Mobile Commerce Accounts for More Than 31% of Total Sales [2017 Data]


Earlier in 2017, Brandon Chatham from NatoMounts told me he was seeing 80% of his site traffic coming in from mobile. With industry average conversion rates on desktop sitting at 2% –– that’s not just a good mobile conversion rate. It’s a mobile conversion rate nearly unheard of.

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3 Keys For A Killer Mobile Experience

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After years of small yet steady growth, mobile commerce has officially reached a tipping point. For the first time, shoppers went to their mobile device more than their laptops to browse and buy, according to Rob Garf, VP of Industry Strategy and Insights at Salesforce.

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Closing the mobile conversion gap with PWAs


According to Mobify’s 2018 Q4 Mobile Commerce Insights Report , mobile overall, showed continued growth with purchases made between Black Friday and Christmas. Somewhat surprising from Mobify’s findings was that the most frequent traffic source for mobile was email.

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With 1 in 4 Online Dollars Spent on Mobile, Ecommerce Mobile SEO is More Important [& Intricate] Than Ever


By the time you read this, everything we’ve learned about mobile SEO could be wrong. This is because the existing paradigm is based on a desktop-first world, and Google is about to catapult us into a mobile-first world with a major update on how they crawl, render and rank the web.

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Holiday Readiness Series: 3 Ways to Maximize Mobile Performance

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In addition, more than 60% of traffic during the month of November will come from mobile, which means retailers must absolutely bring their mobile A game. And that game plan should include a three-part strategy for bridging the mobile conversion gap.

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Improve Website Conversion Rate When You Can’t A/B Test

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You know your site could be improved, and you know that improving it can increase your website conversion rate. What can be done to improve the user experience on your site? Start Improving Your Website Conversion Rate Today!

Webinar: Improve Your Mobile Checkout Conversions

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Earlier this year, Google drew a line in the sand, officially marking 2017 as the year of mobile first. Now’s the time for retailers to focus on mobile strategy, more specifically, how they can ensure a seamless flow through the buying journey.

Will Mobile Printing Pay Off? Four Questions to Ask

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But a growing number of businesses are investing significantly in mobile printers, wearable devices, cordless barcode scanners and other digital technologies to enable their workers to take their technology with them as they move from one task to the next.

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How to Use Digital Wallets and Mobile Site Optimization Tactics to Stamp Out Cart Abandonment


If your site isn’t responsive and optimized for mobile, chances are around 75% of people will bounce without making a purchase. Say goodbye to 35% of mobile customers — and that’s not even the biggest reason they leave. Why are your mobile conversion rates so low?

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How Negative Feedback Can Improve Customer Retention


General surveys about their customer experience are okay, but the real value of feedback is to help improve your business in specific areas. For example, the survey question below from Amazon will help them decide how important mobile customers are to their sales.

How Technology Is Improving Ecommerce


Technology is the driving force behind ecommerce and as new tech is discovered, ecommerce has the ability to change and ultimately improve. With artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and individual proprietary technology, the ecommerce experience is improving every day.

Feature Partner: Socket Mobile

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Socket Mobile’s goal is to provide customers the convenience and performance in a barcode scanner that other data capture manufacturers don’t offer. Socket Mobile has 25 years of a sound status in mobile scanning, and is continuously pushing for improvement.

How to Prep for Mobile Commerce in 2018


But in recent years, buyers are getting even more flexibility and accessibility with online shopping—thanks to the rise of mobile shopping. Mobile commerce is growing in popularity as technology improves. Mobile Commerce is Taking Over Ecommerce.

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How Contextual Commerce Improves Customer Loyalty


How can contextual commerce improve loyalty? This could be mobile wallets or buy buttons on social networks — whatever provides a frictionless buying experience. Then, you can improve customer loyalty, and compete with Amazon in a way that doesn’t involve price. The post How Contextual Commerce Improves Customer Loyalty appeared first on Zaius. “Please, not another buzzword,” I hear you cry. “I’m

Implement UEM To Improve Employee Experience And Protect Customer Trust

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Unified endpoint management, the successor of enterprise mobility management (EMM) and mobile device management (MDM), can help you do it. Introducing Our 2018 Now Tech On Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) We are excited to announce the publication of our Now Tech report on Unified Endpoint Management! Forrester clients frequently ask us how to balance employee productivity with management and security.

3 Steps To Mobile Mastery: Grab Attention, Leverage Influencers, Integrate Smart Devices

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3, 2, 1 — Gone Shoppers are demanding a shorter journey from discovery to purchase, and this couldn’t be more relevant for the mobile consumer. Sarah Personette, VP of Global Business Marketing at Facebook , shared that 40% of mobile web site visitors leave at three seconds of delay.

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How to stop wasting resources to improve the customer experience


Are you wasting valuable resources trying to improve customer experience? They see customer experience as isolated touchpoints: physical stores, mobile apps, web store, social media. 1] 72% of Businesses Name Improving Customer Experience Their Top Priority, Forrester, April 12, 2016.

4 Keys To Creating A Stellar Mobile Shopping Experience

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By Klaudia Tirico, Features Editor If Black Friday and Cyber Monday taught us anything, it’s that mobile is having a major moment right now. Mobile devices brought in 36.9% Additionally, 59% of shoppers are using their mobile phones in-store, according to Salesforce.

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5 Mobile Checkout Experience Optimizations


With more online shoppers using mobile devices to buy from their favorite brands, ecommerce retailers must keep up with technology on their websites. You must improve your checkout process to create a positive customer experience no matter the device your potential shopper is on.

How to Convert Mobile Visitors into Email Subscribers


Mobile devices are taking the Internet by storm. Nearly 56% of website traffic now comes from mobile devices. Mobile visitors aren’t converting as well as desktop visitors. Why is it difficult to convert mobile traffic into leads? Importance of Mobile Conversions.

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Getting To Grips With ‘PIN On Mobile’ Versus ‘PIN On Glass’

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PIN On Mobile And PIN On Glass Are Not The Same A case in point is the conflation of the terms “PIN on Glass” (PoG) and “PIN on Mobile” (PoM). PIN on Mobile, however, is an innovative technology designed to offer merchants a cost-effective avenue to card payment acceptance, whilst delivering the same security standards as a traditional POS terminal. How Secure Is PIN On Mobile? David Poole is the Global Head of Mobile POS Solutions at MYPINPAD.

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6 Engagement Marketing Metrics & How to Improve Them


I’ll also share actionable tactics on how to improve them and, as a result, your bottom line. Device : Are your users reading your content on a desktop or a mobile device? Furthermore, it allows you to segment emails by demographics, mobile use, and custom tags. “Engagement.”

How to Improve Ecommerce Conversion Right Now


Since credibility represents such a basic obstacle to conversions on an ecommerce website, overcoming that obstacle can result in significantly improved conversions. Fogg resulted in 10 guidelines for credibility that ecommerce stores can use to improve their credibility.

How To Beat The Competition With Mobile Location Data

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But the addition of mobile behavioral data, in conjunction with cloud-based mapping programs, can uncover critical insights — such as shoppers’ activity before entering a store and their movements after leaving the store.

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Web Push Is A Channel For Improving the Customer Experience


The problem is that marketers still aren’t thinking about web push in terms of how it can improve the customer experience – which is a pity, because highlighting the unique value it can deliver is the most effective way to get shoppers to opt-in.

5 Checkout Page Improvements to Boost Conversions


More often than not, it’s the site’s checkout page that could use some improvement. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective ways to optimize the checkout experience for your online customers to improve your sales conversions. #1 3 – Make Mobile Checkout Easy.

Improving Your Mobile Strategy: Best Practices in 2019


Optimizing your eCommerce site for mobile is more important now than ever before. According to a recent Forrester report, consumer spending on mobile will likely top $93.5 You are at a significant competitive disadvantage if you aren’t prepared to earn customers on mobile.

Cyber Five Mobile Recap


As we mentioned in our post yesterday , mobile is the big winner for the Cyber Five with nearly 73% of traffic on the ChannelAdvisor platform coming through mobile devices (a big jump from 2015’s 62%) and 46% of orders (versus 2015’s 40%). And we’re off!

3 Tips for a Killer Mobile Conversion Rate and User Experience

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Now more than ever, mobile user experience (UX) is crucial in a time when users will bounce in seconds if the experience doesn’t meet their expectations. Many users begin their purchase journeys on mobile devices. Mobile Conversion Rate Tip 1: Typography.

The Ecommerce Holiday Readiness Checklist: Mobile Optimization, Checkout CRO & The 11th Hour


So, how does an online store prepare for the barrage of traffic, the increase in advertising costs, and the technology industry updates playing out in full view of everyone (think Facebook’s data updates, Google’s mobile update and Amazon’s new ad marketplace)? Consumer spending is up.

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Mobile eCommerce Trends & Strategies for 2019


Add in the number of sales made exclusively on mobile devices and the importance of mobile optimization becomes unavoidable. The challenge for many businesses, however, is developing a mobile strategy that makes sense for them. To help, we've outlined three mobile eCommerce trends to watch, as well as included considerations for a successful mobile strategy. Mobile eCommerce Trends. Offer Native Mobile eCommerce Checkouts. Apps vs Mobile Websites.

How 3 Retailers Use Mobile Apps to Creatively Encourage Engagement


Customers who shop on mobile do so with a different mindset than they do on any other channel. Research has shown that shoppers increasingly use mobile for early-stage browsing and discovery, then will switch to a different device to actually complete the purchase. For retailers with a mobile app, this may sound like a godsend in terms of getting customers to download and use your app ( provided that they actually want to do so – marketers can’t push push! ).

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5 Ways Mobile Payments Can Improve Your Wireless Store


The rise of digital wallets and other mobile payment options has changed the retail environment dramatically—and it's in retailers' best interest to learn how to incorporate these payment options into their stores.

Why and how to include mobile location data in your customer journey analysis


Mobile location data is like web analytics for the real world. Unlike web analytics, mobile location data doesn’t produce mission critical insights independently, rather it needs to be analyzed in the right context.

How to Set Up an Ecommerce Loyalty Program to Improve Retention, Build Community and Drive 5X in Sales


After going live to all customers, remember to use and analyze the data you collect and make adjustments and improvements when necessary. Having a mobile app is helpful, especially when customers are out and about without their wallets but still want to patronize your business.