Delight Customers, Reduce Costs, and Drive Profits With Xparcel from RSL

E-commerce businesses depend on reliable shipping to keep their customers happy. But all too often, shipping costs become prohibitive, eating into profit margins. Customers expect online orders to be delivered quickly and at a low cost to them, so when major carriers are bottlenecked, it can directly impact your business's reputation. For this reason, businesses choose Rakuten Super Logistics for their e-commerce third party logistics, order fulfillment, and shipping solutions.

Xparcel from RSL is available to RSL clients. This gives RSL clients access to proprietary technology that automatically calculates the optimal shipping methods to provide the lowest possible cost and speediest shipping times. Xparcel provides RSL clients with lower shipping prices, increased shipping speed, and eliminates time consuming shipping decisions for individual orders.

So if your business is focused on delivering the best customer experience––from online ordering to shipping––download the Xparcel whitepaper to find out how RSL can literally handle the heavy lifting in order fulfillment and shipping decisions.

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