saying “ rara avis in terris nigroque simillima cygno ” (translated roughly as “a rare bird in the lands and very much like a black swan”) that presumed that black swans did not exist.

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9 of The Best Mobile Website Builders for 2020

Ecommerce Platforms

By the end of 2019, mobile e-commerce spending reached $41.2 billion. That's a lot of dough. So, if you want to harness the power of mobile for your online store, then you might be searching for the best mobile website builder. If that sounds like you, you're in the right place – because we're going to reveal exactly that in this review. All of the website builders listed below provide mobile-friendly templates, so any of them would work for you.

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Consumer Reaction To COVID-19 Varies By Age, Income, And Location

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COVID-19 brings a wave of public health, economic, and cultural crises that trigger yet unforeseen repercussions. While three-quarters of US online adults say they’re familiar with details of the illness, talk to myriad consumers and observe a range of reactions.

11 B2B Companies Who Are Getting Ecommerce Right


It’s clear that B2B brands who expect to compete in the coming years will need an ecommerce solution that meets… B2B Ecommerce

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9 Advanced eCommerce Marketing Strategies for Medium or Large Online Stores to Use in 2020

Inflow Insights

Editor’s Note: As we navigate a new normal amid the coronavirus pandemic, these are tried and true eCommerce marketing strategies and methods that have proven effective even as businesses change.

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How to Sell on Shopify? The Ultimate Guide to Selling on Shopify

Ecommerce Platforms

If you are looking to launch an ecommerce store or start a dropshipping business , then you might be wondering how to sell on Shopify. Selling on Shopify has made an otherwise odious journey of running an online store easy. So anyone can do it. Although the platform has removed the need to hire a developer to build your store, selling on Shopify still demands a learning curve. No need for any coding experience to set up a store on the platform. But you need a guide to make it happen anyway.

Future Of Retail 2020: Retailers Will Create Bold Employee Experiences

Forrester eCommerce

To understand how Forrester’s predictions will unfold in the retail industry in 2020, my colleague Madeline Cyr and I interviewed experts within Forrester for our “Applying 2020 Predictions To Retail” series.

Why (and How) Brick-and-Click Retailers are Finding Success


One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.”… … Brick and Mortar Sales


eCommerce PPC Data Analysis Case Study: How We Maximized Profit Without Maximizing ROAS

Inflow Insights

The surprising reality of eCommerce PPC is that maximizing the return on ad spend (ROAS) does not always maximize profitability. When products share the same margin, optimizing for ROAS is easier to calculate. i.e. One divided by the product margin = your target break even ROAS.

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Employee Spotlight: Kelsey Hutchison, Senior Customer Success Manager, and Avid Beach Goer


FastSpring’s Employee Spotlight is a Q&A series that features the hardworking, intelligent, and fun people that make FastSpring great. Get to know the fantastic team behind the ecommerce platform! In this post, we’re featuring our Senior Customer Success Manager, Kelsey Hutchison!

Multilayer Maps Can Guide COVID-19 Public Health Strategy

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Multilayer maps communicate powerfully in ways that statistics and data alone cannot. Seeing where a thing is happening brings the context of our physical reality into the picture. So what can a multilayer map do to guide public health policy?

10 Steps to Quickly Creating Your Ecommerce Website + 8 Key Integrations to Consider


Having an offline store is a great way to build a customer base in your local community. As a business… Brick and Mortar Sales