Fashion Meets Technology – Choose Well, Be Well!

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By Geetanjali Sarna and Amit Prabhakar Gaitonde , Wipro Despite the growing use of technology in all facets of life, fashion retail has continued to play it safe when it comes to utilizing technology to further innovation and the customer experience.

The Empowered Marketer: Catering to the High Fashion Buyer


High fashion is a highly competitive space. But Aneesha Rao has fashion buyers down to a science. She’s the Strategy & Digital Marketing Manager for two different high-fashion online retailers: Need Supply and Totokaelo. Why editorial content is so important in high fashion.

How To Start a Clothing Line (Tips From 13 Fashion Pros)

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Even if you don’t know how to sew a stitch, you can still launch a successful fashion business. This step-by-step resource includes tips from over a dozen fashion pros and CEOs. Fashion Business 101. The fashion industry has recorded steady growth over the years.

Looking Fashion Forward: 5 Best Practices for Fashion + Apparel Retailers


On the surface, fashion and apparel sounds like a broad enough category that it’s easy to think they don’t have their own obstacles. Instead, fashion and apparel brands have the other retailers’ struggles on steroids because they face all of them.

What Artificial Intelligence Means to TechStyle Fashion Group and BloomNation


In Los Angeles, we were recently joined by Eric Pescatore, Director of Strategy & Analytics at TechStyle Fashion Group, and Eric Wu, Head of Product & Growth at BloomNation. Pescatore, an avid tester who tested 30,000 in ads alone last year, notes that fashion is the opposite. The ecommerce giant took its own learnings around pricing and recommendations, and provide the machine model to other retailers. How will artificial intelligence impact your marketing?

Retail Trend: Artificial Intelligence in Fashion


In its article “Could Amazon’s Bots Be the Next Hot Fashion Designers?” Amazon Echo Look – Fashion Assistant © Tech Crunch. Robotic Personal Shoppers – © The Fashion Law. Cet article Retail Trend: Artificial Intelligence in Fashion est apparu en premier sur Cegid US.

Top Online Retailers Winning a Competitive Market


If you’re trying to stand out in fashion ecommerce , for example, it’s super tough. Customers trust fashion marketplace Need Supply to curate the latest styles for them because their editorials read just like the kind of articles you’d get in high fashion magazines like Vogue.

How to Start an Online Boutique: The Progressive Guide

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Fashion constantly changes over time, and clothing allows you to choose from a large collection of different items, for both women and men. Let's not forget- you'll want to know the best tools and techniques to build online fashion boutiques from scratch.

What Organizations Need To Know Before Jumping On The AI Bandwagon

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By conducting experiments, reinforcement learning identifies what to do based on the results in a trial-and-error fashion. Do you have data on which business recommendations and decisions can be made using sophisticated analysis and interpretation?

What Brands Should Look For In An Agency Partnership

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What are the pros and cons of any recommended platforms? An agency partner with deep experience working with fashion brands might, on the surface, seem like a perfect match.

Creating A Frictionless Shopping Experience With Technology And Data

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They’re also offered product recommendations for the items they’ve selected and can command their entire shopping experience from the fitting room. The in-store rep doesn’t have to rely on intuition alone to provide relevant recommendations.

Need Ecommerce Business Ideas? 27 Experts Give You Their Best Bet


Build up a niche fashion community. Niche Fashion Communities Build Fast, Sell Well. Niche fashion sites are a huge ecommerce opportunity. Niche fashion communities serve those audiences with hard-to-find or hard-to-fit needs.

Who Exactly is Your Ideal Ecommerce Customer?


For example, here is the ideal customer profile for an imaginary women’s ecommerce fashion brand: The Trend-Conscious Buyer: Our ideal customer is in her mid-20s and is always looking to buy trendy clothes, but at a reasonable cost. Biggest incentive to purchase : On-trend fashion.

What It Takes to Create and Measure an Effective Influencer Program


In fact, 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family over any other type of advertising, while almost half of consumers depend on influencer recommendations. We’d recommend focusing more on net new purchases driven by traffic from an influencer.

Holiday Secret Weapon: Scaled, Distributed, Personalized Content

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Fashion network M2M serves seven different platforms, including web, mobile and TV, without the need for multiple CMSes. Do you customize their experience if they are logged in, display unique content based on their attributes , or recommend products they might like?

Brand Loyalty Examples: 8 B2C Brands with a Rabid Fanbase


This is partly due to its strategy of growing through word-of-mouth recommendations and reviews, rather than a traditional marketing strategy. They also invest heavily in fashion-driven editorial content on their website. Fans are everything.

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How the visual discovery engine of Pinterest is revolutionizing ecommerce


According to Pinterest, there have over 175 billion Pins across a range of interests, which others with similar tastes can discover through search and recommendations. They found an audience on Pinterest of people who were looking for sustainable fashion options.

6 Creative Ways Top Brands Use Ecommerce Mobile Apps


Asos: Personalization and recommendations. With this tool, you can upload a photo (screenshot from Instagram, sneaky pic from that fashion magazine you were browsing at the airport, etc.) Urban Outfitters: Contextual recommendations.

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Getting Customers to Hit Refresh with Lifecycle Campaigns


Product Recommendations. Another helpful use of Lifecycle marketing comes in the form of emailed product recommendations. For instance, if a customer buys a phone, an email recommending accessories or an extended warranty for could be mutually beneficial.

4 Ecommerce Marketing Takeaways from Netflix’s Black Mirror – Bandersnatch


Consumers like to be in charge and are delighted when provided with relevant options and recommendations. McKinsey estimates that the recommendation engine drives 35% of purchase on Amazon. The benefits of a robust recommendation engine on an ecommerce website and app are well-known.

7 E-Commerce Niches Growing In 2019


Fashion Rental. The fashion industry has a disastrous impact on the environment. Consider this in the context of increasing environmental concern from customers, coupled with increasing demand for fast fashion. Fashion rental is the perfect solution.

eCommerce Business Ideas: What Products To Sell Online?

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Sell mens fashion. Sell kids fashion. Here’s a quick list of those ideas: Niche fashion communities build fast and sell well. I recommend you do this as well since it will provide you valuable information on what’s actually working.

A Glimpse Of Retail’s Future

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Customers are much more likely to purchase goods recommended by family and friends, and WeChat is instrumental in facilitating the sharing process. By Franklin Chu, Azoya USA For a preview of where retail is headed, retail companies in the U.S.

Exploring The Untapped Territory of Showcase Shopping Ads

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Therefore, it would make no sense to show this searcher Showcase Shopping ads with different product recommendations. Fashion & Apparel. Fashion & Apparel example. Although I recommend creating a different campaign for them).

Google Shopping Showcase Ads: Leaky Hole

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Therefore, it would make no sense to show this searcher Showcase Shopping ads with different product recommendations. Fashion & Apparel. Fashion & Apparel example. Although I recommend creating a different campaign for them).

How to Use Visual Search to Drive eCommerce Growth


If you take the benefits of visual search that attract people to sites like Pinterest—for example, shareable visual content and personalized recommendations —and apply them to ecommerce, you can attract more shoppers to your online store despite all of the distractions around them.

Finding Dropshipping Companies & Suppliers (Free Directory Updated for 2018)


Also the fashion industry is seeing nice growth. According to the McKinsey Global Fashion Index , fashion industry sales growth is forecasted to nearly triple between 2016 and 2018 (from 1.5 MOY Fashion. Recommended Next Reads.

eCommerce Role Models: These 10 Brands Do Personalization Right


However, Direct Selling News reports that Avon has recently undergone a digital transformation, during which the company created a digital tool that can make personalized recommendations based on a user’s skin tone and type. .

Case Study: Destination XL Leads Retail in Customer-Centric and Digital-First Transformation

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Learn how DXL was able to grow revenue from product recommendations and email by over 100% in 6 months, and generate 10% more profit from new customers in 12 months.

3 Types of User-Generated Content Brands Should Be Using

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Thanks mostly to the rise and adoption of social media, it is now the norm to show off your latest fashion finds, gadgets, and the like, and most people are doing this on Instagram or Facebook, both either public settings or to their trusted circles.

Coupon or No Coupon: What Should Your Ecommerce Discount Strategy Be?


Save for the odd one-off sale a year, the menswear fashion brand sticks to hooking new customers with their high-quality products. We’ve all had that moment of jubilation when a coupon code magically appears while we’re browsing items on an ecommerce site.

You’re Not Doing Enough with Your Ecommerce Newsletter


There are a lot of recommendations for newsletter best practices out there, including: Subject lines. This can include product recommendations, coupons to encourage customers to complete purchases they have abandoned, or CTAs to engage on social media.

Who Exactly is Your Ideal Ecommerce Customer?


For example, here is the ideal customer profile for an imaginary women’s ecommerce fashion brand: The Trend-Conscious Buyer: Our ideal customer is in her mid-20s and is always looking to buy trendy clothes, but at a reasonable cost. Coupons will significantly up conversion rates, as will partnerships with fashion influencers. Biggest incentive to purchase : On-trend fashion. Here’s a pop quiz for you. Is your ideal customer: A.

Alexa: Retail’s Next Friend.Or Foe?

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Echo Look, for example, allows users to take photos and videos of their outfits and get a second opinion from Style Check, which combines machine learning algorithms and advice from real-life fashion experts. By Alicia Esposito, Content Strategist “Alexa, what’s the weather like today?”

Cyber Week 2017: Black Friday Stats, Cyber Monday Trends + 25 Brands Reveal The Secrets to Their Success


Interestingly, however, apart from Fashion & Jewelry merchants, desktop purchases accounted for a higher percentage of overall revenue across industries, despite making up a lower percentage of orders. For Fashion & Jewlery, average order value was significantly less at $79.40.

What Are Micro-Influencers and How Are They Changing Ecommerce?


They’re perceived as closer to their audience and their niche, whether it is food, lifestyle, fashion, or beyond. A startling 84% of consumers state that they trust recommendations from peers over advertising. In the past few years, influencer marketing has become big business.

15 free best shopify themes for your online store in 2019


If you do, this is the best theme we would recommend. Ideal for fashion stores. Do you engage in high fashion online merchandises? Are you interested in starting out in Shopify? Could it be that you already sell your merchandises via this platform?

Why Product Packaging Design is Important to Ecommerce Success


ModCloth , an ecommerce retailer specializing in vintage clothing for women, sells fashions that are unique and range in size from 00-28. The design of the box is simple, but each box includes phrases like “Fashion As Unique As You.”.

Which Retail Tech Is The Real Deal?

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com have leveraged this technology to share product recommendations, process orders and send shipping information. Every year, the retail industry generates hype about the next great technology that’s going to change the customer experience forever.

From Retail to e-Tail: How to Launch an Ecommerce Website for Your Brick-and-Mortar


Rohan Moore , founder and CEO of UK fashion company, Olive Clothing. Elli’s fashion company in the United States. If you’re working in an industry like fashion or design, you’ll need to schedule extra time to taking quality product pictures—especially if your website involves models.

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